December 2008 Headlines

Frankincense: More than an Ancient Herb

How this ancient herb connected with the life of Christ is a story rich in history, and how that frankincense became part of modern medicine is a tale that deepens that history.

Why Can't I Sleep? - VIRGINIA BEACH - Nearly 50 percent of Americans don't get enough sleep.

Study: Candy Canes May Be Healthy

If you still have Christmas candy canes at your house - here's something you'll want to know. A new study says the peppermint in them can be good for your health.

Scientists Seek Asteroid Detection, Defense

The nation's top scientists are trying to find the best way to detect and defend against giant space rocks that could be headed toward Earth.

Women Given Less Care in Heart Treatment

When it comes to heart attacks, aggressive treatment saves lives, but a new study shows women get such inadequate care, they are twice as likely to die from a severe heart attack than men.

Potential Risk? Fast Food & Alzheimers

Swedish researchers may have found a link between Alzheimer's and fast food.

Nuts Helpful to Heart Health

Eating a handful of nuts every day, along with the right diet, could help fight heart disease, a new study shows.

Put the Sugar Down and Back Away

It's not just the white stuff waiting to be added to your coffee or cereal or cookie recipes. It seems to be everywhere. Sure it's in sodas and fruits, but also vegetables and dairy products.

Study: Americans Pray -- A Lot

A study of hospital prayer journals reveals how, and how often, people pray to God.

Omega-3 Fats Provide Mega Benefits

Fish are a crucial part of the world's food supply for a number of reasons. They provide not only protein, but crucial fats called omega-3s.

Is Media Bad for Kid's Health?

A new study of studies shows a link between media use and bad health in children.

1 in 5 Young Adults has Personality Disorder - A new survey says about one in five young American adults has a personality disorder that interferes with every-day life - and even more abuse alcohol and drugs.