October 2010 Headlines

PTSD: Conquering Military Suicides with Hope

Twenty percent of returning troops are diagnosed with PTSD, but less than half actually help for it. One ministry is determined to fight PTSD -- and win.

Mayo Clinic Home Remedies Save Time, Money

After a century of treating patients worldwide, The Mayo Clinic is handing out "do-it-yourself" tips in its latest book, The Mayo Clinic Book of Home Remedies.

Report: Teen Heroin Addiction Rising

A disturbing report on the rise of heroin use by teenagers in America's suburbs has some parents and educators worried.

'Cool It' Movie Offers Global Warming Alternative

Self-proclaimed "skeptical environmentalist" Bjorn Lomborg says there's way too much panic over global warming.

Companies Fight to Keep Global Warming Data Secret

Some of the country's largest emitters of heat-trapping gases don't want the public knowing exactly how much they pollute.

Catholic Church Gives Out Condoms for AIDS Awareness

The Catholic Church in Lucerne, Switzerland is distributing condoms as part of an HIV/Aids awareness campaign.

Study: Fish Oil May Help Prevent Gum Disease

Researchers in the U.S. say people whose diets are full of omega-3 fatty fish oil are 30 percent less likely to have gum disease

Reusable Grocery Bags: A Bacteria Breeding Ground

There is a hidden danger to the planet-friendly bags. It's the germs that can accumulate in the bottom of the bags.

As Bedbugs Creep Out NYC, Tourists Crawl Away

New York City's bedbugs have climbed out of bed and marched into various landmarks causing fresh anxiety among tourists.

Kids' Docs Urged to Screen New Moms for Depression

Depression isn't just bad for moms: It can also harm their babies.

CDC Says Diabetes Cases Could Triple by 2050

A shocking new prediction about diabetes from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows Americans are headed for a health epidemic.

Breast Cancer Awareness: Knowing the Facts

This year, more than 40,000 Americans will die from breast cancer.  What's true about new government guidelines on mammograms?

Gulf Corals in Oil Spill Zone Appear Healthy

Life appears bountiful despite initial fears that crude could have wiped out many of these delicate deepwater habitats.

Helmet Hit Injuries Prompt NFL Changes

The National Football League will now suspend players for dangerous and flagrant hits, following a weekend of violent collisions at both the college and pro level.

Four Infant Deaths Prompt Stroller Recall

Graco Children's Products Inc. is recalling about 2 million strollers after reports of four infant deaths, the Consumer Product Safety Commission announced Wednesday.

Obesity May Cost Twice Previous Estimates

The nation's obesity related health bills may cost twice as much as previously thought, according to a new report.

CPR Switch: Chest Presses First, Then Give Breaths

New guidelines out Monday switch up the steps for CPR, telling rescuers to start with hard, fast chest presses before giving mouth-to-mouth.

Embryonic Stem Cells: Cure or Controversy?

A group of Georgia doctors from Geron Corp. have made medical history, using controversial embryonic stem cells to treat a patient.

States Link Prescription Databases, Fight Abuse

Starting next year, dozens of states will begin knitting together databases to watch prescription drug abuse, from powerful painkillers to diet pills.

Medicare Scam 'Puts Mafia to Shame'

The FBI has arrested 73 people involved in the largest Medicare scam in the program's history, the U.S. Department of Justice said Wednesday.

The Everlasting Happy Meal?

It may be called fast food, but some of it has unbelievable longevity.

N.J. Med Panel Suspends Abortion Doctor

New Jersey authorities suspended a doctor's medical license Wednesday for performing unauthorized late-term abortions in the state.

Two Factors to Lose Weight: Diet & Exercise

A new study by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine shows that no matter how overweight a person might be, diet and exercise can help them lose weight.

Virgin Launches First Space Tourism Program

Those looking for the ultimate vacation experience can now turn to multi-billionaire Richard Branson, head of Virgin Galactic, for a unique tour to get away from it all.

NASA Closer to Getting Extra Space Shuttle Flight

President Obama signed a bill into law Monday, which directs NASA to move forward with an additional shuttle flight to the International Space Station, before retiring the fleet.

Tiny East Timor Declares War on Leprosy

East Timor is one of two places worldwide - the other is Brazil - where leprosy is still widespread enough to be considered a public health threat.

Stressed? Studies Show Americans Work Too Hard

In America's competitive work climate, there's growing concern that taking a job too seriously could be unhealthy.

NY Seeks to Ban Sugary Drinks from Food Stamp Buys

Using food stamps to buy sugary drinks would not be allowed in New York City under a new government effort to battle obesity.

'Walking Examples' Shed Light on Depression

In any give year, clinical depression affects one in four American adults -- nearly 20 million people annually.

Rocket with U.S.-Russian Crew Blasts Off

A Russian rocket with a U.S. astronaut and two Russian cosmonauts onboard blasted off early Friday for the International Space Station.

Scientists See New Bugs, Frogs in Papua New Guinea

Scientists have discovered 200 new species in Papua New Guinea.

Scientists Make Breakthrough on Stem Cell Alternative

Scientists have made extraordinary progress in a method of creating stem cells without using human embryos.

Trio Wins Nobel for Developing Key Chemistry Tool

A method for building complex molecules that can help fight cancer, protect crops and make electronic devices earned its developers a Nobel Prize.

Fingerprints for Food? Lunch Scans Raise Concern

A Los Angeles school district has gone high tech to speed things up in the cafeteria -- using a fingerprint scanning system to record children's lunch purchases.

Most U.S. Adults Don't Exercise Daily

A new study has found that only a small number of American adults exercise daily, contributing to the country's obesity problem.

Kids Consuming Too Many Empty Calories

Nearly 40 percent of the calories that children consume come from junk food, according to the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, Md.

CDC: Binge Drinking Huge U.S. Health Problem

One-in-four adults between the ages of 18 and 34 are involved binge drinking, according to a new study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Study Surveys Abundance of Marine Life

A decade-long count of marine animals finds sea life so interconnected that it seems to shrink the watery world.

Laptop Could Cause Permanent Skin Damage

Having your laptop sitting on your lap a lot can lead to an unusual-looking mottled skin condition caused by long-term heat exposure.

In-Vitro Inventor Receives Nobel Prize

A British scientist received the Nobel Prize in Medicine, Monday, for his work to develop in-vitro fertilization.

Scientists Discover New Planet Similar to Earth

A team of scientists in California have discovered a new planet. It's the first of its kind and could have the right conditions to support life.

New Sex Ed Funding Moves From Abstinence-Only

For the first time in more than 10 years, the government will fund sex education programs not solely based on abstinence.

Report: Health Care Law to Worsen Doc Shortage

New estimates released by the Association of American Medical Colleges show doctor shortages will be 50 percent worse by 2015 than first forecasted.