May 2011 Headlines

Natural Farming: Inspiring Passionate 'Stewards'

Joel Salatin, an alternative farmer, wants Americans to think about what they eat and where it comes from. And he thinks the church should lead the way.

Shuttle Endeavour Makes Final Landing in Florida

The space shuttle Endeavor and its six-man crew touched down to earth for the last time early Wednesday morning.

No Waiter Needed: Restaurant Uses iPads

A California cafe is using technology to ease the ordering process by replacing traditional waiters and waitresses with iPads.

The Science Behind the 2011 Tornado Season

This year has been one of the worst for tornadoes in decades as nearly 1,200 twisters have touched down in several states in the U.S.

DNA Test Tells Parents What Sport Best for Child

Participating in sports is often a big part of childhood. But with so many athletic options, how should parents decide which sport their child should play?

New Tape: JFK Fretted Moon Program a Tough Sell

Kennedy and NASA Administrator James Webb hashed out how to strengthen public backing for the mission, such as by highlighting its technological benefits and military uses.

Repeat Deadly Storms 'Unusual But Not Unknown'

What made the two storm systems that barreled through a Missouri city and the South within the last month so rare is that tornadoes took direct aim at populated areas.

Baby Boomers Fueling Boom in Knee, Hip Surgeries

We're becoming a nation of bum knees, worn-out hips and sore shoulders, and it's not just the Medicare set.

Astronauts Encounter Bolt Trouble on Spacewalk

An astronaut ran into trouble trying to lubricate a critical power system joint of the International Space Station on Sunday.

Pope Blesses Astronauts in Call to Space

 The 12 astronauts circling the Earth received a blessing from Pope Benedict XVI on Saturday in the first ever papal call to space.

U.S. Sees Rise in Alcohol, Drug Addicts Over 50

Older Americans are increasingly seeking treatment for drug and alcohol dependence, according to recent numbers released by the U.S. government.

Stephen Hawking: Heaven is Just a 'Fairy Story'

British physicist Stephen Hawking, who says he does not believe in God, also said the notion of heaven is a 'fairy story.' But eyewitnesses claim otherwise.

Paralyzed Man Moves Freely with Help of Implant

With the help of groundbreaking new medical research, one man has proved his doctors wrong -- just by standing.

First Endeavour Space Walk Cut Short

Two astronauts completed the first space walk of shuttle Endeavour's final mission Friday to install antennas and routing cables.

Forecasters Predict 3 to 6 Major Hurricanes

U.S. government forecasters announced Thursday they expect three to six major hurricanes from an above average Atlantic storm season.

Wis. Man Remains Healthy Despite Big Mac Habit

A Wisconsin man's doctors are baffled by his healthy medical condition after he recently ate his 25,000th Big Mac.

'Calorie Camera' New Childhood Anti-Obesity Tool

A Texas school has a new way to battle childhood obesity -- a candid camera.

Critics Wary of Cell Phone Tracking Potential

Skeptics warn cell phones with tracking devices present a privacy threat that should be taken seriously.

Study: Drinking Coffee Helps Avoid Prostate Cancer

Take heart coffee drinkers. There may be some added health benefits to that morning cup of coffee.

Raw Milk Advocates Protest FDA Crackdown

Farmers who sell raw milk gathered on Capitol Hill Monday to protest an FDA crackdown on the sale of their unpasteurized product.

Young Boy Says Prayer Helped Him Beat Cancer

A 10-year-old boy is crediting the power of prayer for surviving brain cancer, after doctors had given him a 10-15 percent chance of living.

'Bionic Legs' Helps Man Walk to Get Diploma

Crossing the stage to receive a college diploma is a big moment for many. But for one California student, the diploma wasn't the biggest accomplishment -- it was walking across the stage to get it.

Endeavour Soars on 2nd-to-Last Space Shuttle Trip

The Space Shuttle Endeavour blasted off on the next-to-last shuttle flight Monday morning under the command of Mark Kelly, the husband of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

'Living Headstone' Touted as Living Memorial

Gravestones are typically pretty simple. However, one Seattle company wants to bring the concept of gravestones and memorials into the 21st century.

Flooding Miss. River Threatens Catfish Industry

Catfish farming in Mississippi faces grave danger from flooding.

Bedbugs with 'Superbug' Germ Found

Canadian scientists have found drug resistant staph bacteria in bedbugs on three hospital patients in Vancouver, B.C., while conducting research.

Skyscraper Farms? Going 'Vertical' with Food Supply

Traditional farming methods are struggling to keep up with earth's rising population.  Now, agriculturalists are trying futuristic concepts like 'vertical' growing.

Schools Considering Chocolate Milk Ban

Proponents of the law argue that flavored milks contain high amounts of sugar, some as much as an eight-ounce can of soda.

Severe Drought Continues to Fuel Texas Fires

As some states deal with too much water, others don't have enough. The drought has fueled wildfires that have engulfed thousands of miles across Texas.

Texas Passes Sonogram Abortion Requirement

Texas is the latest state to pass a bill requiring doctors to perform a sonogram before a woman has an abortion.

Millions Plug into the 'Bible App Revolution'

In today's world, a cell phone is so much more than just a phone. Now, thanks to the app YouVersion, more people are reading the Bible than perhaps ever before. 

Hackers Use Bin Laden Link to Spread Viruses

Fake links claiming to take Internet users to photos and videos of Osama bin Laden's body are spreading throughout cyber space.

Woman Goes to Dentist, Wakes Up with Accent

People often dread a going to their dentist's office. Now, an Oregon woman has a new reason to avoid the annual six-month visit.

Stamp Honors 1st American in Space 50 years Later

The first American in space, Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard, was honored with his own stamp Wednesday on the eve of the 50th anniversary of his flight.

Studies: Obesity Risks Heart Disease, Dementia

Two new studies link being overweight with the threat of contracting deadly diseases later in life.

NASA Says No Shuttle Launch Until Early Next Week

Friday's launch attempt was scuttled by a bad fuse box aboard the shuttle Endeavour. NASA managers met Monday and decided they needed more time to replace and test the fuse box.

Melanoma Monday: Beware of Those Moles

Since 1995, the American Academy of Dermatology has designated the first Monday of May as "Melanoma Monday."  What should you watch for?