June 2011 Headlines

Addicted to Salt? How to Kill the Craving

For years, doctors have been saying a diet high in salt is bad for your health. Now one doctor may have discovered an easy way to pursue a low sodium lifestyle.

Holding Grudges? Forgiveness Key to Healthy Body

Unforgiveness can destroy a person's spiritual health and physical well-being. As a result, many doctors are beginning to integrate 'forgiveness therapy' treatment.

U.S. Waistline Expanding? Blame Snacking

More than a quarter of all adults in the U.S. are obese, and that number is steadily growing. A new study shows snacking is the culprit.  

Texas Teen Credits God for Life-Saving Surgery

A Texas teenager has credited God for the rare heart surgery that saved his life.

Stores Can No Longer Sell Drop-side Cribs

Nurseries across the country are a little more safer today as stores can no longer sell drop-side cribs, which have been blamed for a number for infant deaths.

FDA: 'Avastin' Ineffective on Breast Cancer

The FDA says the world's best-selling cancer drug, Avastin, is ineffective against treating breast cancer.

Recipe for Safe Food: Clean, Cook, Chill, Separate

The U.S. government has a new campaign to raise awareness of safe food handling in the wake of a European E. coli outbreak that has killed almost 50 people.

Study: TV Takes Toll on Toddlers' Sleep

Seattle researchers found that sleep problems are more common in three to 5-year-olds that watch TV after 7 p.m.

Backyard Chickens All the Rage in the Big Apple

For New York City's 8 million residents, jockeying for space is a 24/7 exercise. Still, hundreds are seeking out nooks and crannies to raise chickens.

Maryland Schools to Teach 'Green' Lessons

Maryland's board of education has passed an environmental literacy graduation requirement that calls for 'green' concepts like conservation to be taught in schools.

Is Your Pedicure Place Hygienic? Tips to Follow

As the temperatures rise, many women break out their sandals to show off their gorgeous feet.

Al Gore Believes Birth Control Can Curb Pollution

Former Vice President Al Gore wants people to have fewer children to save the planet.

Big City Got You Down? Stress Study May Show Why

 There's some evidence that city dwellers are at heightened risk for mood and anxiety disorders, although the evidence is mixed.

FDA Issues Graphic Cigarette Warning Labels

In the most significant change to tobacco packaging in 25 years, graphic new warning labels will soon be required to cover packs of cigarettes.

U.S. Men Outpacing Women in Life Expectancy

Overall life expectancy in the United States is lagging behind global rates, with surprising declines in some areas -- especially among women.

'Flower' Restores Hope to Malaria's Smallest Victims

A child dies from malaria every 30 seconds - a fact that led one scientist to create an invention that would battle the disease and save lives around the world.

FDA Issues New Sunscreen Guidelines

The FDA is hoping its new sunscreen guidelines will clear up any confusion caused by the maze of sun protection numbers found on many sunscreen products.

Study: Low-Fat Diet May Reduce Alzheimer's Risk

A low-fat, well balanced diet could lower the risk of developing Alzheimer's and improve memory.

Seattle Hospital Uses 'Therapy Pups' for Healing

New research indicates dogs can reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and even accelerate healing. 

Chocolate Milk Targeted in War on Child Obesity

The flavored milk lunch room tradition goes back generations. But with childhood obesity on the rise, the sugary tradition is slowly coming to an end.

Unsolved Mystery: Vanishing Bees Stump Scientists

Millions of honey bees continue to mysteriously disappear, and researchers are no closer to finding the cause, a riddle that poses a threat to the world's food supply.

Faith Groups Pitch Ban on Baseball's Nasty Habit

Since baseball began, players have chewed tobacco. Now Christians, Muslims and Jews want the habit permanently banned from Major League Baseball.

Los Angeles Schools Ban Flavored Milk

A Los Angeles school district has banned flavored milk because of its high sugar content. The move is part of an effort to fight childhood obesity.

Mother to Donate Her Womb to Barren Daughter

Eva Ottosson agreed to donate her uterus to her daughter Sara, a 25-year-old who was born without reproductive organs because of a rare hereditary disorder.

New Self-Defense Stun Device Gets Attention

The device looks like something straight out of the movies, but in reality is a futuristic new tool that may be the next step in self-defense.

Britain Dealing with Obesity in Young Children

Many young children in Great Britain are suffering from the effects of obesity as the nation struggles how to teach and counsel parents and children on nutrition.

Scientists Probe DNA of E. Coli for Outbreak Clues

 Scientists are quickly combing the DNA of the killer bacteria behind the world's worst E. coli outbreak to find clues about how to treat patients and prevent future epidemics.

Germany: Sprouts Did Cause Deadly E. Coli Outbreak

German vegetable sprouts caused the E. coli outbreak that has killed 31 people and sickened more than 3,000, investigators announced Friday.

Black Flies Prove Menacing This Spring

The heat is not the only nuisance this spring. Experts say that the wet weather and record amount of flooding have led to more black flies.

Dutch Find Different E. Coli, Pull Beet Sprouts

The Dutch Food Safety Authority said laboratories were still trying to identify the Dutch strain, but there have been no immediate reports of serious illness from it.

Season's First Tropical Storm Forms in Pacific

Tropical Storm Adrian is about 345 miles south of Acapulco, Mexico. The storm is moving north-northwest away from land.

European E. Coli Cases Continue to Rise

Another person died Wednesday from the E. coli infection, raising the death toll since the start of May to 26, including 25 people in Germany and one in Sweden

CDC: Food Poisoning from Salmonella Up

More Americans got food poisoning last year, with salmonella cases driving the increase, the government reported Tuesday.

WHO: Time Running Out to Solve E. Coli Outbreak

A heath expert with the World Heath Organization said time is running out for German investigators to find the source of the deadly E. coli outbreak in Europe that continues to claim victims.

Got Milk? Mothers Selling Breast Milk Online

Not all mothers are able to breast feed -- prompting some to buy breast milk online from other women who can.

Drugs Give Hope to Breast, Skin Cancer Treatment

Doctors are praising two drugs that have been proven in recent studies to help in the fight against breast and skin cancer.

Food Pyramid Out, 'My Plate' In for Healthy Eating

The federal government announced it is dispensing with the food pyramid as America's symbol for health eating in favor of a less confusing health guide.

Global Weirding: What's Behind the Wicked Weather

The recent spike in flooding and tornadoes has many  wondering what's going on.  Does all the extreme weather tell us something about our world?

Hurricane Predictions Remain Up in the Air

Wednesday marked the official start of the hurricane season, and this year could be a difficult one for storm predictions.

WHO Study Finds Cell Phones May Cause Cancer

The World Health Organization's cancer research center says low-level radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices may cause cancer.