August 2011 Headlines

Signs of the Times: Surveillance Watching the US?

Sept. 11 turned much of the West into a high surveillance society.  And hi-tech devices could soon enable the government to track our lives more than we’d like.

Signs of the Times: Natural Disasters Prevalent in 2011

Recent disasters around the world including earthquakes, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes have been the most destructive in human memory.

Cancer Drug Heralds New Era of Personalized Meds

Lung cancer is the single deadliest form of cancer. But a new drug recently approved by the FDA may turn the tide in the fight against the deadly disease.

Tropical Storm Katia Continues to Gain Strength

Forecasters say Tropical Storm Katia is getting stronger and could become a hurricane later Wednesday and a major hurricane by the weekend.

Landmark Study Links Cosmic Rays to Climate Change

A major scientific study is casting fresh doubt on the theory of man-made climate change, revealing that it may be something far beyond the control of humans.

Astronauts Might Have to Abandon Space Station

Astronauts may need to take the unprecedented step of temporarily abandoning the International Space Station.

Experts Eye Tropical Depression as Next Hurricane

Weather experts are already watching what could turn into the next hurricane of the season.

Study: Chocolate May Prevent Heart Disease

Can eating chocolate prevent heart disease? More evidence from a new study is pointing to the fact that having a sweet tooth maybe good for your heart.

UN Warns of New Deadly Bird Flu Strain

The United Nations is warning of the possible resurgence of a strain known as H5N1.

East Coast Flood Worries Rise in Irene's Wake

Hurricane Irene's heavy rains have officials worried about rising floodwaters that could last for days.

Show Me the Money! Workers Offered Cash to Diet

With America's growing obesity rate, some companies are giving their workers an enticing incentive to stay fit -- cold, hard cash.

Researchers Predict U.S. Obesity Boom by 2030

Researchers found 164 million American adults in their 40s and 50s will be obese by 2030 time unless the trend changes.  

Irene: 65 Million Residents in Hurricane's Path

Up and down the East Coast Friday, residents were battening down the hatches in anticipation of the arrival of Hurricane Irene.

Analysts Question East Coast Quake Preparedness

In wake of the 5.8 earthquake that rattled much of the East Coast, many analysts are now wondering if the region is prepared for a major earthquake.

NC, VA Issue State of Emergency Ahead of Irene

Overnight, Irene tore through the Bahamas with pounding winds and driving rain. Her next stop is the Carolinas as a Category 3 storm.

Va. Quake Sparks East-West Coast Rivalry

The 5.9 earthquake that rumbled in Virginia Tuesday has sparked a West Coast-East Coast rivalry.

Coastal Residents Prep as Irene Strengthens

The powerful storm system regained Category 2 strength Wednesday.  National Hurricane Center officials say it's expected to get bigger.

Strong Earthquake Gives East Coast a Scare

A 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit just northwest of Richmond, Va. Monday, sending tremors up and down the East Coast.

Docs: Cholesterol Not the Heart Disease Antidote

Studies show that 50 percent of people who have heart attacks have normal cholesterol levels.

Family Takes a Year-Long 'Radical Sabbatical'

Tired of their frantic lives, one family took a radical approach to their vacation.  They took off an entire year.

Study: Cartoon Ads Cause Junk Food Cravings in Kids

Researchers believe using cartoon characters in television commercials attracts kids, causing them to badger their parents until they get the advertised product.  

Caution: Storing Meds Improperly Can be Hazardous

When we medicine, we expect it to work. But experts warn if medications aren't stored properly, not only will they stop working - they could become dangerous.

Deadly Parasites Linked to Two Young Deaths

The separate deaths of two young people after they swam in lakes has brought light to a rare "brain-eating" bacteria that thrives in hot weather.

Tobacco Companies Sue Gov't Over New Labels

Four of the five major U.S. tobacco companies have sued the federal government over new cigarette labels that show graphic images of the negative effects of tobacco use.

Scientists Plan Test Mission to 'Redirect' Asteroid

The European Space Agency is planning a mission to determine whether or not spacecraft can be used to redirect asteroids.

Exercising 15 Minutes Can Add Years to Your Life

For years, people have been told that 30 minutes of exercise was the magic number. But new evidence suggests that being physically active for half that time still reaps significant health benefits.

Can't Pass Up a Tan? You Might Have 'Tanorexia'

Americans are becoming addicted to tanning beds. The new phenomenon is called "Tanorexia," and just like drug and alcohol addictions - it can be deadly.

Smartphones May Replace Credit Cards

Many leading banks and credit card companies are pushing digital wallet applications for smartphones, which would hold debit or credit card information.

'Electronic Skin' Developed for Monitoring Patients

Researchers have developed a device somewhat like "electronic skin." It's hair-thin and attaches to your own skin like a tattoo.

Student Retention High When Math & Science 'Fun'

Science and math educators say getting kids engaged is not just about feel-good activities -- it's about making sure that this next generation is globally competitive.

Experimental Treatment Gives Cancer Patients Hope

An experiment treatment used on patients suffering from leukemia proved to be effective beyond doctors' "wildest expectations."

NYC Makes Sex Ed in Public Schools Mandatory

For the first time in two decades, middle and high school students will hear lessons on how to use a condom and the appropriate age for sexual activity.

Study: Train Baby to Eat Healthy Before Birth

The food a woman eats while pregnant could determine her child's food preferences later in life.

Oklahoma, Texas Set Heat Records in July

Sweltering may have reached a new record last month, as Oklahoma racked up the country's highest monthly average temperature ever.

Catholic Hospitals Object to Law's Free Birth Control

Some of the same Catholic hospitals who are now objecting to the free birth control, originally defied their bishops in support of the health care law.

Woman Who Had Abortion is 'Silent No More'

Years have passed since Kelly Stauffer had an abortion at the tender age of 14, but she still remembers the pain of that day. 

South and Midwest Baking Under Heat Wave

The National Weather Service has issued heat advisories for 14 states from New Mexico to North Carolina.

Space Needle Kicks off 'Space Race 2012'

Ever wondered what it would be like to travel in outer space? For most the idea seems far-fetched, but Space Needle officials will turn someone's dream into a reality.

Salmonella Outbreak Prompts Turkey Recall

Meat processing giant Cargill has issued a recall for 36 million pounds of ground turkey after a nationwide salmonella outbreak. 

Study: Dieting Can Make You Eat More

Scientists say dieting causes brain cells to start eating themselves, triggering your brain to send out signals that make you hungry and slow down your metabolism, making it more difficult to lose weight.

Anti-Gravity Treadmill Gets Patients Back on Feet

Have you ever wanted to feel weightless while you were running? Well now it's possible.

Drinking Most Prevalent Among Young Adults

A new government report shows that drinking is a popular past time for Americans in general and young adults in particular.

New Rules Make Insurers Cover Plan B, Birth Control

Supporters of the new guidelines say they're are a huge step towards keeping women healthy.

August Forecast: 'Hot' Weather to Continue

Get ready for more hot weather this month. Meteorologists are saying that August is expected to pick up where July left off.