September 2011 Headlines

With Parents Support, Obese Kids Can Get Healthy

The number of obese children has tripled since the 1980s but health experts say lifestyle changes can reverse this U.S. health epidemic.

Big Hits = Big Problems for Athletes Young and Pro

Concussions rose 21 percent during the 2010 NFL season. But brain injuries aren't just a problem for pros. Critics say more needs to be done to protect all players.

Listeria Symptoms Often Appear Months Later

Health officials are warning that the threat to the American public has not passed.  It only takes trace amounts of listeria to make someone sick.

Abortion Groups Try to Stop NC Ultrasound Law

Several health care providers are challenging North Carolina's controversial new abortion law.

Couple Gets 30-Day Notice Before Stork Arrives

Most people have nine months to prepare for a baby's arrival. However, one Nebraska couple had only one month to prepare for their bundle of joy.

E. Coli Scare Prompts Tyson Beef Recall

Tyson Fresh Meats Inc. is recalling approximately 131,300 pounds of ground beef over fears the meat is contaminated with E. coli.

Five-Year-Old Texas Girl Catches Piranha

Five-year-old Lindsay Schutte will never forget her first fishing trip when she caught her first fish -- a piranha. It's the first one to be caught in the Lone Star State in 30 years.

Heart Attacks Often Undetected in Women

Is it possible to have a heart attack and not even know it? Researchers at New York University say that's been the case for thousands of people -- particularly women. 

Ireland May Tax Sugar to Fight Obesity

Government officials in Ireland are considering imposing a sugar tax on certain foods, particularly soft drinks, in an effort to fight obesity

Listeria Cantaloupe Outbreak Deadliest in a Decade

As many as 16 people have died from the listeria outbreak traced to contaminated cantaloupes.

Do Hospitals' Freebies Undermine Breast-feeding?

Routinely offering new moms free formula is among practices the CDC would like to end.

Study Links Family Dinners with Teen Behavior

Can having dinner with your children make them better people?  A new study links family dinners with teens behavior.

Natural Disasters Cost US Billions in 2011

This year the U.S. has been hit by 10 natural disasters costing at least $1 billion each, the largest number of major events in 30 years of record-keeping.

Japan Study Finds Diabetes, Alzheimer's Link

Could diabetes lead to Alzheimer's? New research from Japan has connected the two diseases.

NASA: Dead Satellite to Hit Earth Friday

Officials said the odds of the satellite striking someone are about one in 3,200. Nevertheless, NASA is watching the six-ton object closely.

Report: Peyton Manning Had Stem Cell Therapy

A controversial new treatment rumored to have been performed on an NFL superstar is causing a stir in the medical community.

Scientists Test US Quake Early Warning System

After years of development, the U.S. government has quietly started testing an earthquake early warning system in California.

Whooping Cough Vaccine Fades after Three Years

The whooping cough vaccine given to babies and toddlers loses much of its effectiveness after just three years.

Rare, Dangerous Mosquito in Southern California

Health officials in California are trying to quell an invasion of Asian tiger mosquitos.

Dye Provides Breakthrough in Locating Tumors

A new technique known as fluorescent imaging is helping doctors spot tumors.

Va. Board Gives Strict Rules to Abortion Clinics

The Virginia Board of Health on Thursday approved strict new regulations for abortion clinics in the Old Dominion.

Cantaloupe Farm 'Devastated' by Listeria Outbreak

The FDA is warning shoppers to check the labels on their cantaloupe. The fruit is being blamed for a 17-state outbreak of listeria.

WHO: Cancer, Diabetes Leading Cause of Death

Chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes and lung cancer are now the leading cause of deaths worldwide, according to a new World Health Organization report.

New Abortion Restrictions Become Law in AZ

Planned Parenthood tried to block provisions from two different state laws with separate lawsuits.

High Cholesterol Increases Risk for Alzheimer's

A new study indicates high cholesterol levels could create more plaque in the brain, something thought to be a factor in Alzheimer's disease.

Study: SpongeBob Hampers Kids' Ability to Focus

Researchers at the University of Virginia found that fast-paced cartoons like SpongeBob affect a child's short-term attention span.

Study Warns US Must Improve Cyber Defense

A new study warns that attacks from computer hackers are now the biggest threats facing the United States and reveals the U.S. is not prepared to shield itself.

Doctors Predict 'Bad' Fall Allergy Season

For those who suffer with allergies, you may feel even worse this year due to all of the pollen in the air.

Cup a Joe? Parents Turn to Home Remedies for ADHD

Cases of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are on the rise and some parents are choosing to treat their children with home remedies.

Unplanned Pregnancy Higher among Poor Women

A recent report by Guttmacher Institute shows a large disparity in unintended pregnancies between high-income and lower income women.  

Study: Walnuts May Prevent Breast Cancer

New research suggests the risk of developing the cancer decreases with a diet that include a modest amount of walnuts.

Greening Can Equal Disaster-Proofing

In the midst of this hurricane season, safe building advocates say greening could save your home.

Reality TV Star: Faith Will 'Work It Out'

For most women, losing weight is one of the hardest things to do, and sometimes the hardships of life make it even tougher.

Married Couple Shares Kidney, Devotion to God

A life-threatening situation has proved to one North Carolina couple that they have a special connection to each other and God is the reason.

Tropical Storm Lee Brings Rain to the Gulf Coast

Tropical Storm Lee, the 12th named storm of the season, dumped between 6 to 10 inches of rain along the Louisiana and Mississippi coast Sunday.

Grassoline? TN Hopes to Fuel Up on Switchgrass

Tennessee lawmakers are hoping a cost effective way to turn switchgrass into ethanol will make the Volunteer State a pioneer in the global fuel market.

Half of Americans Drink Sweet Beverage Daily

Half of all Americans drink at least one sugary drink every day, and a new report from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention reveals many people drink a lot more.

Study: Abortion Increases Risk of Mental Problems

A new Bowling Green State University study shows women who have an abortion are more likely to suffer from mental health issues.

Katia Strengthens to Become Hurricane

Meteorologists say Tropical Storm Katia has become a hurricane with winds of around 75 miles per hour.