November 2011 Headlines

Deleted: Faith Helps Couple Cope with Amnesia

Scott Bolzan has lived what many would consider a 'charmed' life. The problem is -- he can't remember any of it.

Medicare Sets Sights on Obesity Prevention

Medicare will soon pay for obesity screenings and prevention services in an effort to prevent diseases associated with obesity.

China to Enter World Vaccine Market Soon

Vaccines will be the next Made in China product and the world should get prepared for it over the next few years.

Ohio Officials Take 200 Pound Boy from Family

Social workers the Department of Children and Family Services in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, took the child from school in October.

Sound Fishy? Barcoding Seafood Helps Orders

New DNA technology will soon allow restaurants around the world to make sure they serve the genuine seafood their customers ordered, instead of inferior substitutes.

More Stolen Emails Surface in 'Climategate'

The British university at the center of a 2009 global climate science controversy says a second batch of stolen emails has surfaced.

How to Reduce the Salt in Your Holiday Meal

You can put down the salt shaker at the Thanksgiving table on Thursday. There's already a large amount of sodium hidden in your meal.

The 'Skinny' May Lie in Frequent Eating

People who eat more frequently tend to be skinnier, according to the results of a new U.S. study.

Census: More Americans Living Past Age 90

The latest United States Census revealed the number of Americans over the age of 90 has tripled since 1980.

Smoke-Free Obama Scolds Tobacco Companies

Now smoke free, President Barack Obama came down on tobacco companies Thursday for their opposition to new cigarette labels meant to stop smoking.

Too Much Love? American Pets Growing Weight Issues

The obesity epidemic in the U.S. isn't just a human problem. It seems our pets are too fat as well.

UK Agency Calls for Ban on Smoking in Cars

The British Medical Association is asking its government to impose a ban on smoking inside automobiles.

National Drinking Age Law Has Saved Lives

Women who drink alcohol before turning age 21 have a greater risk of becoming a victim of homicide or suicide, according to the results of a new study.

Breakthrough Drug Offers New Hope for Heart Disease

A new drug could prove to be more effective in achieving lower cholesterol levels, according to a recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

New Stem Cell Procedure Gives Heart Patients Hope

A new medical procedure that uses a patient's own heart cells to reverse heart damage is being hailed as the biggest advancement in cardiology in decades.

Previously Conjoined Twins Ready to Go Home

Doctor say previously conjoined twin sisters from the Philippines have recovered from their surgery and are ready to go home.

Report: 1 in 10 Adults Could be Diabetic by 2030

The International Diabetes Federation predicts the number of diabetes cases will double by the year 2030, according to the latest statistics.

Russian Spacecraft Blasts Off for Space Station

A Russian spacecraft carrying an American and two Russians blasted off Monday.

Viral 'Pox Parties' Worries Pediatricians

Some parents are using social sites to organize parties of their own called "pox parties," where parents can arrange get-togethers to spread chicken pox.

Scientists: Scrapping Space Programs Short-Sighted

The debate is heating up between space scientists and political analysts over whether funding should be cut for space exploration.

Sitting Too Long Can Increase Cancer Risk

People who spend too much time sitting down could increase their risk of developing cancer, even among those who exercise regularly, according to new research from the American Institute for Cancer Research.

Radical Stomach Surgery Helps Morbidly Obese

A "sleeve gastrectomy" is not for everyone since it involves removing most of the patient's stomach.  But for some, it's the only option left.

Close Shave: Big Asteroid to Pass Earth Tuesday

An asteroid the size of an aircraft carrier will pass within 201,000 miles of Earth next Tuesday, Nov. 8, just inside the orbit of the moon.

Employers: Higher Premiums for Unhealthy Workers

While some companies have started giving employees new incentives to stay healthy, others are penalizing those who practice unhealthy lifestyles.

Conjoined Twins Separated During 10-Hour Surgery

Two twin girls from the Philipines are recovering in what their doctors have called a miracle operation.

Raw Milk Advocates take Fight to FDA Doorstep

A group of raw milk advocates served raw milk and cookies outside the FDA in a challenge to the agency's ban on selling unpasteurized milk across state lines.

Conjoined Toddlers to be Separated in Calif.

Angelina and Angelica Sabuco, who together weigh 55 pounds, share a liver, chest and abdomen.

Stem Cell Therapy Offers Hope for Elderly

French scientists say they've been able to transform adult cells taken from seniors citizens into stem cells.