December 2011 Headlines

Study: Elderly Need Right Brain Food

Eating certain foods may help protect your brain as you age and keep you mentally sharp.

New Edible Trail Lets Hikers to Snack Along the Way

Chances are you've probably hiked a nature trail. But have you ever hiked a nature trail where you can snack from the trees and plants as you walk along?

Moon Countdown: Hours Until 1st NASA Probe Arrives

NASA is counting down the seconds until its twin spacecraft bound for the moon make back-to-back arrivals over the New Year's weekend.

'Purpose Driven Diet' Sheds Thousands of Pounds

California's Saddleback Church, led by Pastor Rick Warren, has lost 250,000 pounds following the "Daniel Plan," based on the first chapter of the book of Daniel.

Number of Americans Tying the Knot at Record Low

Pew researchers found that just 51 percent of all adults have tied the knot.

Smokers Need Not Apply! Companies Kick the Habit

The push to keep smokers out of public places is getting stronger, with restaurants and malls kicking them out. Now some businesses are taking it further.

Microsoft Co-Founder Plans to Send Tourists to Space

Billionaire and Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is picking up where NASA left off -- announcing his plans to launch a new commercial space travel company.

NTSB Calls for Ban on Cell Phones While Driving

The federal government wants states to ban drivers from using cell phones and other electronic devices behind the wheel, except in emergencies.

Pregnancy Pill at Center of Federal Showdown

A judge is set to hear arguments Tuesday about whether the federal government has the right to restrict teenage girls' access to a generic version of Plan B.

More Drivers Texting Behind Wheel, Despite Laws

Tough new state laws designed to stop people from texting when they drive don't seem to be working, especially among younger drivers.

HHS Refuses to Give Teens Access to Plan B

Young teenage girls won't be able to buy the controversial Plan B or "morning after" pill without a prescription.

Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters Smash US Record

America's wild weather year has set another record: a dozen billion-dollar catastrophes.

Study: Moms Multitask More, Enjoying It Less

A new study has confirmed what many women have long suspected, working mothers multitask more than working dads and have the stress to prove it.

Teen 'Sexting' Less Rampant Than Previously Thought

New research published Monday in the journal Pediatrics shows only 1 percent of 10 to 17-year-olds have ever sent a sexually explicit picture over text messaging.

Pew Study: Many Go Online for No Good Reason

A new study by the Pew Research Center has confirmed what many of us already know -- that people, mostly young adults, go online for no good reason.

World AIDS Fight Continues, Ministries Help

In the United States alone, 1.2 million Americans are living with HIV and there are 50,000 new infections every year.

Pro-Life Groups Welcome Geron Corp's Refocus

Christian groups are elated about one company's recent decision to stop its embryonic stem cell research.