September 2012 Headlines

Busting a Gut: Keys to Burning Dangerous Belly Fat

Scientists say all fat is not created equal. It all comes down to location, and the most dangerous place is around your middle. But there is hope to lose that midsection.

Feds Target Los Angeles Medical Marijuana Shops

Federal prosecutors are cracking down on medical marijuana shops in Los Angeles. The government has targeted more than 375 businesses in the city's commercial marijuana industry.

Hungry Kids Rebel against Obama Lunch Menus

Critics of the new school meals being implemented by the Obama administration don't include enough calories for growing kids.

Study Identifies Four Types of Breast Cancers

A new federally funded study of the DNA of breast cancer cells could eventually provide a breakthrough in treating the disease.

NYC Makes Plan B Available in 13 High Schools

School officials in New York City are making the morning-after pill available to high school girls in 13 public schools.

Alcohol Abuse within US Military a Public Crisis

Alcoholism has become a "public health crisis" in the U.S. military, according to a new study requested by the Defense Department.

Most American Kids Eat Too Much Salt

Kids in the United States eat too much salt -- about as much salt as American adults, according to a new study by the CDC.

Healthy Low Glycemic Diet Trumps Low-Fat

A new study shows a low glycemic diet that includes eating carbs based on whole grains is the more effective in losing weight, than a simple low fat or low carb diet.

Cockroaches to Help in Hostage Situations?

A hated household pest may prove to actually be a hero, and it's all thanks to the folks from North Carolina State University Wolfpack.

Big Gulps Banned in the Big Apple

New York City's Board of Health passed a controversial, experimental ban Thursday on the sale of oversized sugary drinks in the Big Apple.

Smoking Pot Linked to Testicular Cancer

Young men who smoke marijuana have a higher risk of testicular cancer, according to a recent study by the University of Southern California.

Gov't Expected to Compensate for 9/11 Cancer Link

The U.S. government is expected to compensate 9/11 rescue workers and nearby residents amid concerns of a link between cancer and the toxic World Trade Center rubble.

Study: Walnuts Key to Male Health, Reproduction

In America, about one in seven couples have difficulty conceiving a child and around 40 percent of the time it's because of the male.

West Nile Virus Outbreak at its Worst and Rising

The number of cases in the United States recently jumped 25 percent, and nearly 2,000 cases have now been reported in 2012.