February 2013 Headlines

Report: Medicare Funding Dangerous Nursing Homes

A new Department of Health and Human Services report says the government may be spending billions on dangerous nursing homes.

Study Shows Lack of Sleep Affects Immune System

A lack of sleep could have an impact on more than just your mood, according to a new study led by the Surrey Sleep Research Centre.

Ind. Ok's Bill Requiring Ultrasound before RU-486

In a 33-16 vote, the Indiana state Senate passed a bill Tuesday requiring women seeking the abortion pill RU-486 to have an ultrasound first.

Mediterranean Diet Beats Low Fat for Heart Health

The Mediterranean diet beat out a low fat diet for heart health, according to a new study released by the New England Journal of Medicine.

US, Europe Plan Asteroid Strike Mission

The United States and Europe will launch a joint mission to see if they can knock an asteroid out of its orbit.

Insomnia: Why Sleeping Pills Are Not the Answer

Many Americans suffer with insomnia. Experts say sleeping pills are not the cure. Through sleep centers, behavioral changes, and diet modifications Americans can diagnose and cure insomnia.

Flu Vaccine Proving Ineffective for Elderly

Health officials say the flu shot only helps about 9 percent of those 65 or older against this season's most dangerous strain.

Google Self-Driving Car Debuts in Texas

The self-driving Google Lexus hybrid was unveiled at the Texas Transportation Forum in Austin.

NASA Watching Potentially Destructive Sunspot

Scientists are monitoring a spot on the sun large enough to swallow six planets the size of Earth.

Little-Known Surgery Helps Epileptics Live Normally

Many epileptics suffer needlessly because they simply don't know about a little-known surgery that can free them from their medications and seizures.

Better TV Programs May Improve Children's Behavior

Better TV may mean better behavior among children, according to a new study from the Seattle Children's Research Institute.

Guarding Earth: Meteor Strike a Cosmic Wake-Up Call

Last week's meteor strike, which came hours before a near miss with an asteroid, has scientists and the U.N. searching for ways to better identify threats to Earth.

Legal Pot: Marijuana-Friendly Laws Threat to Kids?

Colorado and Washington's legalization of pot has made them the epicenter of a national movement to legalize the drug. It's also raised concerns about the effect on youth.

Singles Survey Reveals Casual Views on Sex

A new online survey done for Match.com is shedding some light on what singles are saying about their sexual behavior.

Meteor Strikes Russia, Injuring Hundreds of People

A meteorite burst through the atmosphere over Russia, injuring about 500 people. It happened in Siberia and was actually captured on video.

NYC's Bloomberg Pushes for Styrofoam Ban

After successfully banning sugary drinks, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is pushing for a ban on Styrofoam coffee cups and food containers.

Ky. Senate Approves Bill to Legalize Medi-Share

The Kentucky Senate passed a measure allowing a Christian health care group to once again do business in the state.

Folic Acid May Reduce Risk of Autism

Taking folic acid before and after pregnancy is linked to a lower risk of autism, a new study by the Norwegian Institute for Public Health revealed.

Forget Cholesterol, Inflammation's the Real Enemy

A growing number of medical experts say weight gain, heart disease, and other illnesses are not caused by high cholesterol, but by something different: inflammation.

Boomers Living Longer, But Less Healthy

Baby boomers are living longer than previous generations but that doesn't mean they're any healthier.