March 2013 Headlines

New Research Suggests Jesus Shroud No Forgery

Does the Shroud of Turin actually date back to the time of Jesus' death? New research suggests yes.

High-Soy Diet May Help Fight Lung Cancer

A diet rich in soy could help women fighting lung cancer live longer, according to a new study in China.

Study Finds Obamacare Will Raise Claims 32 Percent

Insurance companies will pay 32 percent more for medical claims under Obamacare, and that could increase the amount consumers pay for their policies.

Friendship Could Be a Key to Longevity

A new United Kingdom study shows the more friends you have, the longer you're likely to live.

Study: Salt Overconsumption Kills Millions

A new Harvard study linked the overuse of salt to more than 2 million cardiovascular deaths worldwide in 2010.

NASA: Only 'Prayer' Will Stop Asteroid Apocalypse

NASA warns Earth could face an Armageddon-like scenario this century, adding that there is almost no way to stop asteroids from hurtling toward the planet.

A Raw Deal? Federal Gov't Targets Oyster Farm

Uncle Sam is accused of using bogus conservationist research to close a popular Calif. business. Now it's a life or death struggle for Drakes Bay Oyster Farm.

Harvard Links180,000 Deaths to Sugary Drinks

Harvard researchers have found a link between sugary drinks and 180,000 deaths every year from obesity-related diseases.

Alzheimer's Deaths in the US on the Rise

Alzheimer's fatalities in the United States are on the rise, with the disease now the sixth leading cause of death, according to the Alzheimer's Association.

AHA Healthy Heart Plan also Cuts Cancer Risk

A new study shows that following seven simple steps for heart health can cut your cancer risk in half.

Samsung Introduces Galaxy S4 Smartphone

Samsung is releasing a new smartphone that people can control with their eyes and by waving at the device.

No More Calorie Counts On Menus

Restaurant-goers won't be seeing calorie counts on menus anytime soon as the Food and Drug Administration works on a new menu labeling law.

Mummies Show Heart Disease an Ancient Illness

A new study on mummies suggests that heart disease is not a modern day illness and could be a natural part of human aging.

Alarming New Super Bug Invading US Hospitals

Health officials report an alarming increase in dangerous super bugs in U.S. hospitals.


Ex-DEA Heads Want Colo., Wash Pot Laws Nullified

Eight former Drug Enforcement Administration chiefs are calling the White House to sue Colorado and Washington over their legalization of recreational pot use.

Baby Born with HIV Cured after Treatment

Doctors in Mississippi and Boston say a baby born with the virus that causes AIDS has been cured after an agressive treatment of drugs.