June 2013 Headlines

Removing the Stigma: Mental Illness in the Church

Suicide kills more people than murder or car crashes, yet it's rarely discussed in the Church. But tragedies in two prominent Christian families are changing that.

Commission Offers Firework Safety Tips, Demos

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is not taking any chances when it comes to the time-honored Independence Day tradition.

Junk Food Out! New School Food Regs Sweeping US

The Agriculture Department announced that for the first time they are regulating all foods sold in the nation's 100,000 schools by expanding new fat, calorie, sugar and sodium limits.

Battling the Bulge? Two Big Meals Beats Six Small

According to researchers, eating two large meals versus six small meals with the same number of calories a day can help you lose more weight.

Waste to Energy a Health Hazard?

Do you know where your trash goes? Some goes to a plant, where it's burned for energy. But some say that may not be a good idea.

Help NASA Save Earth? They Want Your Ideas

NASA wants your help to save Earth from a deadly asteroid. On Tuesday the space agency announced it's Asteroid Grand Challenge at its headquarters in Washington, D.C.

AMA Doctors Declare 'Obesity is a Disease'

The American Medical Association House of Delegates passed a measure in Chicago Tuesday to officially recognize obesity as a disease.

Most Women Denied Abortions Have No Regrets

The overwhelming majority of women who are denied abortions do not regret having their baby.

Bloomberg Wants to Impose Recycling Food Scraps

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is taking on a new cause. This time his plan requires New Yorkers to separate food scraps for composting.

Girl's 'Adult' Lung Transplant Surgery a Success

The family who waged a national fight to get their 10-year-old daughter, Sarah Murnaghan, on an adult lung transplant list have said Wednesday's surgery was a success.

Want to Feel, Look Better? Improve Your Posture

There are many benefits to developing good posture. In addition to improving your health, one can also improve emotional well-being and how others perceive you.

Plan B Foes 'Disappointed' in White House Reversal

The White House is dropping its legal efforts to stop over-the-counter sales of One Step "morning after" birth control pills to girls regardless of their age.

Tropical Storm Andrea Races up East Coast

Tropical Storm Andrea is quickly moving up the East Coast, with strong winds, heavy rains and possible flooding through Georgia and the Carolinas.

Judge Allows Emergency Contraception for Teen Girls

Girls of any age can now buy emergency contraception pills without a prescription.

Sunscreen Found to Slow Aging Process

Sunscreen is known to be one of the best defenses against skin cancer. Now researchers believe it can slow signs of aging too.

Experts Fear New Killer MERS Virus Heading for US

The world's leading health officials are frantically studying a new mystery virus called MERS in an effort to avoid a serious outbreak.

Electronic Tattoos Cool Tech or Too Much?

Smartphone users who want to ditch their passwords could soon be able to use electronic tattoos, or even pills, to do the job.

Massive Asteroid Flies by Earth

A massive asteroid with its own small moon in tow flew by Earth over the weekend.