August 2013 Headlines

Spiritual Burnout: The Danger of Doing Good

Millions of Christians are risking their lives to spread the Gospel. Now a leading missionary is sounding an alarm about a different danger: spiritual burnout.

Millions of Americans Using Sleep Aids to Get Rest

Nearly 9 million American adults use sleep medication to help them get some rest, according to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control.

Boy Who Died from Rare Brain Infection Gives Life

The family of a  Florida boy who died from a rare infection will donate his organs to give life to another youngster battling the same type of infection.

Farmers' Almanac Predicts Brutally Cold Winter

Many Americans have been enjoying some early autumn weather the last few weeks, but don't celebrate too soon because an extremely cold winter could be on the way.

NM Hatchery Source of 37-State Salmonella Outbreak

Health officials have discovered the source of a massive salmonella outbreak that has swept across 37 states.

Parents Beware: Heroin Use Rising Among Teens

The drug that was once relegated to the homeless and rock stars is now popping up at highschool parties in the suburbs.

Baby Adam's Story: One Miracle after Another

CBN News first reported on Baby Adam, who was born with severe deformities, a year ago. Thanks to miraculous love, he has been given a second chance.

CDC Says US Adult Obesity Rate Not Budging

The national survey by the CDC found 13 states with very high rates of obesity last year. At least 30 percent of adults in those states were very obese.

Insurance Giant Educates Public on Obamacare

Blue Cross Blue Shield in North Carolina is taking a hands on approach to educating the public about healthcare reform.

Living Donor: 'Two Kidneys Means One to Spare'

Have you ever wondered why God gave us two kidneys when we only need one?

Group Hopes Free MRIs Will Stop Teen Athlete Deaths

Researchers in Houston have conducted 3,000 free MRI heart screenings for teenagers.

CDC Says Childhood Obesity on Decline in US

Childhood obesity is on the decline in at least 18 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Obamacare 'Data Hub' Triggers ID Theft Concerns

A key security function in Obamacare is months behind schedule even though the health care law kicks in in less than two months.

Laboratory-Made Hamburger Makes Public Debut

The first hamburger created in a laboratory made its public debut Monday. 

Need Surgery? Consumer Reports Rates US Hospitals

Consumer Reports is in the business of rating the best and worst products. Now they're putting out a list of best and worst places to have surgery. 

Ball State Bans Intelligent Design after Complaint

The president of Ball State University is forbidding faculty to endorse intelligent design, the belief that the universe is too complex to have evolved by chance.