August 2008 Headlines

Test2 Widescreen - again

Test2 Widescreen

When It's More Than Just Baby Fat

Is it baby fat? Or is it something more harmful for your child?

Cervical Cancer Vaccine - Not Effective?

Researchers are questioning the cost-effectiveness of the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil.

Many Think God Can Revive the Dying

A majority of Americans believe that God can intervene when a family member is dying, according to a new survey.

Salmonella Outbreak Winds Down

 WASHINGTON -- The nationwide salmonella outbreak is finally winding down but federal health officials can't yet say how the few tainted Mexican peppers they've found could explain such widespread illness.

New Method Avoids Embryo Controversy

Harvard University scientists have created stem cells for 10 genetic diseases using a new technique that allows researchers to avoid the ethical concerns of destroying a human embryo in the hope of one day discovering cures.

Study: Kids' Meals have Too Many Calories

More than 90 percent of restaurant meals for kids are loaded with too many calories.