November 2013 Headlines

Our Forgotten Disease: Finding an Alzheimer's Cure

Paul Terkeltaub, who has Alzhiemer's, and his wife are facing life with as much courage as they can. But with little spent on Alzheimer's research, hope for the future is hard.

Harvard Research: Eat Nuts, Live Longer

The largest study ever done on nuts has found that people who ate them roughly every day were 20 percent less likely to die of cancer or heart disease.

America Moving Toward 'Medicaid Level' Care?

If you think the new health care law is bad now, just wait until next year. So says Betsy McCaughey, the nation's foremost expert on Obamacare.

Today's Kids Less Fit than Their Parents Were

New studies shows kids don't run as fast or as far as their parents did when they were young, according to the American Heart Association.

Eye Exams Could Diagnose Alzheimer's

An eye exam could help diagnose Alzheimer's earlier, new research shows.

Doctors: More Americans Should Take Statins

Doctors in the United States are urging more people to consider taking statin drugs to lower cholesterol. But others say the risks outweigh the benefits.

Food Industry Expected to Fight FDA Trans Fat Ban

The Food and Drug Administration says it plans to eliminate trans fats from the American food supply, a move the processed food industry will likely fight.

Space Rocks Could Kill Hundreds of Thousands

Scientists say the danger of space rocks smashing into Earth is greater than they thought.

Mediterranean Diet the Fountain of Youth?

The Mediterranean diet could help you live a longer, healthier life, according to a new study.

Global Warming on Extended 'Pause'?

The recent "pause" in global warming could last for at least another couple of decades.