March 2014 Headlines

Raising Autism Awareness: Early Diagnosis Crucial

Autism was virtually unheard of just a generation ago. Now the number of children diagnosed with autism is skyrocketing.

Get Your Allergy Makeover the Natural Way

In her new book, Dr. Susanne Bennett explains how to figure out your allergies and reduce your overall toxic load, without using any expensive or toxic allergy drugs.

High Cholesterol Growing Among Kids

High cholesterol levels are growing among kids according to a new study out of Texas.

Too Little Shut-Eye Could Cause Brain Damage

Not getting enough sleep could literally kill your brain cells, according to a new Penn Medicine study.

Earth Vulnerable to Sun Blasts, 'Double Impact'

Earth dodged a possible major catastrophe in 2012 when powerful sun blasts narrowly missed the planet.

Many Cancer Hospitals Off Limits Under Obamacare

A new report reveals that many of the nation's best cancer hospitals are off-limits under the Affordable Care Act.

Women More Likely to Get Alzheimer's than Men

Women are far more likely to develop Alzheimer's than men, according to a report from the Alzheimer's Association

No Sugar-Coating: WHO Cuts Intake to Half

The World Health Organization wants people to drastically reduce their consumption of sugar.


'Wearable Tech' Tracks Fitness, Personal Info

Computers in all kinds of clothing will be able to help you communicate with and keep track of other people.

Alzheimer's Claiming More Lives Than Thought

More people may be dying from Alzheimer's disease than have been reported.

Middle Agers Should Cut the Meat and Cheese

A diet heavy on meat and cheese could be very bad for our health if you're middle-aged. It could be as bad as smoking cigarettes.