July 2014 Headlines

Catastrophic Solar Superstorm 'Barely' Missed Earth

Scientists say an extreme solar storm, believed to be the most powerful in at least 150 years, barely missed planet Earth two years ago.

Pentagon Developing Brain Chip to Restore Memory

Some day there may be a brain implant to cure memory problems.

Pet Spas Offer Help for Obese Dogs and Cats

It's not just American people who are overweight. Many of America's pets have the same problem, leading to a rise in "fat camps" for fat pooches and felines.

Taxicab App 'Uber' Convenient. But Is It Legal?

Hailing a cab is only a click away in many cities. The smartphone app, "Uber," may be speeding to the top in customer satisfaction, but it's hitting legal speed bumps.

Worried Moms: Global Warming Endangers Our Kids

Moms who are hot to stop global warming came with their kids to ask Congress Wednesday to get behind whatever measures are needed to fight climate change.

Severe Obesity Could Cut 14 Years Off Lifespan

Severe obesity can cut lives short by up to 14 years, according to a new study by the  U.S. National Cancer Institute.

Antarctic Ice Levels Belie Climate Change

The amount of Antarctic sea ice reached an all-time high last week, confounding climate change computer models.