June 2008 Headlines

Tan or No Tan? The Vitamin D Question

For millions of Americans getting some summer sun is a popular pastime. But tans can bring skin cancer, while most sunscreens aren't effective enough or may be toxic.

New Breakthrough in Skin Cancer Battle?

Summer means fun in the sun for many Americans. However, the risk of getting skin cancer is always there.

New TB Test Slashed Diagnosis Time

GENEVA - A new test to quickly diagnose drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis will be rolled out in four African countries this year, the World Health Organization said Monday.

Survival Tale of an 'Embryo' Called Noah

The fate of 400,000 embryos, frozen in labs around the country, is up for grabs. The government is spending millions to encourage their adoption, concerned that many will not survive.

Depression, Diabetes May Be Linked

Scientists believe there's a link between diabetes and depression.

A Tasty Remedy for Cancer?

Thomas Jefferson grew broccoli on his Virginia estate. Since then broccoli and related veggies have seen their ups and downs.

Soldiers Turn to Medication to Cope

As the wars continue in Iraq and Afghanistan, many U.S. troops are turning to medication to deal with the stresses of battle, a new report shows.

FDA Honing in on Tainted Tomato Source

The Food and Drug Administration says they're getting close to finding the source of a nationwide salmonella outbreak linked to tomatoes.

Tomatoes Tossed Amid Salmonella Scare

A new round of food poisoning has some questioning the safety of their salad and hamburger ingredients. Uncooked tomatoes are now believed to be carrying a dangerous strain of salmonella known as "saintpaul." The discovery has compelled some food stores and restaurants to pull tomatoes from their shelves. The Food and Drug Administration says it's searching for the the source of the outbreak. CBN NEWS:  More Advice from a Food Safety Expert

Is Red Wine the Fountain of Youth?

Scientists have studied the health benefits of red wine for years. It contains something called resveratrol that could add years to your life.  They've recently learned that it takes much less resveratrol than they thought to reap the benefits.