February 2008 Headlines

Americans Admit They're Sleepy

Most Americans aren't getting enough sleep, a new survey said.

Dannon Facing Lawsuit for Activia Challenge

Millions of Americans who buy yogurt looking for a healthy boost may not be getting what they paid for. In fact, one yogurt maker is facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit for false advertising.

Study Casts Doubt on Anti-depressants

A new study says some anti-depressant drugs have little or no effect on the vast majority of patients with mild cases of depression.

Recalled Foods Part of Recent Beef Recall

CBNNews.com - Last week's beef recall is expanding to include even more foods in your pantry.

The Future of Video Games is Here

Parents who implore their children to put down the controller to that video game may soon get their wish.

Slaughterhouse at Center of Beef Recall

Federal officials are investigating the largest meat recall in American history -- 143 million pounds of beef that came from crippled and sick cattle.