April 2009 Headlines

Global Cooling Earth's Little-Known Threat

The Obama administration says climate change is a serious health issue and the EPA has even labeled carbon dioxide as pollution.

Dieting: Why It's the Calories, Stupid

When it comes to diets, many wonder which ones are the best-- low carb, low fat, Mediterranean? But the latest findings suggest it doesn't matter and that only calories count.

Two Women Share Friendship, Kidney

It's bad enough to need a kidney transplant, but what makes it worse is trying to find a donor.

For Healthy Living, Eat What Matters Most

They come and they go: The lemonade diet, the cabbage soup diet, Atkins, Scarsdale, Slimfast, the grapefruit diet -- even the chocolate diet.

Study: Heart Failure Treatment May Change

A new study suggests patients with heart failure should exercise. 

Polypill: Future Wonder Drug for the Heart?

Chances are you or someone you love takes many medicines to treat a variety of heart problems. But those medicines are being combined into what many consider to be a wonder drug.

Swine Flu News Got You Scared?

Mexican authorities are shutting down businesses and much of the country's government in an effort to stop the spread of swine flu.

Countering the Swine Flu 'Panic'

Are news organizations making too big of a deal of the recent swine flu outbreak?

Need Surgery? Do Your Hospital Homework!

Actor Dennis Quaid has played a variety of roles of film. His new, real-life role as crusader for patient safety stems from the day his twin babies nearly died from a medication overdose due to hospital error.

Struggle Over Climate Bill Continues

Former Vice President Al Gore says a new climate bill is one of the most important legislations ever to be introduced while former House Speaker Newt Gingrich thinks it's bad for America.

FDA OKs Plan B for Teens, No Prescription

The Food and Drug Administration said 17-year-olds will no longer need a doctor's prescription to get the Plan-B birth control pill.

Obese Blamed for Global Warming

A rising number of overweight people may also be to blame for global warming according to the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Earth Day: Protecting Nature, God's Way

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. -- Earth Day is now Earth Week and messages of going green, global warming and greenhouse gases fill the air from elementary schools to the halls of Congress.

New Migrane Med Targets Headache Cause

Millions suffer from migraine headaches and rely on prescription medications, but not all medicines work for everyone.

Stem Cell Funding Faces New Guidelines

New guidelines on federal funding for stem cell research have set limitations on how far scientists can go when using leftover embryos.

Sky High Price for Obese Airline Customers

Overweight passengers hoping to travel on United Airlines may have to buy two tickets to fly the friendly skies.

Study Lists Best and Worst Foods for Heart

A new study shows the best and worst foods for your heart.

Climate Bill Allows Businesses to be Sued

CBNNews.com - A new climate bill making its way through the House of Representatives has a provision in it that would allow anyone to sue businesses or the government if they think they've been harmed by global warming.

List of Pistachio Recalls Issued

Federal officials say the recall of pistachio nuts is far from over. They warn that more foods containing those nuts may be recalled.

Not Enough Sleep Can Increase Appetite

Not getting enough sleep may alter the hormones that control the appetite.

Doing the Worm: Conficker Sparks Fears

The Conficker worm is now in its third mutation, known as "Conficker-C."