June 2009 Headlines

The Awesome Foursome: Nutrients for Health

Nutritional supplements come and go. But a team of four nutrients is showing promise of a long-lasting presence among healthy nutrients.

Weighing Healthy Facts Over Dieting Myths

The United States is the world's fattest country, but with a little know-how, anyone can break bad eating habits.

More Parents Deciding Against Vaccination

When it comes to vaccines, whether childhood or adult,  it's about projecting the most educated guesses about disease, but not everyone agrees.

New Replacement Surgeries Restore Normal Lives

Amazing new replacement surgeries are restoring peoples' limbs, and lives.

FDA Panel Approves Painkiller Restrictions

An FDA panel voted to lower the maximum daily dose listed on popular painkillers made with an ingredient that could be harmful.

How to Fight Bad Breath

One doctor has come up with a way to diagnose bad breath and offers suggestions to fight it.

Increasing Dust Speeds Melting of Mountain Snow

Dust in the wind is rewriting the cycle of life in the mountains.

Stimulus Money Boosts Health Clinics Serving Poor

Health centers that serve the poor are among the first places the federal stimulus package is being spent.

Doctors Say More Ovary Transplants Possible

Two new techniques to preserve and transplant ovaries might give women a better chance tob have children when they are older.

Surprising Number of Teens Think They'll Die Young

A surprising number of teenagers think they're going to die young, new research suggests.

U.S. Swine Flu Estimated at One Million

Swine flu has infected as many as 1 million Americans, U.S. health officials said Thursday.

Healthcare Reform: Cure Worse than the Disease?

The President is offering a government solution to drive down health care costs and make sure everyone has coverage. But its cost could exceed $1.5 trillion.

Cancer Survivor Speaks Against Gov't Healthcare

While the healthcare debate continues, a brain cancer survivor shared her story on Capitol Hill this week.

New Study Links Obesity to Pancreatic Cancer

A new study says obesity in early adulthood is linked to Pancreatic Cancer.

Teen Angry at Continuing Chemo

A 13-year-old boy with cancer, who fled to avoid chemotherapy, is angry a judge has ordered him to continue the treatment.

Sneaky Storms Could Mean Big Trouble

Storm trackers are concerned about a new phenomenon that could change the way we understand hurricanes.

Anti-Smoking Bill Brings Historic Changes

One in every five adults in America smokes cigarettes, but there are major changes in store for big tobacco and how the industry is regulated.

Indonesian Elephant Fossil Opens Window to Past

Indonesian scientists are reconstructing the largest, most complete skeleton of a prehistoric giant elephant ever found in the tropics

Drugs to be Cheaper for Seniors on Medicare

The pharmaceutical industry says it will lower the cost of prescription drugs for some seniors on Medicare.

Take Steps Now to Prevent a Stroke

When someone suffers a stroke, who they are as a person can be taken away in a matter of seconds, but there are steps to prevent this from happening.

Obama Signs Anti-smoking Bill, Cites Own Struggle

President Barack Obama is set to sign into law an anti-smoking bill that will give the FDA unprecedented authority to regulate tobacco.

Nestle Recalls All Refrigerated Toll House Dough

Federal authorities are investigating a new national outbreak of a bacteria-triggered illness.

Nestle Recalls Toll House Cookie Dough Products

Nestle voluntarily recalled its Toll House refrigerated cookie dough products after a number of illnesses were reported by those who ate the dough raw.

Zicam Not Alone in Side Effect Reports

Though widely sold for years as a drug for colds, Zicam Cold Remedy was never tested by federal regulators for safety like other drugs.

Israeli Military Develops Robot Snake

The Israeli government has a new line of defense on the battlefield, and it is called "the snake."

Shuttle Launch Delayed to July by Hydrogen Leak

A potentially dangerous hydrogen gas leak early Wednesday forced NASA to delay shuttle Endeavour's launch to the international space station.

FDA Warns Zicam Can Damage Sense of Smell

The FDA warned consumers Wednesday to stop using Zicam Cold Remedy Nasal Gel and Spray because it can permanently damage their sense of smell.

Kids May Get Swine Flu Shots First

Schoolchildren may be first in line for swine flu vaccine this fall - and might even be able to get the shot right at school.

AMA Adopts Policy against Anti-aging Hormones

The American Medical Association says there's no scientific proof to back up claims of anti-aging hormones.

U.S., Canada Update Great Lakes Agreement

The United States and Canada say they will update a key agreement to protect the Great Lakes.

Doctors: Rear Facing Car Seats Safer for Kids

Some doctors in Great Britain are suggesting a safer method when it comes to protecting small children in the car.

Swine Flu Vaccine to Arrive in the Fall

The swine flu vaccine will arrive this Fall, when flu season hits.

New Robots Help in the Kitchen

The Jetsons are looking more and more like real life, these days.

Sleep-deprivation, Obesity Linked in Kids, Teens

Obesity in kids and teens is directly linked to being sleep deprived, according to a new study published in Science Daily.

U.S., Europe Look to Partner on Mars Exploration

The U.S. may unite with the European Space Agency for future Mars trips - a move that would mark a significant shift for NASA.

Alternative Medicine Goes Mainstream

Alternative medicine is finding wider acceptance by doctors, insurers and hospitals. Consumer spending on it rivals that of traditional health care.

FDA Weighs Approval of Psychiatric Drugs for Kids

Three blockbuster psychiatric drugs currently approved for adults also appear to work in adolescents.

Spacewalk Begins to Install Docking Port

A spacewalk has begun on the international space station.

Study: Exercise May Reduce Breast Cancer Risk

A new study shows that exercise for over an hour may reduce the risk of breast cancer for women over 30-years-old.

New Obesity Surgery Goes Through Mouth

Doctors are testing a new kind of obesity surgery which goes down the throat to snap staples into the stomach.

FDA Approves Cancer Treatment for Dogs

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first drug made specifically to treat cancer in dogs.

Hasselbeck of 'The View' Talks Faith, Health

CBN News recently sat down with Hasselbeck at the ABC Studios in New York City where she shares tips from her new book on living gluten-free.

Experts Warn Parents to Limit Kids' Media Time

Experts are warning parents to limit their kids' access to computers, TV and video games.

White House: Health Care is Economic Problem

Fixing the economy requires overhauling the U.S. health care system, a White House report concludes.

Congress Set to Tackle Heath Care Reforms

It's go time for President Barack Obama's promise to enact a sweeping health care overhaul this year.