November 2014 Headlines

Netanyahu Backs 'Home Bill' Despite Opposition

In what appears to be efforts to avoid a coalition crisis, a vote on the Jewish home bill, originally slated for Wednesday, has been postponed for a week.

Israel Protests Jordan Letter to Terrorists' Families

Israel has sent a formal formal protest to the Jordanian Foreign Ministry after Jordan's prime minister sent a letter to relatives of the terrorists who brutally murdered four rabbis and killed a policeman last week.

Israeli Cabinet Approves Nationality Bill

Israel is one step closer to officially being the nation-state of the Jewish people. On Sunday, Israel's cabinet approved a nationality bill.

Bad Nuke Deal Would Mean a 'Dangerous New World'

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry reportedly proposed an extension of the nuclear talks with Iran. The deadline for the talks is midnight Monday, Nov. 24.

Israeli Minister: Nuclear Iran Threatens the World

Israeli Minister of Intelligence and Strategic Affairs Yuval Steinitz told reporters in Jerusalem Iran is not being flexible in the negotiations.

Attack Raises Fears Israelis Not Safe in Their Own Nation

This week's cold-blooded attack at a Jerusalem synagogue raised the alarm that Israelis are now at risk anywhere in their nation. What should Americans learn from this tragedy?

Christmas Gifts? Israel Intercepts Huge Weapons Shipment

Israeli police and customs authorities intercepted two shipping containers filled with thousands of knives, Tasers, and other weapons marked as Christmas decorations.

Israel: Hamas Test Fired Rockets at Sea

Hamas, the Palestinian faction ruling the Gaza Strip, fired four rockets out to sea in a 24-hour period.

Israel Acts against Terrorists, Not Arabs

Israeli authorities are taking several tough measures to counter would-be terrorists from carrying out their missions.

Gruesome Attack: Jerusalem 'Under Terrorist Assault'

Israel is still reeling after two Palestinian terrorists burst into a Jerusalem synagogue and hacked and shot to death four Israelis, including three Americans. Authorities are stepping up security Wednesday.

Analysis: The Two-State Illusion

In the 20-odd years since it's been on the drawing board, the concept of dividing Israel into two states has never really gelled.

Palestinians Celebrate Jerusalem Synagogue Murders

As Israelis mourned the latest murders of four rabbis praying in their synagogue and buried the dead, some Palestinians took to the streets to celebrate the killings.

Jerusalem Attack: 'They Killed Them as They're Praying'

Terror struck Israel's capital again Tuesday when two Palestinian terrorists brutally murdered four people in a Jerusalem synagogue, including three Americans and one Briton.

Netanyahu Warns West 'Iran Is Not Your Friend'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu pushed forward in his campaign against an international agreement with Iran over its nuclear program ahead of the Nov. 24 deadline.

Israel, US, PA Tackle Temple Mount Violence

Kerry, Netanyahu and Jordan's King Abdullah met in Amman on Thursday evening in an attempt to quell spiraling violence over the Temple Mount.

Russia to Build Two New Nuclear Reactors for Iran

Israel's warnings against finalizing a deal on Iran's nuclear program hasn't stopped Russia from signing a contract to build two new nuclear facilities there.

Israel Mourns Death of Pastor Myles Munroe

Israelis, both Jews and Christians, are mourning the loss of Pastor Myles Munroe and his wife, killed in a plane crash Sunday evening in the Bahamas.

Netanyahu to World: Don't Let Iran 'Rush to the Bomb'

With conflicting reports over whether world leaders are nearing a deal with Iran, social media became the sparring ground for preventing Iran from becoming a threshold nuclear power.

'Knife Intifada' Incited to 'Clean Jerusalem of Jews'

Israel says the Palestinian Authority is behind a sharp increase in terror attacks. Its leaders are telling people Israel is out to destroy the al-Aksa Mosque.

More Jews Want to Pray on Temple Mount

Should Jews and other non-Muslims be allowed to pray on the Temple Mount? Palestinians, Jordanians and many Muslims say a resounding "No!"

Netanyahu Warns Against Pending Iran Deal

Netanyahu released a statement Monday evening on the pending agreement between Western powers and Iran on its nuclear program.

Israel's Hope: 'Hatikva' Turns 10

'Hatikva,' a poem set to an old Romanian folk tune, has echoed in the places where Jews gathered and shared the longing for a return to their covenant land.

Israel Prayer Tower Celebrates 1st Anniversary

The Bible says in Psalm 122:6 to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Now more ministries are being established in Jerusalem itself to do just that.

Egypt Demolishes Homes in Search of Terror Tunnels

Egyptian troops are demolishing hundreds of homes, hoping to destroy terror tunnels along Egypt's border with the Gaza Strip.

Commentary: Mourning Israel's Innocents

It seems one no longer needs a bulldozer to kill Israelis. Any old car will do.

Jerusalem Terror, Rioting Part of Bigger Plot

Palestinians accuse Israel of endangering the al-Aksa Mosque, but what's really behind their accusations?

Is Israel on the Verge of a Third Intifada?

U.S.-Israel relations have reached a new low under the Obama administration. Will the GOP Senate takeover strengthen Israel's position, even as terror attacks increase in Jerusalem?

Jerusalem: 2nd Vehicular Terror Attack Kills One

An Arab terrorist driving a commercial van ploughed into a crowd of pedestrians near Jerusalem's Old City, killing one and injuring 14 others, five seriously.

US Supreme Court to Rule on Jlem Passport Status

The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Monday on the legality of listing Israel as the country of birth on U.S. passports of Israeli-born Jews holding dual citizenship.

Israel Will Maintain 'Status Quo' on Temple Mount

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's weekend appeal for calm on the Temple Mount has some saying he's advocating a long-standing ban on Jewish prayer at the contested site.

Israel, Egypt Close Borders with Gaza Strip

Israel closed its border crossings with the Gaza Strip on Sunday following a rocket attack Friday night.