March 2015 Headlines

Exhibit Reveals Major Chapter in Jewish History

Next to the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, a rare exhibit in Jerusalem now on display is perhaps one of the most important documentations of Jewish history that has ever been revealed.

Islamist Groups Threaten 'Electronic Holocaust'

For the third consecutive year, Op-Israel hackers are promising an "electronic Holocaust" against Israeli websites, credit card and email accounts.

US-Israel Spat: What It Means for Both Nations

Relations between the United States and Israel are at an all-time low, with a U.S. official recently accusing the Jewish state of spying. What does the breakdown in relations mean for both countries?

American Jewish Leaders Concerned with Obama Rhetoric

American Jewish leaders are increasingly concerned with the Obama administration's criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Netanyahu Extends Condolences after Airliner Crash

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu extended condolences to French, German and Spanish leaders on the tragic airliner crash that killed 150 passengers and crew.

Jewish Leader: US-Israel Row Inciting Anti-Semitism

The latest tensions between the Obama administration and Israel are contributing to a rise in global anti-Semitism, World Jewish Congress President Ronald Lauder warned Tuesday.

Netanyahu Apologizes to Israeli Arabs, Not Leftists

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apologized Monday to members of Israel's minority communities, including Israeli Arabs, who were offended by remarks he made on election day.

Israel Denies US Claims: 'We Don't Spy on Allies'

Explosive revelations are emerging Tuesday about an elaborate Israeli spying operation on U.S.-Iranian nuclear negotiations.

US Silence on Israel Speaks Loudly at UN

The United States won't take the floor at the debate over human rights in the Palestinian terroritories Monday at the United Nations Human Rights forum.

Counter-Terrorism Bureau Issues Holiday Warnings

Israel's Counter-Terrorism Bureau cautioned Israelis planning trips abroad for the spring holidays, beginning with Passover in less than two weeks.

Shin Bet Busts Hamas Terror Cell in Samaria

Israeli security forces arrested six members of a Hamas terror cell planning attacks in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria (West Bank).

Netanyahu Takes Majority to Form Next Government

Netanyahu now has 67 seats, more than the 61 seats needed to form a majority in the Knesset (parliament).

White House Blasted for Playing Hardball with Israel

Since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's solid victory in the election, the Obama administration has threatened to pull U.S. support from Israel at the United Nations.

Arab Leaders, Civilians Divided on Netanyahu Victory

The leaders of some Arab nations are satisfied that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party won a surprising victory in national elections this week, even though the man on the street is upset about it.

Could White House Undercut Netanyahu Victory?

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised no Palestinian state if he won reelection. But the United States may go to the U.N. and force Israel into a deal with the Palestinians.

Against All Odds: Unpacking Netanyahu's Landslide Win

Just days ago, some pundits were writing his political obituary. But Israeli voters gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a stunning victory Tuesday.

LIVE BLOG: Netanyahu Declares Victory; Likud Supporters Jubilant

CBN News Middle East Bureau in Jerusalem keeps you updated Israel's national elections Tuesday, March 17.

Israelis Hit the Polls in Hotly Contested Election

A high turnout is expected in Israel's hotly contested national elections Tuesday.

Primer for the Perplexed on Israeli Elections

When Israelis go to the polls in national elections on Tuesday, March 17, they'll have 26 parties to choose from.

Netanyahu on Election: 'We Can Close the Gap!'

Israel's soldiers have already begun to vote in a crucial election to choose the country's next prime minister.

Father of Slain ISIS Teen: 'My Son Was No Spy'

ISIS shocked the world yet again by using a 12-year-old boy to execute an Israeli Arab accused of being a spy. But the victim's father says his son was no spy, just a misled teenager.

Barefoot Marathoner Enjoys Running on 'Holy Ground'

The Jerusalem Winner Marathon has become one of the most popular in the world, especially for Christians. One of those runners tells CBN News what it's like to run through the streets of the Holy City.

Do Israelis Really Want 'Anyone But Bibi?'

The polls say voters in Israel want "change." Sounds like America in 2008 when hundreds of millions went into a campaign mantra of "change" that would erase the "nightmare" created by eight years of George W. Bush.

Israeli Polls Show Leftists Leading

Should Israelis choose a left-wing government next Tuesday, they won't be able to plead ignorance down the road.

Israeli President: 'Don't give up, elect to vote'

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin hosted about 100 visitors at his Jerusalem residence Tuesday evening to talk about national elections and encourage them to vote on March 17.

Israeli Voters Divided, Christians Urged to Pray

The question of which parties and which leader Israel will choose to lead their next government in Tuesday's election is still very much up in the air.

Israeli Hotels May Display Christmas Trees

Christians planning to spend Christmas in Israel next year may find a Christmas tree in their hotel lobby.

PA Security Forces Arrest 100+ Hamas Members

Palestinian Authority security forces have taken more than 100 Hamas operatives into custody in P.A.-controlled cities in Judea and Samaria, 40 arrested on Sunday.

Anti-Netanyahu Rally Speaker 'Blind to Reality'

Tens of thousands of Israeli leftists rallied this weekend for an "anyone but Netanyahu" rally.

History Repeating? Purim in the Shadow of Iran

Israelis take to the streets every year to celebrate Purim. The holiday marks the victory of the Jewish people 2,500 years ago over the wicked Haman. Fast forward and many see a parallel today.

What Speech Means for Netanyahu's Political Future

Speaking before the U.S. Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu made a strong case against Iran. Now the question is will it make a difference in Israel's upcoming national election.

Five Wounded in Jerusalem Vehicular Attack

An Israeli Arab terrorist plowed his vehicle into four female border policewoman in Jerusalem Friday.

Iranian Supreme Leader Hospitalized

Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, 76, was hospitalized in critical condition Wednesday, according to several unconfirmed media reports.

Helmsley Fund: Helping Israel Benefits the World

What would you do if you had to give away millions of dollars a year?

Netanyahu Refutes Obama ‘No Alternate Plan' Claim

President Obama brushed off Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before Congress, saying he didn't offer any "viable alternatives" to the pending nuclear deal with Iran.

After Speech, Netanyahu Appears to Gain at Home

The first Israeli poll conducted after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech to Congress shows he may have gained slightly in the tight race to lead the next government.


White House Lashes Back after Netanyahu Speech

Applause and criticism greeted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu before a controversial appearance in Congress.

'Days of Feasting and Joy'

As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed a joint session of Congress Tuesday, fulfilling what some believe is historic destiny, Jerusalem streets are a joy to behold.

Netanyahu: 'Israel Will Stand, Even If Alone'

Addressing members of both houses of Congress, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu assured the world Tuesday that even if his country has to stand alone in the face of the Iranian nuclear threat, "Israel will stand."

'Jerusalem Dateline' Receives NRB Award

CBN's Jerusalem Dateline was honored at the 2015 National Religious Broadcasters Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

Israeli Minister: Iran Deal 'Unmitigated Disaster'

Israeli Economy Minister Naftali Bennett called the emerging nuclear deal between Iran and the six world powers an unmitigated disaster of "historical proportions."

Netanyahu Arrives in US Capital

Netanyahu arrived in Washington Sunday ahead of his speeches at the AIPAC policy conference and his address to Congress on Iran's nuclear program.