May 2015 Headlines

'Empowered 21' Movement Marks Pentecost in Israel

Thousands of Christians from all over the world came to Jerusalem as part of a movement called Empowered 21.

Shavuot: A Jewish Perspective on Pentecost

This year, Shavuot, the Festival of Weeks, begins as the weekly Sabbath ends on Saturday evening at sunset.

Israel's Deputy FM: No Apologies for Our Policies

Israel owes no apologies for its polices in the land God gave to the Jewish people. That's the word from Israel's new deputy foreign minister.

Three Police Injured in Jerusalem Car Attack

An Arab resident from the A-Tur neighborhood near the Mount Scopus campus of Hebrew University tried to run over Border Police officers on a routine patrol.

EU Envoy in Israel to Restart Mideast Peace Talks

European Union Middle East envoy Federica Mogherini arrived in Israel on a two-day visit Tuesday, ostensibly to jump start direct talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Arms Race Begins? Saudis to Buy Pakistan Nukes

The nuclear arms race springing from the U.S.-led Iranian nuclear deal may have begun.

Pope Francis Tells Abbas: Be an 'Angel of Peace'

Israelis were shocked for the second time in less than a week by a second pro-Palestinian proclamation from the Vatican.

Israel's New Government Up and Running

Israel's 34th government began in earnest Sunday, seemingly unfazed by disparaging remarks from the opposition or the predominantly leftist media.

Pope Exhorts P.A. Leader to be 'Angel of Peace'

Pope Francis exhorts Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas to be an "angel of peace" during a meeting Saturday at the Vatican.

What Vatican's Move May Mean for Jerusalem's Future

Critics say the Vatican's decision to recognize a Palestinian state could have profound consequences for negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority and the future of Jerusalem.

Israel's New Gov't. Meets as Palestinians Protest

After weeks of waiting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu succeeded in forming the nation’s 34th government, which met for the first time Friday morning.

Jerusalem's Shuk: Where Prophecy's Fulfilled

Jerusalem's open-air market is one of the most colorful and popular spots in the city. Like so many other places here, there's nothing ordinary about it. It's where you can see prophecy fulfilled.

Arabs Express Love for Israel on Facebook

Israel is getting some support from an unlikely source: Arab young people in countries that are often hostile to Israel.

Vatican Officially Recognizes 'State of Palestine'

Israeli leaders expressed disappointment with the Vatican's decision to officially recognize a Palestinian state.

Scott Walker Meets Netanyahu, Herzog in Israel

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker met met with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other leaders, including opposition leader Yitzhak Herzog, in Jerusalem Tuesday.

Netanyahu: 'Jews Now Targeted for Being Jews'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the Fifth Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism.

Israel, Germany Celebrate 50 Years of Diplomatic Ties

Just 20 years after the Holocaust, Germany and Israel established full diplomatic relations. Today, few would argue that Germany is one of the Jewish state's strongest allies.

Bible Teacher Lance Lambert Dies in Jerusalem

Beloved Bible scholar and teacher Lance Lambert passed away Sunday in Jerusalem at the age of 84.

Obama to Israel: Pursue a Two-State Solution

U.S. President Barack Obama ended his congratulatory statement to Israel on its new government with “the importance of pursuing a two-state solution.”

Netanyahu Vows 'Strong, Stable' Government

With less than two hours left to form the next government, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented his 61-member coalition to President Reuven Rivlin just before midnight.

Is Syria’s Assad Ready to Let Damascus Fall?

Hezbollah spiritual leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said if Syrian President Bashar Assad goes down, Hezbollah and the "axis of resistance" will go down with him.

Israeli PM Netanyahu's Victory Could Be Short-Lived

The morning after Israel's national elections in March, it seemed like Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Likud Party pulled off a stunning victory.

Biden: Nuclear Deal an 'Historic Opportunity'

Vice President Joe Biden defended the U.S. position on the pending nuclear deal with Iran with its June 30 deadline.

Netanyahu, Ethiopians Meet amid Racial Tensions

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with representatives of the Ethiopian community Monday following demonstrations Sunday evening that turned violent.