December 2014 Headlines

'O Come, Emmanuel' and the Second Coming

During Advent, many Christians sing the beloved hymn, 'O Come, O Come Emmanuel.' But most don't realize that this hymn was composed to be an Advent song, not a Christmas carol.

Israel's Beauty Awes American Pageant Queens

Jewish sages say that 10 measures of beauty were given to the world and Jerusalem took nine. Recently, a little more beauty was added to the city when former American beauty contestants came for a visit.

Netanyahu: Israel Facing Two-Pronged Assault

Israel is facing a two-pronged assault on its existence: terrorist and diplomatic, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said over the weekend.

CBN's 'Jerusalem Dateline' Wins NRB Media Award

The National Religious Broadcasters 2015 Media Awards have honored the Christian Broadcasting Network with seven programs or series receiving recognition.

What Did Ben Carson Pray for in Jerusalem?

Potential presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson recently visited America's closest ally in the Middle East. This was the retired neurosurgeon's first visit to the Holy Land, which inlcuded a trip to the Western Wall.

Netanyahu Accuses Europe of 'Appeasing Terrorists'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Europe is falling into the trap of appeasing terrorists by pressuring Israel.

Kerry Won't Say if US to Veto Palestinian UN Resolution

Secretary John Kerry will not publicly address whether America will use its veto power in the U.N. Security Council to thwart unilateral Palestinian actions.

Hanukkah: Celebrating God's Faithfulness

Hanukkah, the Festival of Lights, begins Tuesday evening -- 25 Kislev on the Hebrew calendar.

Former AP Reporter Exposes Anti-Israel Media Bias

Reporters from all over the globe covered Israel's 50-day war with Hamas last summer, but a former Associated Press reporter says they often belied the facts.

Israel Only Mideast Country Where Christians Are Free

With Christmas a little over a week away, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Christians are protected in the Jewish state.

Suicide Bombing Planned for Tel Aviv Foiled

Israeli security forces arrested five members of a Palestinian Arab terror cell planning a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.

Netanyahu in Europe to Resist Palestinian Statehood Plans

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu traveled to Rome Monday to meet with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Italy's Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

Arab Terrorist Throws Acid at Israeli Family

The Israeli military said a Palestinian terrorist posing as a hitchhiker threw acid at an Israeli family Friday.

Big Win for Netanyahu: Party Primaries Now Dec. 31

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at least partially silenced critics by winning a secret Likud vote Thursday to move the party's primaries up to December 31.

Israeli FM Blames PA for Inciting Embassy Attack

Police are investigating a drive-by shooting early Friday morning on the Israeli Embassy in Athens.

Israel, Palestinians Dispute PA Minister Autopsy

Israeli battalions and border police were in extra force one day after the death of Ziad Abu Ain. Witnesses say Israeli soldiers beat Palestinian cabinet member. But in a video, he appears to be having a heart incident.

'Dig Quest' App Lets Kids Explore Ancient Israel

What do you get when you cross the Dead Sea Scrolls with today's digital age? A new app designed to help kids learn about the oldest written record of the Bible.

P.A. Blames Israel for Minister's Death

The Palestinian Authority is blaming Israel for the death of a cabinet member, saying he died after being hit by a tear gas canister fired by Israeli troops.

Poll: Palestinians Support Jerusalem Terror Attacks

An overwhelming majority of Palestinians support the increased terror attacks in and around Jerusalem.

IDF Arrests Nephew of Terrorist

Israeli security forces, aided by local residents, captured two Palestinian Arabs stalking a community near its security fence on Tuesday.

ISIS Tightens Jordan Grip, Mayor Fears Catastrophe

Jordan is starting to face a growing threat from Islamic State (ISIS). Located on Israel's eastern border, the small nation is one of the West's key allies in the Middle East.

Mayor: Jerusalem Must Remain 'United and Undivided'

Israel is under fire from the international community for building in eastern Jerusalem, but the city's mayor says the West has it all wrong.

Report: US Quietly Accuses Iran of Nuclear Violations

The U.S. has quietly accused Iran of shopping for some components of a plutonium bomb.

Netanyahu: 'Entire Region Is Hemorrhaging'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said while a nuclear-armed Iran is Israel's most critical security issue, regional instability is an "enormous challenge."

Syria Claims Israel Attacked Missile Sites

Members of both the Syrian government and opposition rebel groups claim Israel attacked targets near Damascus Sunday night.

US May Sanction Israel for Building on Bible Lands

The United States is considering the possibility of taking "harsher measures" against Israel for building in Jerusalem and biblical Judea and Samaria, a report in the leftwing Ha'aretz daily said this week.

Jews, Arabs Stand with Torched Coexistence School

One week after one of the largest the bilingual Jewish-Arab schools in Jerusalem was torched, thousands of Jewish and Arab students from around the country staged a solidarity demonstration at the burned building.

Poll Casts Doubt on Netanyahu's Reelection Chances

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's position as head of the government after the next election may not be as certain as he thought earlier in the week if polls are to be believed.

Jews, Arabs Stand with Torched Coexistence School

One week after one of the largest the bilingual Jewish-Arab schools in Jerusalem was torched, thousands of Jewish and Arab students from around the country staged a solidarity demonstration at the burned building.

Landmark Bill Enshrines Israel as Strategic Partner

The United States-Israel Strategic Partnership Act of 2014 is viewed as historic because it strengthens the friendship the two nations have enjoyed for nearly 70 years.

Why the West May Be Past Negotiating with Iran

Iran has been working on a nuclear weapon for 12 years now.  Is the West past the point of negotiating?

Israel's Dreamers: Heroes and the Shaping of a Nation

It was a war that changed the Middle East and it lasted only six days. Now a new book tells the story about the heroes who reunited Jerusalem and went on to shape the nation of Israel.

Netanyahu Fires Two Ministers, Calls for Elections

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for early elections Tuesday evening, saying it's impossible to run the government in its current state.

Israel's Government in Crisis over Jewish Nation Bill

Israel's coalition government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu may be heading for early elections.

Abbas Is 'Going for Broke'

Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas says he's ready to create an independent Palestinian state at any cost.

Netanyahu's Youngest Son Begins IDF Duty

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu youngest son, Avner, begins his three-year compulsory military service this week.

Israel Chooses Next IDF Chief of Staff

Maj.- Gen. Gadi Eizenkot is poised to become the next Israel Defense Forces chief of general staff, the Prime Minister’s Office announced over the weekend.

P.A. Unity Gov't. Off Again

Hamas, the Palestinian faction ruling the Gaza Strip, says the six-month unity agreement with the Ramallah-based Fatah faction has expired.