March 2010 Headlines

The Garden Tomb: Where Jesus Rose Again?

Located near the heart of Jerusalem is a garden and tomb where some believe Jesus was buried and then rose from the dead. 

Israel's Shadow War against a Nuclear Iran

Iranian nuclear experts found dead or mysteriously disappear. Analysts say its all part of Israel's attempt to decapitate Iran's nuclear program, overtly and covertly.

U.S. Seeks 4 Month Jerusalem Building Freeze

In exchange, the U.S. would pressure Palestinian President Abbas to hold direct peace talks with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Israel Loosens Passover Travel Ban for Easter

Israel will loosen its Passover ban on travel between Judea and Samaria (the West Bank) and Jerusalem to allow Arab Christians to celebrate Easter in the city.

Israelis Near Gaza Pray for Passover Quiet

As they commemorate the Passover meal, Israelis living near the Gaza Strip say they will celebrate with joy, despite the constant threat of rocket attacks by Palestinian terrorists.

Palestinian Killed in 'Land Day' Clashes

Palestinian news agencies report that Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian teenager from the Gaza Strip after he crossed into Israel to join in Arab "Land Day" protests.

Netanyahu Tries to Downplay Tensions With U.S.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that the recent dispute between the U.S. and Israel was a controversy between friends.

World Opinion: Israel's Right to Exist on Trial

The greatest threat to Israel's survival may be the notion that the world would be a better place without Israel.

Two Israeli Soldiers Killed in Terror Attack

Two Israeli soldiers were killed Friday in an attack launched by terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

After Meeting, U.S.-Israel Relations Still Thorny

The president met privately with Israel's prime minister Tuesday to smooth relations between the U.S. and Israel over construction in Jerusalem.

Obama, Netanyahu Meet Privately

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Obama met privately at the White House on Tuesday.

Netanyahu Welcomed at Home

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was warmly greeted when he returned home from Washington on Thursday.

U.S. Jerusalem Policy 'Sharp Break' from Past

There has been a 'sharp break' from previous U.S. policy toward Jerusalem, a former Israeli diplomat told CBN News.

Political Grenade? U.S. Demands Test Netanyahu

Some are warning the Israeli-U.S. crisis could mean the end of the Netanyahu government.

Analysis: Clinton's Telltale Blooper

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s blooper at the AIPAC convention earlier this week would be laughable if it weren’t so serious.

Experts: U.S.- Israeli Relations May Not Improve

Israel and the U.S. are hoping to smooth over strained relations, but some experts in Israel say the problems likely won't go away.

Britain Expells Israeli Diplomat over Forged Passports

Britain has expelled an Israeli diplomat in retribution for forging British passports used in the assassination of a Hamas operative.

Israel: No Building Restrictions in East Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is in Washington, D.C., for talks with the Obama administration.

Kassam Expodes near Ashkelon

Palestinian terrorists in the Gaza Strip continue to fire rockets on southern Israel.

Professor: Ha'aretz Obama Headline Misleading

A Tel Aviv University professor said Ha'aretz mislead its readers by implying a majority of Israelis view President Obama as "fair and friendly" toward the Jewish state.

Diplomats Urge Israel to Halt Expansions

World diplomatic leaders are calling on Israel and the Palestinians to return to peace negotiations, with the goal of creating an independent Palestinian state within two years.

History Disappearing from the Temple Mount?

For the past few weeks, the Temple Mount has been the scene of clashes between rock-throwing Palestinians and Israeli riot police.

Israeli Ships Fire on Gaza after Rocket Attack

Israeli warships struck several targets in Gaza in response to Thursday's deadly Kassam rocket attack.

Synagogue Debate Adds to Tension in Jerusalem

The Hurva Synagogue has been described as a venue for historical events and a symbol of the yearning of the Jewish people for a return to their homeland.

U.S. Ships 'Bunker Busters' for Possible Iran Strike

The U.S. is shipping hundreds of 'bunker buster' bombs to an air base in the Indian Ocean, possibly signaling an attack against Iran.

Israel Promises Response to Deadly Attack

An agricultural worker from Thailand died in a Kassam rocket attack on Moshav Nativ Ha'asara in southern Israel on Thursday.

Inscription May Shed New Light on Bible History

It is known as an ostracon. And no, it's not something out of science fiction. It is a piece of history.

Jerusalem Quiet after 'Day of Rage'

By Tuesday afternoon Israeli police had restored order to the capital after "a Day of Rage" called for by Hamas and the Islamic Movement.

Arabs Riot in Jerusalem on 'Day of Rage'

Hundreds of masked Arabs burned tires and trash bins and hurled rocks at Israeli police and border guards in Jerusalem on Tuesday.

Report: 'Hamas Used Kids as Human Shields'

A 500-page report to be released on Monday proves that Hamas used children as human shields during Operation Cast Lead.

Fatah Dedicates Square to Terrorist

Palestinians dedicated a square to Dalal Mughrabi who led the deadliest terror attack in Israel's history.

Israeli Ambassador: Worst Crisis with U.S in Years

The Obama administration has unleashed a new round of harsh condemnation of Israel over its decision to build an apartment complex in Jerusalem.

Einstein's Original Manuscript on Display

The Israel Academy of Sciences is hosting the first-ever public exhibition of Albert Einstein's original General Theory of Relativity manuscript.

Israeli DM Imposes Full Closure on West Bank

DM Ehud Barak imposed a 48-closure on Judea and Samaria after warnings that Arab youth planned to riot again on the Temple Mount.

Biden Ends Controversial Visit to Israel

What started as a warm and friendly visit for Vice President Joe Biden, has turned into an international controversy over Jewish building in the city of Jerusalem.

Biden Embraces Then Condemns Israel

Hours after expressing support for Israel, Vice President Joe Biden condemned the nation for it's announcement of new construction in a Jewish neighborhood.

Iran, Syria: Axis of Nuclear Power?

Syria's deputy foreign minister said his country is pursuing "alternative energy sources, including nuclear energy."

Biden: 'Determined to Prevent Nuclear Iran'

Vice President Joe Biden is in Israel this week for talks with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and other leaders to focus on Iran.

PA to Ban Palestinian Workers in 'Settlements'

PA Economics Minister Hassan Abu Libdeh drafted a law that would ban Palestinians from working in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Hamas Official: Abbas Should Resign

A Hamas official said PA President Mahmoud Abbas has no mandate for resuming talks with Israel and should resign.

Facebook Leak Prompts IDF to 'Unfriend' Soldier

The Israel Defense Forces has taken disciplinary action against an Israeli soldier for posting classified information on Facebook.

Britain to Alter Arrest Warrants Law

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown wants to alter the law that allows judges to issue international arrest warrants.

Jerusalem Mayor Delays Major Renovation Project

An effort to restore a Jerusalem area to its ancient glory is causing an international controversy.

IDF Recruits Want Combat Duty

Seventy-six percent of Israeli youth getting ready for their compulsory military service want to train for combat units.

Netanyahu Stands by Heritage Sites Decision

Israeli PM Binyamin Netanyahu is standing by the decision to include the Cave of the Patriarchs and Rachel's tomb as Jewish Heritage Sites.

Hamas Extends Detention of British Journalist

British documentary filmmaker and freelance journalist Paul Martin will spend another 15 days in a Gaza jail.

Stalemate in Prisoner Exchange Talks

Three months have passed since Hamas responded to Israel on a prisoner exchange for captured IDF soldier Gilad Shalit.

Ben & Jerry's to Expand Israeli Operation

Ben and Jerry's plan to build a new $2 million production facility in southern Israel near Kiryat Malachi.

Israel Exports Surplus Apples to Syria

Some 10,000 tons of Israeli-grown apples are being exported to Syria.

More Violence at Holy Site in Jerusalem

Tensions are high in Jerusalem after the latest round of violence at the Temple Mount, a contested holy site.

New Jerusalem Finds Point to the Temple Mount

Two recent archaeological finds in Jerusalem help tell the story of the Jewish pilgrimage to the Temple in the time of Jesus.