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April 2010 Headlines

Photojournalist Recalls Israel's Modern History

One man has not only witnessed the span of Israel's modern history, he has chronicled that history with a camera.

Obama's 'Lost Year' in Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

President Obama's attempts to push the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations forward by pressuring Israel made his first year in office a 'lost year.'

Hamas: Gazans Killed 'in Cold Blood'

Hamas officials blamed Egyptian forces for the deaths of four Gazans working in one of the smuggling tunnels.

Israel Halts Construction in E. Jerusalem

The Israeli government has imposed a de facto freeze on new construction in the disputed east section of Jerusalem, city officials announced Monday.

Hamas Cartoon Mocks Father of Captive Soldier

Hamas released a short film on Sunday mocking the father of captured Israeli soldier, Sgt. Gilad Shalit.

U.S. Envoy Pushing for Israeli-Palestinian Talks

U.S. Special Middle East envoy George Mitchell is in Israel pushing for the start of Israeli-Palestinian proximity talks.

Israel: Construction Not Root of Palestinian Conflict

The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has nothing to do with Israel's building in Jerusalem, but rather with basic Palestinian ideology, an Israeli government minister said Thursday.

Two Rockets Fired at Eilat from Sinai

Terrorists in the Egyptian Sinai fired two Katyusha rockets at Israel's southernmost resort city of Eilat on Thursday.

Netanyahu: No Construction Freeze in Jerusalem

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected Obama administration demands to freeze construction in Jewish neighborhoods in east Jerusalem.

Israel Bans Fishing in the Sea of Galilee

Israel has imposed a two-year ban on fishing in the Sea of Galilee in an effort to preserve the supply of fish, which has dropped dramatically.

Netanyahu Calls for 'Crippling Sanctions' Against Iran

Netanyahu reiterated his call for "crippling sanctions" against the Islamic Republic, in part by cutting off refined petroleum exports.

Israeli Student Wins Int'l. Bible Quiz

A student from a girl's school near Tel Aviv beat 15 finalists to win the 2010 International Bible contest.

Hamas Confiscates Painkillers, Cigarettes

Hamas incinerated nearly two million Tramadol pills and confiscated cigarettes in the Gaza Strip.

Celebrating the State of Israel

At sundown on Monday evening, Israel literally transitioned from mourning its fallen heroes to celebrating its independence.

Netanyahu Posts Independence Address on YouTube

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted his Independence Day address on YouTube.

Hezbollah: Missiles None of Israel's Concern

Israeli defense officials believe Syria has given scud missiles to the Lebanese terrorist group Hezbollah.

Israel Pays Tribute to its Fallen Soldiers

On Sunday, Israel marked its Memorial Day and honored the dead who fell during their wars, but the specter of more war still looms on the horizon.

Israeli Population More than 75 Percent Jewish

Data released by the Central Bureau of Statistics on Sunday revealed that 75 percent of Israel's population is Jewish.

Wiesel: Jerusalem Should Be Above Politics

American Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel published a passionate full-page ad in the Washington Post, explaining that for Jews the city's importance is in a realm above politics.

Report: Anti-Semitic Attacks up Worldwide in '09

The study says anti-Semitic incidents of physical violence more than doubled last year to more than 1,100.

Seminar Educates Christians About Holocaust

Israel's foremost Holocaust memorial Yad Vashem inaugurated a new program to educate and inspire Christians so the Holocaust will never happen again.

Ya’alon: 'No Need' to Dismantle Settlements

Any peace agreement with Palestinians should not involve the removal of Jewish settlements, Israel’s Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon said Friday.

Ben-Gurion Honored With Paris Promenade

Israel's President Shimon Peres joined Paris Mayor Bertrand Delanoe Thursday to dedicate a promenade honoring the first Israeli Prime Minister, David Ben-Gurion. 

Israel's Olmert Main Suspect in Bribery Scandal

Former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert has been named as the chief suspect in a real estate scandal some have called the biggest bribery scheme in Israel's history.

Barak: Delay Razing of Heroes' Homes

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has asked Israel's Supreme Court to delay the destruction of 12 homes, two of which belong to IDF soldiers who died in battle. 

Israelis Leave Sinai after Warning

Hundreds of vacationing Israelis have heeded an urgent travel advisory and returned home from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula.

Israeli Pro-Life Group Helps Women Cope

An estimated 50,000 babies are aborted each year in Israel. Now, an Israeli pro-life group, has a unique project to help women cope with post-abortion grief.

IDF Thwarts Border Attack, One Terrorist Killed

IDF troops opened fire Tuesday morning on a terror cell attempting to plant explosives near the Kissufim crossing with the Gaza Strip.

Beersheva's Messianic Jews Await Trial Outcome

A pivotal court case takes place this week in a trial involving the rights of Messianic Jews in Israel.

March of the Living Takes Place in Poland

The annual March of the Living between Auschwitz and Birkenau took place on Monday.

Israel Marks Holocaust Remembrance Day

Israel came to a standstill for two minutes on Monday as the nation marked Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Netanyahu Cancels Plans to Attend Nuclear Summit

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu canceled plans to attend the U.S.-sponsored nuclear security summit next week in Washington.

Earthquake Preparedness Budget Approved

A committee will have a $38 million annual budget to reinforce hospitals, schools and other public buildings in the event of a major earthquake.

Tel Aviv Plans Massive Bomb Shelter

The Tel Aviv municipality plans to build a four-story bomb shelter for its residents.

How Israelis View U.S.-Israel Relations

Some are calling the recent dispute between the U.S. and Israel over Israel's building in Jerusalem the worst diplomatic crisis in more than three decades.

Netanyahu Will Attend U.S. Nuclear Summit

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu will join more than 40 world leaders at the U.S.-sponsored nuclear security summit in Washington.

Israel Urges Palestinians Not to Declare Statehood

Israel's Foreign Minister says the Palestinians attempt to declare statehood will prompt action, including annexing parts of the West Bank and annulling past peace agreements.

Jordan's King Abdullah Blasts Israel

Jordanian King Abdullah II said Israel's relationship with the Hashemite Kingdom is at an 'all-bottom low.'

Israeli FM: 'We Weathered Pharaoh'

Despite the complex challenges facing the Jewish state, Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman remains optimistic.

At the Tomb: Celebrating Christ's Resurrection

CBN News joined those celebrating the Resurrection of Christ at the Garden Tomb's Easter sunrise service on Sunday, April 4.

Christians Gather in Jerusalem for Good Friday

It's a holy day worldwide as Christians commemorate Good Friday, the day that Jesus died on the cross.

Lebanese Druze Leader Reconciles with Syria

The leaders' first meeting in six years came a few weeks after Jumblatt publicly apologized for his former remarks about Assad, calling them "improper."