May 2010 Headlines

Exodus 2: More Christians Leaving the Holy Land

More Christians are leaving the Mideast because of violence and other issues. But the most alarming exodus is occurring in the Holy Land.

Dentists Give Jerusalem Kids Free Dental Care

Christian dentists from around the world are participating in a unique project in Jerusalem to put a smile on the faces of some of the city's neediest children.

Israeli Navy Contacts Protest Flotilla

Israeli ships contacted flotilla en route to the Gaza Strip early Sunday morning.

Israel's Counter-Terrorism Bureau: Avoid Turkey

Israel's Counter-Terrorism Bureau issued a strongly worded travel advisory warning Israelis not to visit Turkey.

IDF Flotilla Raid Results in Deadly Showdown

Protesters on board the Gaza flotilla used guns, knives, clubs and metal pipes to attack IDF naval forces who boarded the vessels.

Counter-Flotilla Sails to 'Free Gaza from Hamas'

The European flotilla en route to the Gaza Strip will be met by a counter-flotilla that would like to see Gaza set free from Hamas.

'Blockade Busting' Flotilla Set to Aid Hamas?

Sometime over the weekend, Israeli naval forces expect to spot the nine-vessel flotilla en route to the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Air Force Responds to Rocket Attacks

A Kassam rocket fired by Gaza-based Palestinians landed in the southern industrial area of Ashkelon on Wednesday.

Obama Invites Netanyahu Back to Washington

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will meet with President Barack Obama next week in Washington.

Israeli Ministry: We Didn't Pay Emanuel's Tab

Israel's Tourism Ministry denied picking up the dinner tab for White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and his family in Eilat.

Gunmen Vandalize U.N. Summer Camp in Gaza

Masked Islamic gunmen attacked a children's summer camp in the Gaza Strip, run by UNRWA.

A New Holy Oil? Searching for Petroleum in Israel

One company believes there is plenty of oil in the Holy Land and they intend to find it.

Israel's Emergency Preparedness Drill in Full Swing

Israel's fourth nationwide emergency preparedness drill began Sunday, with a simulated full-scale regional war scenario.

Israel's Third Desalination Plant Fully Operational

Israel's third desalination facility in Hadera is fully up and running.

Well-Known Jewish Evangelist Moishe Rosen Dies

Moishe Rosen, the "Jews for Jesus" founder and proclaimed "godfather of Jewish evangelism," has died after a long battle with prostate cancer.

Jerusalem Mayor Dismisses Construction Freeze

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat is dismissing reports of a construction freeze in his city.

IDF to Turn Back 'Free Gaza' Ships

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak instructed the Navy to prepare to turn a fleet of ships planning to deliver goods to the Gaza Strip.

U.S. Call to Shore Up Hezbollah 'Moderates' Naive

The Obama administration's plan to shore up 'moderate' Hezbollah elements must be a 'joke.'

Israeli Leader Talks Iran, Syria, U.S. Relations

From the looming threat of a nuclear Iran to tensions with the Obama administration, Israel is facing difficult times.

Israel Transports 14,000 Tons of Aid to Gaza

Israel transferred more than 14,000 tons of humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip last week.

Yesha Council Urges Response to PA Boycott

The Yesha Council wants the Israeli government to step up the pressure on the Palestinian Authority to end its boycott of Israeli goods.

Ultra-Orthodox Israelis Protest Grave Removal

Plans to expand an important hospital in southern Israel have sparked protests over ancient graves unearthed at the construction site.

Christians, Jews Honor Israel's Long-time Supporters

A group of Christians and Jews gathered in New York City to honor those who have stood with Israel and support the country's right to exist.

Israel's Iron Dome Defense a Shield for Citizens

The Iron Dome is set to become a key part of Israel's anti-missile system this summer.

Hamas, Fatah Observe 'Nakba' Together

Members of rival Palestinian factions, Hamas and Fatah, observed the 'nakba' - the 'catastrophe' of Israel's establishment.

Israel Prepares for Nationwide Drill

Israelis are preparing for the annual emergency response drill that will take place the last week in May.

Heritage Project Reclaiming History for Israel's Youth

Israel's very existence is anchored in the country's national and emotional legacy. Sadly, many Israeli youngsters don't even know their own history.

Netanyahu Uses Bible to Claim Jerusalem

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu turned to the Bible on Wednesday to answer questions over the Jewish state's claim to Jerusalem.

Returning Israelis Granted 'Immigrant' Status

Israel's Immigrant and Absorption Ministry are offering new immigrant status to returning expatriates.

Gazan Beat Up for Alleged 'Affairs'

A Gaza resident said Hamas police abused him over allegations that he had sexual relations with women who were not his wife.

Obama Invites Lebanese PM to White House

President Barack Obama has invited Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri to Washington in May for his first official visit.

Israel Slams Russian Remarks

Israel's Foreign Ministry slammed Russia's inference that Hamas should participate in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks.

Battle for Jerusalem is the Battle for Truth

The battle over Jerusalem is for truth and justice, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said at the beginning of celebrations marking Jerusalem Day.

Israel Joins 'Elite Club' of World Economies

Israel’s acceptance on Monday to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) was a proud moment for the Jewish state.

Israel: Palestinian Authority is Inciting Terrorism

Seven years after a Palestinian terrorist killed 17 Israelis in Haifa, some say a new generation is being encouraged to carry outsimilar attacks.

Israel, Palestinians Take Steps 'Conducive to Talks'

The State Department confirmed that Israel and the Palestinians had officially concluded the first round of mediated shuttle talks.

Mayor Issues Response on Jerusalem Construction

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat said the municipality 'would continue to promote planning and construction throughout the city for all its residents.'

IAF Targets Two Terrorist Sites in Gaza

In response to Palestinian rocket fired on southern Israel Saturday night, the IAF targeted two terrorist sites in southern Gaza.

PA Enters Proximity Talks with Israel

The Palestinian Authority entered third-party talks with Israel, PA chief negotiator Saeb Erekat announced on Sunday.

Israel Thanks Evangelical Christians for Support

Evangelical Christians have been among Israel's greatest supporters and the Jewish State acknowledged that support, Friday, at its embassy in Washington, D.C.

Israelis Skeptical of 'Proximity Talks' with the P.A.

Proximity talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority will begin this week, but Israelis are skeptical anything meaningful will come of them.

Court to Rule on Teitel's Fitness to Stand Trial

The Jerusalem District Court postponed its ruling on whether an Israeli facing multiple terror-related charges is fit to stand trial.

Bolton: Obama Pressuring Israel on Nuke Program

Former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton said President Barack Obama is working against Israel's nuclear deterrent program.

Syria's Scud Transfers Only 'Tip of the Iceberg'

Syria's transfer of long-range missiles to Hezbollah is 'only the tip of the iceberg,' a senior Israeli military source said on Tuesday.

Israeli-PA Proximity Talks to Begin Wednesday

U.S. Middle East George Mitchell arrived on Monday to mediate proximity talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.