January 2008 Headlines

Security Council Drops Gaza Condemnation

CBNNews.com - UN Security Council efforts to reach a consensus on Israeli sanctions in the Gaza Strip were abandoned Tuesday.

Egypt Unhappy with Hamas

CBNNews.com - Six days after tens of thousands of Gaza-based Palestinians crossed into Egypt through the breached barrier at the Rafah border crossing, an estimated 10,000 remain in the Sinai.

Olmert to Focus on Keeping Labor

CBNNews.com - Following the long-awaited release of the Winograd Commission's report evaluating the government's handling of the Second Lebanon War in the summer of 2006, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is expected to focus on keeping Labor in his coalition.

Reservists Call on Labor to Quit

Late Wednesday afternoon, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reservists will demonstrate outside Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak's Tel Aviv home.

Arun Gandhi Resigns from Institute

CBNNews.com - Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mohandas (Mahatma) Gandhi, resigned as head of the Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence, headquartered at the University of Rochester.

Gov't. Weakens El Al Monopoly

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz (Kadima) announced a new government policy that effectively divests El Al Airlines of a perceived exclusivity on air travel.

Terror Alerts along Egyptian Border

CBNNews.com - Since last week's breaching of the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, terror alerts are at the highest level since the beginning of the second intifada (armed Palestinian uprising) in the fall of 2000.

E.U. Mulls Return to Gaza Border

CBNNews.com - On Monday, European Union ministers said they would consider resuming their "monitoring mission at Rafah" (the crossing point between Gaza and Egypt), which ended with the Hamas takeover of the Gaza Strip last June.

Minister Presents Water Conservation Plan

CBNNews.com - With Israel in a fourth consecutive winter of below-average rainfall, National Infrastructure Minister Binyamin (Fuad) Ben-Eliezer (Labor) presented Cabinet ministers with a countrywide water conservation plan.

Iran Producing Gas for Uranium Enrichment

CBNNews.com - While the U.N. Security Council is considering a third round of sanctions against Iran for its nuclear program, an Iranian official spoke with the country's Revolutionary Guard about the uranium enrichment program.

Israel Resumes Diesel Fuel to Gaza

CBNNews.com - The Israeli government announced on Sunday a resumption of diesel fuel allocations to the Gaza Strip, following petitions to the High Court by two human rights groups against the fuel sanctions.

Guiliani Defends Israel's Gaza Actions

CBNNews.com - Following a guest appearance at a synagogue in Boca Raton, Florida, Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani told The Jerusalem Post that Israel must make its own decisions vis-à-vis the Gaza Strip.

Iran Offers to Help Egypt

CBNNews.com - On Sunday, Iranian Foreign Ministry director general for Arab, Middle East and North African affairs Ali Asghar Mohammadi met with Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit in Cairo.

Will Olmert Survive Again?

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - With the clock ticking down to Wednesday's release of the Winograd Commission Report, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert is calling on his party to unite behind him, while key coalition players are positioning themselves for the fallout.

Olmert Doesn't Regret War Decisions

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - In his remarks at Wednesday night's closing session of the eight annual Herzliya Conference, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert exonerated his handling of the Second Lebanon War in 2006.

Arch-Terrorist George Habash Dies

CBNNews.com - George Habash, founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), died at Jordan Hospital in Amman Saturday evening. He was 81.

Shas Closer to Leaving Gov't.

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - On Sunday evening, Industry and Trade Minister Eli Yishai, chairman of the ultra-Orthodox Shas party, will brief the party's Council of Torah Sages on his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who is hoping that the party will remain in his coalition government.

Palestinian Stabs Border Guard

CBNNews.com - A Palestinian terrorist stabbed a border policeman Saturday night during a routine patrol in the Atarot industrial zone in northern Jerusalem.

Mortar Shell Lands near Pilgrims

CBNNews.com - EREZ CROSSING, Israel - Late Thursday morning, a mortar shell fired at the Erez Crossing with the Gaza Strip landed near a group of Palestinian pilgrims en route to visit Bethlehem.

Canada Will Not Attend Durban II

CBNNews.com - Canadian Foreign Minister Maxime Bernier announced that Canada will not participate in the United Nations 2009 conference in Durban, South Africa, due to the meeting's anti-Semitic format.

Rockets Left Out of Security Council Draft

CBNNews.com - The U.N. Security Council has been debating the content of a nonbinding presidential statement, drafted by Libya, condemning Israel's closure of the Gaza Strip.

Gaza Wall Breach Preplanned

CBNNews.com - A source close to the Rafah-based Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) told the Israeli daily Haaretz that Wednesday's destruction of the wall along the Philadelphi corridor had been planned for months.

Murbarak: Rafah Border Will Remain Open

CBNNews.com - A spokesman for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry told CNN that the Rafah border crossing will remain open "as long as there continues to be a humanitarian crisis in the Strip."

Israel: Only Essentials into Gaza

CBNNews.com - At a meeting Wednesday evening, Defense Ministry officials decided the partial blockade of goods into the Gaza Strip will remain in place.

Reservists' Killers Given 15 Years

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Two Palestinians who pleaded guilty to murdering two off-duty Israeli soldiers last month were given 15-year prison sentences. They were also found guilty of "harming the national interests of the Palestinian people."

Bolton Implies Israel May Strike Iran

CBNNews.com - In his remarks at the eighth annual Herzliya Conference, former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton said Israel will most likely have to take out Iranian nuclear facilities on its own.

Ya'alon: Long-term Solution Needed

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Former Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of General Staff Lt.-General (ret.) Moshe Ya'alon said a look back at the Israeli-Palestinian conflict shows there are no short-term solutions.

Security Council Resolution Condemns Israel

CBNNews.com - Israeli appeals to U.N. Security Council members to modify the harsh language in its draft resolution condemning the closure on the Gaza Strip is falling on deaf ears.

Gazans Breach Wall, Enter Egypt

CBNNews.com - After masked Palestinian gunmen blew several openings in the concrete wall separating Gaza from the Egyptian Sinai Wednesday morning, thousands of Palestinians poured into Egypt through the breaches.

Hamas: Continue Pressuring Israel

CBNNews.com - Hamas officials expressed satisfaction with Israel's renewal of diesel fuel shipments to the Gaza Strip, but called on the Muslim Arab world to keep up the pressure on Israel.

Palestinian Snipers Target Farmers

CBNNews.com - Palestinian snipers opened fire again on farmers at Kibbutz Ein Hashlosha, the same place where a volunteer from Ecuador was shot dead last week.

Iranians Delayed Satellite Launch

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Monday's launching of the TecSar satellite was to have taken place in September, The Jerusalem Post reports.

Seeking God's Perspective on Israel

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - People have a choice -- to believe what we read or hear in the news or turn our hearts heavenward, seeking God's perspective to understand the days in which we're living.

Israel Rejects Claims of Gaza Crisis

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Spokesmen for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the Defense Department refuted claims that Gazans face an imminent humanitarian crisis.

Olmert Rejects Early Elections

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Sources close to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said he will not accept any attempts for early elections after the publication of the final Winograd Commission report, slated for the end of the month.

IDF Counter-Terror Operations

CBNNews.com - In an overnight counter-terror operation in the Palestinian Authority- (PA) controlled city of Tulkarm, an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) officer managed to return fire after being wounded, killing the assailant.

Spy Satellite Launched

CBNNews.com - In another first for Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI), the TecSar satellite was successfully launched into space aboard an Indian Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle.

Hamas: Thwarted Assassination Attempt

CBNNews.com - Warming relations between rival Palestinian factions plummeted Saturday when Hamas accused Fatah of plotting to assassinate Hamas terror chief Ismail Haniyeh.

IDF Continues Gaza Operations

CBNNews.com - The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) will continue its counter-terror operations in the Gaza Strip, aimed at destroying Kassam rocket-launching operations, but will not launch a major incursion at this time.

Fourth Russian Fuel Shipment Arrives

CBNNews.com - On Sunday, the fourth shipment of fuel from Russia arrived at Iran's Bushehr nuclear power plant.

Rockets Target Sderot and Ashkelon

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israelis in Sderot and Ashkelon awakened Wednesday to the sound of rockets exploding around them.

Shas: 'Defenders of Jerusalem'

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Industry and Trade Minister Eli Yishai hit the ground running Thursday, upon his return from a five-day trip to China.

Left- and Right-Wing Parties on Coalition

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Yossi Beilin, chairman of the ultra-left-wing Meretz party, dismissed speculation of joining the government.

50+ Kassam Rockets Hit Israel

CBNNews.com - Wednesday, Palestinians in Gaza fired more than 50 Kassam rockets on southern Israel.

P.A. Threatens to Suspend Talks

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - On Tuesday, the Palestinian Authority (PA) issued threats to suspend peace talks with Israel if operations continue in the Gaza Strip.

Yisrael Beitenu Quits Government

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Yisrael Beitenu party head Avigdor Lieberman made good on his promise to quit the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert when it began negotiations this week on "core issues" with the Palestinians, which include the status of Jerusalem, final borders, and Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

Islamic Jihad Commander Killed

CBNNews.com - In a joint pre-dawn operation, Israel Defense Forces (IDF) troops and the Shin Bet killed Islamic Jihad's top commander in Judea and Samaria (the West Bank).

New Campaign Aimed at MDs

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - In response to a projected deficit of medical doctors, Nefesh B'Nefesh (soul to soul) has launched an initiative to encourage medical doctors to make aliyah (immigrate to Israel).

J'lem Mayor Tours Lite Rail Construction

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat and Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz toured the Jaffa Road portion of the light rail construction site Tuesday.

U.N. Ambassador: Hamas Uses Human Shields

CBNNews.com - NEW YORK CITY - On Tuesday, Israel's ambassador to the United Nations, Professor Gabriella Shalev, submitted a letter describing Hamas's use of civilians as human shields.

IDF Officer Killed in Central Gaza

CBNNews.com - GAZA STRIP - Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Major Ro'i Rosner was killed Thursday afternoon in central Gaza and another soldier lightly injured.

Barak: 2 Percent of Rockets Score Hits

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told members of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Monday that only 2 percent of rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists on Israel hit their targets.

What 2009 Holds for Israel

JERUSALEM, Israel - Israel's strike into Gaza just days ago changed the complexion of the Middle East. What effect this will have on the region will be one just of the major questions for the coming year.

Missile Hits Ashdod Apt. Bldg.

CBNNews.com - ASHDOD, Israel - A fire broke out in an eight-story apartment building in Ashdod Thursday after it was hit by a Katyusha rocket.

Schools in Rocket Range Closed

CBNNews.com - BEERSHEBA, Israel - Public schools in communities within a 25-mile range of Palestinian rocket fire remained closed Thursday.