April 2011 Headlines

Congress Threatens to Cut P.A. Aid after Unity Deal

Both senior Republicans and Democrats said U.S. taxpayer funds should not be used to support a Palestinian unity government that includes the Hamas. 

IAEA Confirms Syrian Nuclear Site

Nearly five years after Israeli warplanes bombed a site in the Syrian desert, the IAEA confirmed that the destroyed facility was a covertly built Syrian nuclear reactor.

Senator Disagrees with UN Palestinian State

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Wednesday that a United Nations declaration of a Palestinian State would do "more harm than good."

Israel: Hamas-Fatah Unity Deal a 'Fatal Mistake'

Israeli officials are calling the bourgeoning agreement between the Palestinian Authority and the terrorist group Hamas to form a unity government a "fatal mistake."

Gaza 'Anniversary' Flotilla Postponed

Organizers of a multi-vessel flotilla planning to set sail on the anniversary of last year's confrontation off the Israeli coast have postponed the event to mid-June.

Netanyahu Demands Justice in Livnat Murder

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked the Palestinian Authority to take appropriate action with the policeman who killed a Jewish worshipper.

'Armed Gang' Attacks Egypt-Israel Gas Pipeline

Egyptian authorities shut down the main source of natural gas to the pipeline supplying Israel, Jordan and Syria on Wednesday.

Easter at the Garden Tomb in Jerusalem

Each year, worshippers gather at the holy site for Easter sunrise service to remember Christ's sacrifice.

Strange Bedfellows: Egypt Warming Up to Iran

There are signs that longtime foes Egypt and Iran are drawing closer together, a development that would bode ill for both Israel and the West.

Poll: Most Egyptians Would End Peace with Israel

Results of a Pew Research Center poll released Monday showed that 54 percent of Egyptians favor annulling the 1979 peace treaty with Israel.

Hamas Threatens Israel with More Kidnappings

Hamas said it's "planning more kidnappings in the future," al-Risalah, the terror group's weekend newspaper reported on Sunday.

P.A. Policeman Kills One Israeli, Injures Four

A P.A. policeman opened fire on Orthodox Jews who had prayed at Joseph's Tomb early Sunday, killing one and injuring four others.

Syria: Protesters Promise Big Demos Friday

Anti-government protesters promised the biggest nationwide demonstrations to date in Syria following Muslim prayers on Friday.

Christians Celebrate Good Friday in Jerusalem

Christians worldwide are commemorating Good Friday, the day Jesus died on the cross.

U.S.: Palestinian U.N. Bid Not Good

U.S. State Department spokesman said the Palestinian National Authority's plan to seek U.N. approval for statehood is not "a good idea."

Saudi Charged with Spying for Hamas

A Saudi national holding Australian and Jordanian passports has been indicted for spying for Hamas.

Israel Prepares for Passover Festival

Monday night marks the beginning of the Passover, which to the Jewish people commemorates the biblical story of the Hebrews' exodus from Egypt after hundreds of years of slavery.

Two Palestinians Confess to Murdering Fogel Family

Two Palestinian teenagers confessed to brutally murdering five members of the Fogel family, in a March 11 terror attack.

Israel: P.A. Statehood a 'Diplomatic Tsunami'

Palestinians  plan to ask the U.N. for statehood recognition on all the territory Israel occupied in 1967. If successful, Israel predicts a "diplomatic tsunami." 

Israeli Teen Hit by Anti-tank Missile Dies

Ten days after being critically wounded by an anti-tank missile that hit his school bus, 16-year-old Daniel Viflic died of his injuries.

Turkey to Israel: Flotilla Not Our 'Concern'

Turkey rebuffed Israel's request to help stop another provocative flotilla planning to breach the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Italian Peace Activist Killed in Gaza

An inter-Palestinian dispute between the Iranian-backed Hamas and an al-Qaeda-linked group ended in the murder of an Italian peace activist.

Israeli Foreign Minister Faces Indictment

Wednesday's announcement of the impending indictment of Israeli FM Avigdor Lieberman had many questioning its potential to bring down the Netanyahu government.

UN: Palestinians Ready for Their Own State

The U.N. report states it will be hard Palestinians to make progress toward a state because of Israeli occupation in the area.

Teen Injured by Palestinian Missile 'Extremely Critical'

Daniel Viflic, 16, injured by an anti-tank missile fired at his school bus, is listed as "extremely critical/life threatening."

American Support for Israel Remains Strong

The latest poll by the Washington-based Israel Project showed most Americans support the Jewish state.

IDF Continues Gaza Humanitarian Aid amid Attacks

In March, the IDF oversaw 3,656 tractor trailer truckloads of food and medical supplies into Gaza via the Kerem Shalom crossing.

Israel, Hamas Agree to Tentative Ceasefire

Israel and Hamas agreed to a tentative ceasefire on Monday morning, following the IDF's response to more than 120 rocket attacks over the weekend.

Israeli Army Strikes Gaza after School Bus Attack

Israel struck back at Hamas Friday for a rocket attack launched the day before targeting an Israeli school bus.

Experts Doubt Hamas-P.A. Union Would Work

President Mahmoud Abbas is trying to form a government with the terror group Hamas, which is a big problem for Israel.

'The State of Things'

Thursday afternoon about the time Israeli kids were riding home from school, Hamas fired an anti-tank missile at a school bus.

Palestinian Rockets Target Israeli School Bus

Southern Israeli communities came under a rocket and mortar shell barrage on Thursday afternoon, critically injuring a 16-year-old boy and wounding others.

Palestinian Terror Attacks Increase in March

The Shin Bet's monthly summary revealed a significant increase in Palestinian terror attacks in March.

Egypt to ‘Open New Page’ with Iran

Egypt's new Foreign Minister Nabil al-Arabi said Monday Cairo is ready to "open a new page with Iran" after more than 30 years without diplomatic ties.

Pat Robertson Appeals for Israeli Spy's Release

CBN founder Dr. Pat Robertson called on President Barack Obama to commute the life sentence of convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

Goldstone: No Plans to Cancel Report

Former South African judge Richard Goldstone denied reports he would seek to nullify the Goldstone Commission's report accusing Israel of war crimes.

Obama Meets Privately with Israel's President Peres

President Barack Obama met privately Tuesday at the White House with Israeli President Shimon Peres, hoping to find ways to boost Middle East peace efforts.

Woman Killed in Israel Bus Attack Remembered

Four days after the deadly bus bombing in Israel, friends and family arrived in the Judean hills just outside of Jerusalem to remember Mary Gardner's life and legacy.

Travelujah, More than a Travel Agency

Travelujah aims to become a "one-stop shop" for Christians planning a trip to Israel by providing some unique services for its clientele.

Goldstone Admits Israel 'Crimes' Report Flawed

Eighteen months after a U.N.-backed commission accused Israel of war crimes against humanity, the report's author admitted his accusations were wrong.