November 2011 Headlines

Speculation Continues on Cause of Iran Blast

Reports of an explosion near a key nuclear facility close to Tehran has Western leaders speculating on what the blast could mean.

Israel Lifts Freeze on Palestinian Tax Funds

The Israeli government will release tens of millions of tax dollars to the Palestinian Authority, after freezing the funds recently as punishment to the Palestinians.

Congressmen Cross 'Green Line' in Biblical Heartland

U.S. dignitaries frequently visit Israel. But one recent congressional delegation went where none had gone before.

Rockets Fired from Lebanon Hit Western Galilee

The IDF fired artillery shells at a Lebanese launch site in response to Katyusha rockets fired on northern Israel.

Rising Brotherhood Darkens Democratic Hopes in Egypt

Egypt's elections are being billed as the first free parliamentary elections in decades, but some leaders are concerned about the Muslim Brotherhood's influence.

Terrorists Blow Up Sinai Pipeline Again

For the ninth time this year, terrorists blew up the Egyptian pipeline that transports gas to Jordan and Israel.

Israel, Iran on Collision Course with History?

The number one question right now in the Mideast is -- will Israel attack Iran's nuclear facilities? Whatever Israel's decision, it will change the course of history.

American Bikers 'Run to the Wall' for Israel

Some American bikers cross ocean in order to ride to Jerusalem's ancient wall and to show their support of Israel.

Romney Says He'll Visit Israel First

GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney says if he's elected in 2012, he'll visit Israel first.

Russia, Iran Denounce New Sanctions

The Iranian and Russian foreign ministries called the latest set of sanctions against Iran's nuclear arms program "futile" and "unacceptable."

US, UK, Canada Coordinate Iranian Sanctions

New, coordinated sanctions by the US, UK and Canada targeting Iran's nuclear, financial and energy sectors will be announced Monday.

Palestinians Trying to 'Wipe Out Jewish History'

An Israeli official says that the admission of Palestinians as a member state of UNESCO has emboldened them to claim Judeo-Christian biblical sites as their own.

Israelis Fear Range of Rocket Attacks Advancing

Israel has seen more rocket attacks in recent weeks and a top military spokesperson told CBN News the range of those rockets now reaches even further.

Winter Rains Cause Flooding, Road Accidents

If you live in a country with year-round precipitation, it's hard to imagine what the winter rainy season brings to Israelis.

Jerusalem Dateline: Nuclear Iran only Months Away

This week, disturbing new evidence shows that Iran is only months away from having nuclear weapons. What this means for Israel and the world?

Lawmakers Worldwide Mobilize in Defense of Israel

A new organization is mobilizing support for Israel among legislators and members of parliaments around the globe.

Iran to Help Turkey with Nuclear Aspirations

Iran offered to share its nuclear expertise with neighboring Arab countries, Reuters reported Wednesday.

Fatah, Hamas Renew Unity Government Talks

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas are moving closer to implementing the unity agreement signed at the end of April this year in Cairo.

IDF Chief of Staff Briefs Knesset Committee

IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz said the next barrage of rocket fire from the Gaza Strip would require Israel to take the initiative.

Israeli Expert: Deadly Iran Base Blast not Sabotage

An Israeli defense expert said exploding ammunition killed 17 Revolutionary Guards at a military base near Tehran Saturday.

P.A. Adviser: Failed State Bid Could Spark Violence

Failure to achieve unilateral statehood at the UN could spark 'violence and anarchy,' an adviser to P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas said Friday.

Syria Accused of Crimes against Humanity

The U.N.'s Human Rights Watch urged the Arab League to suspend Syria's membership in light of its crimes against humanity.

IDF Accidentally Kills Israeli Resident

Israel Defense Forces opened fire on a vehicle near Hevron early Friday morning, killing one passenger and injuring three others.

Court Upholds Former President's Rape Conviction

A three-judge Supreme Court panel unanimously rejected an appeal by former President Moshe Katsav on Thursday on a district court sentence for rape and sexual offenses.

Israel May Attack Iran Nuclear Sites Soon

British officials were told to expect the Israeli aerial strike after a new United Nations report revealed that Iran is working on a nuclear weapons program.

Iranians Denounce IAEA Nuke Report

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and other top officials rejected the IAEA's report on its nuclear-arms program.

Israel Hopes Iran Nuke Report Wake-Up Call to West

In its latest report, the International Atomic Energy Agency provided the most damaging evidence yet about Iran's nuclear program.

Mic Check? Obama, Sarkozky 'Fed Up' with Netanyahu

Remarks by French President Sarkozy and President Obama on the sidelines of the G20 summit last week just made the headlines in Israeli media.

Israel 'Green Revolution' Wins Praise from OECD

OECD Deputy Secretary-General Rintaro Tamaki praised Israeli efforts to improve its environmental protection.

Israel: Server Glitch, Not Virus, Disrupt Websites

Israeli officials said a server malfunction disrupted government websites Sunday, not the Internet hacking group that claimed responsibility.

Israel: Vote for Dead Sea as World Nature Wonder

Israel is urging its citizens and others around the world to continue to vote for the Dead Sea as one of the New7Wonders of Nature.

Israeli Court Limits General Strike to Four Hours

Israel's National Labor Court limited Monday's countrywide general strike to four hours, from 6 to 10 a.m.

Jerusalem Dateline: Iran's Growing Threat

This week on Jerusalem Dateline, a nuclear Iran is closer to reality. Will the United States and Israel act to stop the Iranian threat?

Israeli Navy Intercepts 'Freedom Waves' Flotilla

The Israeli Navy intercepted two yachts that set sail from Turkey, Wednesday, with the goal of breaking Israel's naval blockade.

No Changes in Syria Despite Arab League Deal

The Arab League's announcement that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad agreed to end attacks on anti-government protesters vaporized before the "ink dried."

Sabers Rattling: Experts Worry Israel May Strike Iran

Will Israel attack Iran's nuclear facilities? That's the question some are asking in light of recent statements by Israeli leaders.

Gilad Shalit's Parents Ask Media to Back Off

The parents of released IDF soldier Gilad Shalit appealed to the Israeli media not to make their son a 'prisoner in his own home.'

Israeli Gov't Ok's New Housing after UNESCO Vote

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's inner cabinet approved the construction of 2,000 new housing units in disputed areas.

Report: P.A. Does Not Meet UNESCO Standards

A new report released Tuesday says the Palestinian Authority does not meet UNESCO's standards for membership.