December 2011 Headlines

Water Works Project Uncovers Ancient Bathhouse

Old meets new once again in Israel as workers discovered an ancient bathhouse while laying pipes for a new water system.

Archaeologists Find Rare 'Pure to God' Temple Seal

Archaeologists digging near the Western Wall in Jerusalem's Old City unearthed a rare find used in the daily work of the ancient Jewish Temple.

US Releases Funds to Palestinian Authority

Lawmakers in Washington have unfrozen $40 million in aid to the Palestinian Authority.

Hamas Uses Muslim Brotherhood Tactics

Hamas chief Khaled Meshaal blamed Israel Monday for trying to torpedo reconciliation efforts with the Palestinian Authority's Fatah faction.

Support for Israel Growing among Hispanic Christians

Pro-Israel Hispanics are set to become a valuable friend to the Jewish state at a crucial time in its history.

O Little Town: Christians Vacating Bethlehem

Tourists are expected to return to Bethlehem by the masses for Christmas, but many Christians living in the town of Jesus' birth want to leave.

Israel Celebrates Hanukkah

Israel and Jews around the world began celebrating the eight-day holiday of Hanukkah on Tuesday evening.

Israel Distributes Christmas Trees Countrywide

Israeli authorities are bringing Christmas cheer to the Holy Land.

US, Israel: Condemning Israel Won't Help Talks

The U.S. and Israel said condemning Israel for building in Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria would not help re-start the peace process.

Riot Police, Protesters Clash in Egypt's Tahrir Square

Violent clashes between Egyptian forces and anti-government protesters continued Tuesday in Cairo's Tahrir Square.

Israel PM Says 'No' to New York Times Op-Ed

Israel's prime minister declined to write an op-ed piece for the New York Times recently, citing the paper's anti-Israel bias.

CBN Banquet Offers Bethlehem Christians Hope

Bethlehem faces serious hardship during the Christmas season. CBN decided to share the love of God with them in a practical way: We threw them a banquet.

Israel High Court OK's Prisoner Release

Three Israeli Supreme Court judges have refused to block the release of 550 Palestinian prisoners, part of a prisoner-swap agreement with the terrorist group Hamas.

Israeli Caucus Bands to Fight Global Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism is increasing around the world. Now Israel's parliament is trying a new way to fight the disturbing trend.

Israeli PM Wishes Christians a Merry Christmas

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wished Christians around the world a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in a video clip posted on YouTube. 

Palestinians Accuse Arsonists of Declaring War

An arson attack against a mosque in Samaria is a declaration of war, Palestinian Authority spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh said.

Israel: Gingrich Right about 'Invented ' Palestinians

Palestinians and just about everyone else blasted Newt Gingrich for saying the Palestinians are an "invented people."  But Israelis say he's right.

Jerusalem Dateline: Christmas in the Holy Land

Record numbers of tourists flock to Bethlehem to see the birthplace of Jesus during this Christmas season. Ironically, the Christian population is dwindling there.

Netanyahu to Host Home Bible Study

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to revive the tradition of hosting a regular Bible study.

Israel Debates Calling Jewish Extremists 'Terrorists'

Israel might decide to classify Israeli extremists who rioted on an army base earlier this week as "Jewish terrorists."

Israel Military Stunned by Jewish Youth Violence

The leader of Israel Defense Forces Central Command said he is stunned by the level of hatred directed at the military by Jewish youths who rioted in Samaria, Tuesday.

Israel Closes Temple Mount Gate; Arabs Protest

Israeli officials have closed the Mugrabi Gate, which is the only non-Muslim entrance to Jerusalem's Temple Mount, over safety concerns.

Suspect in Ortiz Bombing Case Fit to Stand Trial

An Israeli court decided Jack Teitel would stand trial for the murder of two Palestinians in separate incidents and for bombing the home Messianic believers.

US-Israeli Cooperation on Iran 'Extraordinarily Close'

America's top diplomat in Israel said cooperation between Israel and the U.S. on Iran is 'extraordinarily close.'

Israel Targets Terrorists on Israel-Egypt Border

The Israel Air Force targeted terrorists in the Gaza Strip on Thursday.

Surrounded by Foes, Israel Preps for Bioterror

From suicide bombers to the threat of a nuclear Iran, Israel is surrounded by enemies. Those prospects keep Israel alert to whatever may come her way, including biological terrorism.

Tensions Mount as Iran, Syria Issue Warnings to West

Tensions continued to mount in the Middle East this weekend as Iran, Syria and Israel all seemed to be delivering messages to the world.

Coins Reveal New History for Temple Mount

A new archaeological discovery in Jerusalem indicates an ancient king known as "The Builder" did not build the Western Wall of the Temple Mount.

Jerusalem Dateline: The Mideast Fight for Democracy

This week on Jerusalem Dateline, CBN News takes a look at the unrest that continues in Egypt, as early election results are revealed.

Report: Iran Preparing for Final Conflict with Enemies

Iran is ramping up its rhetoric against the United States and Israel after the IAEA released its report on the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.

Israel Defense Minister: Iran Attack not Imminent

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak warned that the Jewish state will keep its options open, including a military strike against the Islamic regime.