January 2012 Headlines

Christian Pioneer Ken Crowell's Life Celebrated

Several hundred mourners gathered near the Sea of Galilee Monday to pay their final respects to one of Israel's Christian pioneers.

Hamas Chief Off to Iran, Gulf States

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh left the Gaza Strip Monday with four associates to visit Iran, Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain.

P.A. TV Glorifies Fogel Family's Murderers

Palestinian Authority state-run television paid tribute to the men serving five consecutive life sentences for murdering five members of the Jewish family.

Christian Pioneer Dies, Leaves Legacy in Israel

Ken Crowell, one of several pioneers to help build the land of Israel both physically and spiritually, lost his battle with Myelofibrosis Wednesday. He was 79.

Elite Commandos Watch Israel's Northern Border

CBN News gives you a rare glimpse of Israel's Alpine Unit, an elite group of commandos that patrols the country's northernmost border. 

Heron TP Drone Crashes during Test Flight

Israel Air Force officials are investigating the crash of an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) on Sunday.

Survey: 80 Percent of Israelis Believe in God

Results of a survey released Thursday showed that 80 percent of Israeli Jews have a fundamental belief in God.

UN Marks Int'l. Holocaust Remembrance Day

The UN marks its seventh International Holocaust Remembrance Day Friday with a ceremony in New York and in other countries worldwide.

Critics: EU Sanctions on Iran Too Little, Too Late

The EU sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program are scheduled to start in July, but many believe time might be running out.

Jerusalem Dateline: Iran the Ticking Time Bomb

CBN News looks at U.S.-Israeli strategies meant to stop Iran's nuclear efforts. Will the nations agree and act in time to disarm the Islamic regime?

Israeli Arab MKs Voice Extreme Anti-Israel Views

Two Israeli Arab Knesset members recently publicly voiced extreme anti-Israel views.

PLO Ends Talks with Israel

The fifth meeting between Israeli and Palestinian negotiators will be the last, the PA's official Ma'an news agency reported on Wednesday.

Persecution of Christians Rising in Islamic Countries

With Islamists poised to take over governments overthrown during the "Arab spring," Christians and other minorities may soon be subject to Sharia law.

Israeli Defense Runs Massive Parachute Jump Drill

The Paratroopers' brigade commander said the IDF is restoring a capability it once had -- a capacity they might need in the future. 

Christian Leaders Repent for Holocaust

A delegation of German and Austrian Christian leaders are in Jerusalem this week to mark the 70th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference.

Joint Chiefs Chair Assures Israel of US Commitment

Dempsey told Israeli President Shimon Peres the Iranian threat was a "challenge shared by Jerusalem and Washington."

Thailand Officially Recognizes 'Palestine'

Thailand's UN ambassador announced his country's official recognition of a Palestinian state along the pre-1967 borders Friday.

US-Israel Rift Over Military Strike on Iran?

Some reports suggested the U.S. is pressuring Israel not to attack Iran's nuclear facilities without U.S. approval.

IDF: Syria Arming, Training Hezbollah Operatives

The Israel Defense Force believes Syria has opened much of its weapons cache to Hezbollah.

Netanyahu Leaves for Amsterdam and the Hague

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu left for a working visit to the Netherlands Wednesday.

Israeli Hackers Retaliate in Saudi Cyber War

Israeli hackers froze the Tadawul website and caused delayed responses on the ADX website.

Palestinian Authority's Grand Mufti: 'Kill the Jews'

Palestinian Authority Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Muhammad Ahmad Hussein called on Muslims to kill Jews, saying it's their destiny to do so.

US, Israeli Wounded Vets Bond During Bike Ride

They're some of America's finest, laying down their lives for their country. Now they're sharing a common bond with their Israeli counterparts.

IDF Court Sentences Second Fogel Family Murderer

An Israeli military court sentenced Amjad Awad, 19, to five life sentences plus seven years for the murder of five members of the Fogel family last March.

Arab Hackers Infiltrate Israeli Stock Exchange

A Saudi hacker, bolstered by a team of pro-Palestinian hackers, compromised the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and El Al websites over the weekend.

Placating Iran? US, Israel Defense Drill Postponed

By delaying a major military exercise with Israel, the U.S. appears to be trying to avoid further tensions with Iran over its nuclear program.

Republicans in Israel Gearing Up for US Elections

Republicans Abroad Israel launched a new website to welcome the 2012 U.S. election cycle, the group said in a statement released on Thursday.

Israel Denies Killing Iranian Nuke Scientist

Israeli President Shimon Peres denied that Israel had anything to do with the assassination of yet another Iranian nuclear scientist in Tehran this week.

Jerusalem Dateline: 2011 Middle East Recap

This week on Jerusalem Dateline, CBN News examines the major developments throughout the Middle East from 2011 and into the new year. 

Ambassador: US Preparing Every Option for Iran

The United States is preparing every option is possible to prevent the nuclearization of Iran, U.S. Ambassador to Israel told an Israeli newspaper.

Iran, Hezbollah Increasing Aid to Syria, Israel says

As Syrian President Bashar Assad comes under increasing isolation from the international community, he's getting help from two other regional players.

Syria's Assad Meets Supporters in Damascus Street

Assad's wife and two children joined him in the surprise visit to Damascus square where he told supporters he belongs "to this street."

Report: Israel Hiring Iranian Dissidents to Spy on Nuke Program

Israel's intelligence agency the Mossad is hiring Iranian refugees in the autonomous Kurdish region of Iraq to spy on Iran's nuclear program, the French daily Le Figaro reported this week.

Expert: Window to Stop Iran Nuke Program Closing

An Iranian nuclear scientists was killed by a bomb Wednesday. The news comes as Western powers scramble to foil Iran's nuclear program.

Israel Prepares to Shelter Syrian Refugees

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz said Israel is preparing to shelter Alawite refugees fleeing Syria.

Ancient 'Kosher' Bread Stamp Discovered Near Akko

Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists uncovered a small ceramic bread stamp near the northern coastal city of Akko.

Six Arrested in Israeli Pedophilia Ring

Israeli police are working to stop a suspected pedophilia ring targeting small children in Jerusalem.

Israeli FM: No Palestinian Peace, Just Manage Conflict

Hours before Israeli and Palestinian negotiators were due to meet in Jordan, Israel's foreign minister said that the P.A. is not interested in making peace with Israel.

Israeli Hackers Turn Tables on Saudis

A week after Saudi hackers published the credit card details of thousands of Israelis, Israeli hackers announced they had the credit card information of thousands of Saudis.

'Gospel Trail' Allows Tourists See What Jesus Saw

Thanks to a new Israeli tourism adventure called The Gospel Trail, pilgrims and tourists can now literally walk where Jesus walked.

Hamas Chief Predicts 'Difficult Days' for Israel

An estimated 5,000 Tunisians chanting "death to Israel" cheered the Gaza-based Hamas chief as he promised that "difficult days" lie ahead for the Jewish state.

Shale Oil Could Make Israel an Energy Player

Israel is one of the few Middle East nations without a bountiful supply of energy. But recent discoveries might change that status in a big way.

Saudi Hackers Publish Israeli Credit Card Info

In what's been called an "unprecedented criminal action that has nationalist aspects," Saudi Web hackers published the credit card details of around 14,000 Israelis.

Israel, P.A. Resume Talks, Expectations Low

Israeli and Palestinian negotiators are meeting face to face for the first time in 16 months. But expectations are low for any progress in the talks.