February 2012 Headlines

With War Looming, Purim Recalls God's Faithfulness

The faith and traditions that set Judaism apart has often made it the target of bigotry and hatred.

Israel to Keep US in Dark on Possible Iran Strike

Israeli officials explained the move is intended to protect the United States. But one U.S. lawmaker suggested more is involved.

Jerusalem Gets Another Chance for Snow

Jerusalemites who missed out on the snow that blanketed northern Israel earlier this month may have another chance this week.

Israelis Talk about War in the Middle East

World leaders have increasingly discussed the existential threat Iran poses to Israel every day. But what does the average Israeli think?

P.A.'s 'Peaceful Demonstrations' Heating Up

Instead of attending Friday prayers at the Temple Mount, some "worshippers" come with a different idea in mind.

Israeli Soldiers Train Continually for War

Depending on the day or crisis, the potential for war in the Middle East is just around the corner, which means the Israeli army must always be ready.

More 'Double Talk' Threatens P.A. Unity

Considerable differences between Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas continues to delay the formation of the much-touted unity government.

Jerusalem Church Defaced with Hateful Graffiti

Unknown assailants spray painted blasphemous graffiti on a church building that's home to several Christian congregations in downtown Jerusalem.

McCain: Should Be 'No Daylight' Between US, Israel

Public tensions are high between the U.S. and Israel over how to deal with Iran's push to obtain a nuclear weapon, visiting U.S. senators admitted in Jerusalem.

IDF, Police Thwart Terror Attack in the South

A joint Israel Defense Forces and Israel Police unit frightened off a terrorist carrying a large explosive device in his satchel.

Muslim Brotherhood: Egypt's Gov't. Failing

One year after the so-called Arab Spring, Egypt may be in for another shakeup.

Hamas: Abbas Can't Be President and PM

Senior Hamas official Khalil al-Hayyah said it is unlawful for Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas to serve as president and prime minister.

Huckabee: Americans Would Support Israeli Attack on Iran

The American people would support Israel if it attacked Iranian nuclear facilities, former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee told CBN News in Jerusalem.

Iranian Warships Dock in Syria

Two Iranian warships docked at the Syrian port of Tartous on Saturday, after Egypt granted them passage through the Suez Canal.

Israeli Police Arrest 18 Arabs on Temple Mount

Israeli police officers took 18 Arabs into custody Sunday for throwing rocks at Christian tourists and Israeli security forces.

Israel: Peace Talks on Hold

Peace negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority are on a hold pattern for now.

Netanyahu: Islamic 'Wave' Pressuring Israel

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the Islamic wave sweeping the Arab world puts huge pressure on Israel's security and defenses.

Turkey Unhappy with Netanyahu Visit to Cyprus

Turkey expressed its deep dissatisfaction over warming ties between Israel and Cyprus.

Arab School Bus, Truck Collide, Killing Eight

Seven kindergarten children and a teacher were killed Thursday when a truck hit their school bus head on.

Attack on Israeli DM Thwarted, US Eyes Hezbollah

Security forces in Singapore thwarted a potential terror attack against Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak by three Iranian nationals.

Isaac Newton's Theological Texts Available Online

Israel's national library is making the writings of Sir Isaac Newton available online to people worldwide

Thai Official: Iranians Targeted Israelis

The Iranian nationals involved in Tuesday's bombings in Bangkok were attempting to assassinate Israeli diplomats, one Thai official acknowledged.

Israel Links Iran to Bangkok Attack, Vows Retaliation

Israel has warned it will "settle the score" with those behind a bombing in Bangkok Tuesday believed to be linked to other attacks targeting the Jewish state.

Fate of Detained Americans in Egypt Uncertain

The fate of 16 Americans who could face trial in Egypt is still uncertain. Talks between the two countries are ongoing.

Terrorists Target Israeli Diplomats in India, Georgia

Terrorists targeted diplomats near the Israeli embassies in New Delhi, India, and Tbilisi, Georgia, on Monday.

Hamas Divided over Unity Deal

The much-touted Palestinian unity deal announced last Monday from Qatar has exposed divisions in Hamas.

Israel: 'Credible' Military Option Needed against Iran

Several senior Israeli political and military leaders have spoken out publicly in recent days about the need for a credible military threat against Iran.

Israeli PM 'Agreed' to Wait for Sanctions to Work

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu agreed to allow more time for economic sanctions against Iran to take their toll.

Jewish Extremists Suspected in Monastery Attack

Authorities suspect Jewish extremists are responsible for the desecration of a Greek Orthodox monastery in Jerusalem.

Strike Grounds 4,000 Travelers at Ben Gurion

Thousands of travelers were stranded for six hours on Wednesday as staff at Ben Gurion International Airport outside Tel Aviv went on strike.

Strike or Sanctions? Leaders Debate How to Handle Iran

Will the sanctions be enough to stop Iran's nuclear program? Or is a military strike the only option?

Israeli PM: Hamas Deal Makes Peace Impossible

The Israeli-Palestinian negotiating process may have suffered its final blow this week.

Archaeologists Discover Jonah-Era Wall

Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists uncovered foundation walls dating to the late 8th and early 7th centuries BC, when the prophet Jonah lived.

P.A. Leader Abbas to Head Interim Unity Gov't.

P.A. President Mahmoud Abbas agreed to head up an interim Hamas-Fatah unity government.

IDF Appoints New Air Force Commander

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak approved the appointment of Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel as the new air force commander.

Israel, Iran Saber-Rattling Has World on Alert

Many global leaders fear an Israeli strike on Iran could set off war, terrorism, and global economic havoc.

The Mideast Peace Process a Deception?

Diplomats have tried to bring about peace in the Middle East for decades. Now, a new book asks if there's really a "peace process" going on at all.

IAF Strikes Terror Sites after Rocket Fire

IAF pilots scored direct hits on two weapons depots, a weapons manufacturing plant and three smuggling tunnels in Gaza Thursday night.

Hamas Blames Fatah for Cancelling Cairo Mtg

Hamas blamed Fatah for cancelling Thursday's meeting in Cairo on implementing the unity government.

Gaza Arabs Attack UN Convoy

Palestinians pelted the convoy of U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon with rocks, shoes and sticks as it entered the Gaza Strip Thursday.

IDF Intel Chief: 200,000 Missiles Aimed at Israel

Israel Defense Forces Intelligence chief Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi said more than 200,000 missiles are aimed at every part of the Jewish state.

Netanyahu Easily Wins Likud Primary

With 85 percent of the ballots counted, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu won at least 75 percent of the vote in Tuesday's Likud party primaries.

PA to Consult with Arab League Again

The Palestinian Authority said they will consult with the Arab League on alternative ways to establish a state.