May 2012 Headlines

Artifacts from King David's Time Confirm Bible

Was the Bible's King David man or myth? That's the question Israeli archeologists are answering with new archeological finds.

Khoury: Church Evicted after '700 Club' Appearance

Calvary Baptist Church sits in an east Jerusalem neighborhood less than half a mile from the Old City walls. It is surrounded by Muslim neighbors.

Israeli Lawyer: P.A. Greatest Human Rights Abuser

For years, Palestinians have screamed they are victims of human rights abuses at the hands of Israel. Now, an Israeli attorney is challenging that claim.

What Happens to Prayers at the Western Wall?

Visitors to Jerusalem often place written prayers in the cracks of the Western Wall. But what happens when those crevices get too full?

US Tax Dollars Funding Palestinian Corruption?

For years, U.S. tax dollars have been working to bring peace to the Mideast -- by going straight into the hands of the P.A. But are they getting what they paid for?

Iran Threatens Israel over Syrian Intervention

Iranian parliament speaker Ali Larijani warned Wednesday that Western military intervention in Syria would "engulf the Zionist regime."

Image Sparks Suspicion Iran Destroying Nuke Evidence

Satellite images of Iran's Parchin military facility show two side buildings completely removed, raising speculation of destroying evidence of nuclear weapons research.

Turkish Court Upholds IDF Officers' Indictments

The Turkish government indicted four Israeli army officers on bizarre charges stemming from an incident two years ago that drew international attention.

Jerusalem Villages Seek to Revive Aramaic

Two villages in the Holy Land's tiny Christian community are hoping to revive Aramaic, the language that some say Jesus spoke, by teaching it to the next generation.

Russian Firm: New Cyber Attack on Iran

A Russian-based cyber-security firm discovered a powerful computer spyware program that has invaded computers in Iran and other countries.

Netanyahu Condemns Syrian Massacre

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a rare statement Sunday condemning the weekend slaughter in Syria.

Runoff for Egyptian President Set for June

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood says exit polls from the two-day presidential election shows one of its candidates in the lead.

IAEA: Higher Grade Uranium Iranian site

The IAEA found evidence that Iran that is producing the uranium threshold needed to arm nuclear missiles.

Israel: Iran Strike Option Must Remain on Table

Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya'alon said the military option against Iran must remain viable if sanctions fail.

Israeli MDs Report Success in Lung Cancer Research

Israeli researchers at Hadassah Hospital at Ein Kerem have made significant breakthroughs in laboratory tests on lung cancer treatment.

Hebron Terror Cells Uncovered, Members Arrested

The Shin Bet and the IDF uncovered several Palestinian Arab terror cells in Hebron.

Bethlehem Seal Sent in First Temple Times

Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus, existed as a thriving Judean city during First Temple Times, a recent find by IAA archaeologists confirms.

Egypt Begins Election Process

Egyptians began lining up at polling stations early Wednesday morning in the nation's first free elections since the downfall of Hosni Mubarak.

Israel Skeptical of Iran-IAEA 'Breakthrough' Nuke Deal

The head of the IAEA said a new agreement would allow inspectors to re-start a probe into Iran's nuclear program. But Israelis are skeptical of the accord.

Egypt: 12 Christians Get Life Sentences

Egypt's State Security Court sentenced 12 Christians to life in prison Monday, while acquitting eight Muslims in the same case.

Hamas, Fatah Unity Government 'On Again'

The on-again, off-again Fatah, Hamas unity government is on again, at least for now.

Israel, US Sign Preliminary Visa Agreement

Many Americans and Israelis visiting each other's countries will have an easier time doing so.

Israelis Mark 45 Years of a Reunited Jerusalem

Israelis marked Jerusalem Day on Sunday, the day the city was reunited under its control.

US Ready with Israel to Attack Iran, If Needed

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his skepticism on the outcome of the next round of talks between Iran and the P5+1.

P.A. Forms New Cabinet, Ending Unity Gov't Efforts

A new Palestinian Authority cabinet was sworn in Wednesday evening, with P.A. Prime Minister Salam Fayyad at the helm.

Interior Minister: Jail African Asylum Seekers

Israeli Interior Minister Eli Yishai made headlines Wednesday calling for African asylum seekers to be jailed, "without exception."

Iran's Ayatollah Khamenei: Israel a 'Historical Cancer'

Former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar is one of the few Western leaders to have met with Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Ayatollah Khamenei.

Abbas, Fayyad's Verbal Jihad

The Palestinian Authority's president and prime minister used their Nakba speeches Tuesday to threaten and denigrate the Jewish state.

Egypt's 'Brotherhood' Calls for Islamic Rule

On the campaign trail for the presidential election, now only nine days away, the Muslim Brotherhood has taken a sharp turn "rightward."

Palestinian Arabs Mark the 'Nakba,' again

Palestinian Arabs gathered to demonstrate against the rebirth of the State of Israel on Wednesday, which they call the 'Nakba' (catastrophe).

Israel and P.A. Voice Commitment to Peace

Israel and the Palestinian Authority say they are committed to achieving peace.

IDF: Attempted Attacks 'You Never Heard About'

The IDF posted a list of attempted terror attacks in 2012 on its website, most of which were not reported in the media.

Deal Close to End Prisoners' Hunger Strike

Israel reportedly accepted an Egyptian-mediated deal ending a nearly month-long hunger strike by Palestinian Arab prisoners.

Egyptian Cleric: 'Jerusalem is Our Capital'

Egyptian cleric Safwat Higazi called for a march on Jerusalem saying, 'Our capital shall be Jerusalem, Allah willing.'

IAEA Troubled by 'Activities' at Iranian Nuclear Site

Recent satellite images of an Iranian nuclear facility and military site indicate that weapons research may be taking place there.

Twin Bombings in Damascus Wreak Havoc

At least 55 people were killed and dozens injured Thursday morning when two powerful roadside bombs exploded on a freeway south of Damascus.

Israel's Unity Gov't -- What does it mean?

Debate among Israelis is practically a national sport.

Netanyahu Forms Unity Gov't, Avoids Early Elections

Israelis woke up to a stunning reversal Tuesday morning as the prime minister and Kadima Party chairman reached an agreement to form a unity government.

Why Are Christians Really Leaving Bethlehem?

It's a modern day exodus: Christians leaving Palestinian Arab-controlled in great numbers. While some blame Israel, one local pastor says that is anything but accurate.

P.A. Forces Arrest Dozens of Fatah Members

Palestinian Authority policemen launched a massive manhunt over the weekend, arresting dozens of Fatah-affiliated residents.

Israeli Elections Almost Set for Sept. 4

Israelis will go to the polls Sept. 4, slightly more than a year earlier than expected and less than two weeks before ushering in the fall holidays.

Rare Find: Archaeologists Uncover First Temple Seal

Archaeologists in Jerusalem's Old City have uncovered a rare find dating all the way back to the time of the First Jewish Temple.

Fourth Dolphin Sub Joins Israel's Fleet

Israel's newest Dolphin-class submarine joined the fleet Thursday in an official welcoming ceremony.

Methodist Church Rejects Divestment Initiative

The United Methodist Church plenary rejected an initiative to divest from three companies doing business in Israel.

Israeli Knesset Set to Dissolve Next Week

Less than two weeks into the summer session, Israel's parliament could be dissolved, paving the way for early elections.

Israel Gears Up for Early Elections

Instead of the possibility of a military strike on Iran this summer, Israel is gearing up for early elections.

Israel on Iran: Military Option 'Remains on the Table'

Recent headlines around the world suggest the likelihood of an Israeli attack on Iran has been reduced. But top Israeli military officials tell a different story.

Seal from First Temple Period Uncovered

Israeli archaeologists excavating under an ancient drainage channel near the Temple Mount uncovered a seal from First Temple times.

Winds of War: Will Israel Strike Iran Soon?

Around the world, one of the most pressing questions remains: Will Israel strike Iran? One Israeli journalist recently talked to CBN News about what he learned.

Tzipi Livni Resigns from Knesset

Tzipi Livni, former chairwoman of the Kadima Party who served as foreign minister in Ehud Olmert's government, resigned from the Knesset Tuesday.

Israel Erecting Protective Wall at Lebanese Border

Israel began construction Monday of a concrete wall to protect its citizens in the north from Lebanese sniper fire.

Will Israel Strike Iran Soon?

Around the world, one of the most pressing questions remains: Will Israel strike Iran? One Israeli journalist recently talked to CBN News about what he learned.