December 2010 Headlines

Do We Really Know Where Christ Was Born?

This time of year, many Christians travel to Bethlehem to visit the Church of the Nativity, the site thought to be the birthplace of Jesus Christ. But is it accurate?

Wooden Sculptures Recall Christmas' Meaning

Ashraf Jarayseh has been working in an olive wood workshop near Bethlehem since he was a boy. Now, he uses his craft to make wood sculptures in remembrance of Jesus.

Handel's 'Messiah' Translated into Hebrew

German-British Baroque composer George Frideric Handel's Messiah has been translated and performed in the language of the Bible -- Hebrew.

Chief Rabbis Call Israel to Fight 'Abortion Epidemic'

Israel's Chief Rabbinate called on the Israeli public on Monday to fight the "abortion epidemic" in the country.

The Caracal: Inside Israel's Coed Battalion Unit

For Israel, a nation surrounded by enemies, military preparedness is crucial. CBN News was given rare access to one of nation's unique combat units.

Immigration to Israel Up in 2010

More than 19,000 new immigrants will have chosen to make Israel their new home in 2010.

Former Israeli President Convicted of Rape

The Tel Aviv District Court convicted former Israeli President Moshe Katsav on two counts of rape and sexual harassment charges.

U.S., Europe Move Away from 'Unilateral Palestine'

The United States and Europe are moving away from the idea of unilaterally recognizing a Palestinian state.

Egyptians Seize Weapons Headed for Gaza

Egyptian security forces have uncovered a large weapons cache in the Sinai Desert believed to be bound for the Gaza Strip.

Israeli FM: Israeli-Palestinian Peace Impossible Now

Israeli FM Avigdor Lieberman said a comprehensive peace agreement with the Palestinians is impossible at this time.

Palestinians Want U.N. to Stop Israeli Settlements

The Palestinians want the United Nations to stop Israel from building in its biblical heartland.

Netanyahu to Ask Obama to Release Israeli Spy

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has decided officially and publicly to appeal to President Obama for the release of convicted spy Jonathan Pollard.

Military: Israeli-Gaza Border 'Fragile, Explosive'

Lt. Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi told Israeli lawmakers most of the terrorist activity has been directed toward the army activity along the security fence between Israel and Gaza.

Police: American Woman's Murder a Terror Attack?

Jerusalem police said the murder of an American Christian woman could be a possible terror attack.

Military Victory? Worm Delays Iran's Nuke Ambitions

Stuxnet, the cyber worm that infected computers inside Iran's nuclear program, may've caused a 2-year setback in the country's development of an atomic weapon.

Documentary Sheds Light on Life in Biblical Times

The National Geographic Channel has produced "Living in the Time of Jesus," a three-part documentary series.

Bethlehem Tourism Increases as Violence Declines

Hotel rooms have been fully booked for Christmas week, due in part to the declining violence on the West Bank.

Netanyahu: Jerusalem Won't Be Divided

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said Jerusalem will not be shared with the Palestinians.

Christian Grape Harvesters Fulfilling Prophecy?

The Hebrew prophet Isaiah predicted that close to the time of the Messiah's coming, the sons of foreigners would be their vinedressers.

'Palestine' Declarations a Strategy to Deny Israel?

In recent weeks, three South American countries have unilaterally recognized a Palestinian state, possibly part of a new Palestinian strategy to deny Israel defensible borders.

Erosion Threatens Israel's Coastline, Historic City

Israel is known for its historical relics, but erosion is threatening some of those ancient treasures along the Israeli coastline.

U.S. Backs Down on Settlement Freeze Demand

The Obama administration has dropped its demand for Israel to halt new construction on the West Bank.

Israel Denounces S. American Palestine Recognition

Israel responded to several South American countries Tuesday, saying their recognition of an independent Palestinian state was an "empty gesture."

Israel's Fire Survivors Piece Lives Back Together

The largest fire in Israel's history has been extinguished. For those who lost everything, the process of putting their lives back together is just beginning.

Aftermath: Charity Responds to Israeli Fire Victims

In the midst of the disaster, Operation Blessing arrived to give those who lost nearly every earthly possession emergency financial donations.

Authorities: Israel's Largest Fire Ever is Out

It took four days to extinguish the worst fire in Israel's history. In the end, 42 people were killed, at least 12,500 acres of forestland destroyed.

Documents Reveal Arab States Mistrust of Iran

The fallout from WikiLeaks' online posting of classified U.S. documents has been felt worldwide, but most especially in the Middle East.

Israel Fire Continues to Blaze Out of Control

Israel's deadliest fire continued to blaze out of control Friday night, as firefighters in the northern community of Nir Etzion had to be air rescued due to increasing flames.

Worst Fire In Israel's History Rages

What is described as the worst fire in Israel's history raged out of control in northern Israel Thursday, forcing mass evacuations and killing at least 40 people.

Israel Foils Terror Attack in Northern Gaza

One day after Hamas said it would respect a peace deal between Israel and Palestine, the IDF thwarted a terror attack along the border with the Gaza Strip.

Hanukkah -The Festival of Lights Begins

On Wednesday, Jews around the world began celebrating the holiday of Hanukkah - the Festival of Lights.

U.S. Condemns Palestinian Western Wall Report

The Palestinian Authority has removed a report from its website claiming Jerusalem's Western Wall was Muslim property and had no significance for Jews.