August 2012 Headlines

Iran's Khamenei Denies Nuclear Weapons Ambitions

Iranian leaders continue to insist their nuclear program is strictly for peaceful use but their behavior often belies their explanations.

French Anti-Semitic Attacks Up by 40 Percent

Anti-Semitic attacks against French Jews have risen by 40 percent in the past five months.

Ready for Some Football, Israeli Style?

It didn't draw Super Bowl attention but Israel's first-ever international tackle football game made history.

Israeli Military Chief: Islamist Challenges Lie Ahead

Israeli Military Intelligence chief Maj.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi said Israel faces an "environment that is more unstable, tense and Islamist than in the past."

Israeli Injured in Ax Attack

Israeli soldiers arrested a Palestinian Arab who attacked an Israeli with an ax Tuesday morning.

Israeli Court Exonerates IDF in Corrie Death

Haifa District Court ruled against a civil suit submitted by the family of the late Rachel Corrie, alleging criminal negligence by the IDF in her death in 2003.

FM: Time to Think 'Out of the Box'

In the seemingly never-ending saga of "peace talks" between Israel and the Palestinians, the facts often are hidden under a flurry of diplomatic stone throwing.

Netanyahu Visits Judean School on First Day

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited a school in biblical Judea (a.k.a., the West Bank) on Monday for the first day of school.

Gaza Rockets Target Sderot

Within moments after arriving for the first day of the new school year Monday, children in Sderot heard the all-too-familiar Color Red air raid siren.

Meretz 'Delegation' Meets with Abbas

MK Zahava Gal-On, chairwoman of the ultra-left-wing Meretz Party, made a visit to PA leader Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah Sunday.

Egypt Commits to Maintaining Israel Peace Treaty

Egypt has reportedly reaffirmed its commitment to a peace treaty with Israel after growing tension in the Sinai, according to Arabic-language Al-Hayat.

Ancient Seal Evidence of Old Testament's Samson

Israeli archaeologists believe they've found evidence that the Old Testament strongman Samson was real, not just a biblical superhero.

Chief of Staff: IDF ‘Primed and Ready’

Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz said nations threatening to eradicate Israel “will meet the deadly force of the IDF.”

Jerusalem: A Cup of Trembling (Zech. 12)

According to Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, Israeli Jews are "occupiers" of Jerusalem, with no historical connection to "the city."

German Rabbi Faces Criminal Charges

A crucial tenet of Judaism is under attack in Germany, with a rabbi facing a criminal lawsuit for following the biblical mandate to perform a brit milah.

Conflicting Signals Indicate a More Dangerous Egypt

In the less than two months since Egypt's new Islamist president has been in office, there's been a mixed bag of information coming from Cairo.

Israel on the Brink of War: Does the World Care?

Some Israelis believe Netanyahu and others in the country are talking more about the Iran threat in hopes of getting world leaders involved in diluting the conflict.

IDF Deploys Iron Dome in Eilat

The Israel Defense Forces placed an Iron Dome anti-missile system battery just outside a residential neighborhood in Eilat, Israel's southernmost resort city, on Sunday.

Hamas Seeking Close 'Security' Ties with Egypt

Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh would like to strengthen ties with the new Islamist government in Egypt while diminishing ties with the "Zionist enemy."

US, Not Israel, Primary Target of Nuclear Iran

A fundamentally different worldview accounts for reports the U.S. wants the Israeli media to oppose a preemptive military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities, a former Israeli ambassador said.

Islamists Mark International Al-Quds Day

International Al-Quds Day: It's been celebrated for 33 years -- a day of solidarity with Palestinian Arabs; a day to call for the elimination of Israel.

Increasing Numbers of Arabs Working in Israel

Increasing numbers of Palestinian Arabs are finding employment in Israel.

Israel Reject EU's 'Eligible Imports' List

Israel rejected the European Union's addition of Modiin -- located about halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv -- on its list of global imports ineligible for tax breaks.

Israel Makes More Homefront Preps for Missile Attacks

No one knows if or when Israel will launch a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. In the meantime, preparations for any eventuality are in full swing.

Netanyahu Welcomes New Anglo Immigrants

"Welcome to Israel. Welcome home," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told 350 Americans and Canadians upon their arrival at Ben Gurion International Airport Tuesday morning.

Egypt's Morsi Sacks Defense Minister, Chief of Staff

The Muslim Brotherhood is subtly but speedily gaining control over the Egyptian army and other institutions.

Israel Battles 'Nationalistically Motivated' Fires

Israeli authorities believe arson is responsible for fires that have burned large swaths of land this summer and damaged property from the north to the south.

Egypt Wants to Question Three Sr. Hamas Men

Egyptian intelligence services have asked Gaza-based Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh to hand over three senior members of the group's "military wing," the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

Egyptian Gunships Fire on Islamists in Sinai

For the first time since the 1973 Yom Kippur War, Egyptian helicopter gunships fired on Islamic terror cells in Sinai, killing about 20 suspected terrorists.

Israel, Egypt Mull Next Steps after Terror Attack

Israeli and Egyptian leaders are pouring over details of Sunday's cross-border attack that killed 16 Egyptian soldiers and injured seven others.

Munich Massacre: Israeli Athletes Remembered

It was a somber moment at the London Olympics as officials remembered the 11 Israelis murdered by terrorists during the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Israel Remains Calm as It Girds Itself for War

Syria admitted for the first time recently it has chemical weapons and may use them against outside forces.

Rumsfeld: Israel Shouldn't Notify US of Iran Attack

Former U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfield told Fox News that Israel is better off going at it alone against Iran.

Israel: Iran Backed Terror Attack at Southern Border

An Israeli official blamed Iran for backing a terror attack at the southern border with Egypt.

P.A. Miffed as Israel Denies Entry to Foreign Ministers

P.A. officials cancelled a two-day conference of the Non-Aligned Movement after Israel refused entry to five of 12 foreign ministers planning to participate.

Israel Upgrading Missile Defense Systems

Israel continues to upgrade its missile defense system against long- and short-range ballistic missile attacks.

NASA's Mars Rover Lands Successfully; Sends Images

Israelis joined millions worldwide watching the final moments before the safe landing on Mars by NASA's largest-ever robotic rover, Curiosity, at 8:30 a.m. local time.

Egypt's Morsi Swears in New Cabinet

Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi swore in the new cabinet Thursday, distributing the posts among Islamists and secularists.

Fmr Mossad Chief: Iran Should Fear Next 12 Weeks

Speculation is growing that Israel may attack Iran's nuclear plants soon, possibly before the U.S. election.

Israel Not Buying Panetta's Push for Iran Sanctions

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta maintained that Iran sanctions must be exhausted before taking military action. But Israeli leaders weren't buying that argument.

Hamas Blasts P.A. Official's Auschwitz Visit

Maybe if he had to do it all over again, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas' advisor for Christian affairs would not visit the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.

iTunes Store Removes Hezbollah TV App

Apple Inc. removed a TV App for the Lebanese-based Hezbollah terror group from its iTunes store.

Egypt's Morsi Denies 'Greeting' to Israeli President

It was billed as the first official contact by Egypt's new president, Mohammed Morsi, with the Jewish state.