November 2012 Headlines

Life in Rocket Town: In the Shadow of Gaza's Fury

They call it "Rocket Town." For more than a decade, Israelis in Sderot and southern Israel have lived under almost daily rocket attacks from the Gaza strip.

Israel: UN Palestinian State Vote Won't Help Peace

The U.N. voted overwhelmingly to recognize the Palestinian Authority as a state. But could the vote put Israel and P.A. even further from the negotiating table?

Netanyahu Blasts UN Vote for Palestinian State

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called today's expected decision by the U.N. General Assembly "meaningless."

Palestinian Statehood Push May Derail Peace Efforts

Palestinian leaders are hoping the United Nations will upgrade their status this week to statehood but it could hurt peace talks.

With Cease-fire in Place, What's Next for Israel?

Despite the turmoil in Egypt, the nation's leaders are working on "indirect" talks between Israel and Hamas. What is the biggest threat facing Israel now?

Holy Land Tourism Impacted by Israel-Hamas Fighting

Hostilities between Hamas and Israel are affecting tourism to the Holy Land.

'David's Sling' Intercepts Test Target

Israel and the U.S. have successfully tested a new medium-range anti-missile system. "David's Sling" weapons system intercepted a target during its inaugural flight test.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak Stepping Down

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak announced on Monday he's quitting politics.

Cease-Fire Heightens Islamist Rhetoric

The U.S.-sponsored cease-fire between Hamas and Israel seems to have bolstered ties between Hamas. Iran and Egypt.

Cleric Helps with Cease-fire but Will It Last?

Islamic Cleric issues fatwa for Hamas to honor cease-fire but will it last?

Vast Majority of Israelis Wary of Cease-Fire

Israel and Hamas officially agreed to a cease-fire on Wednesday evening, but many Israelis are wary of the agreement.

Israel-Hamas Cease-fire Reached

Israel and Hamas have reached a complete cease-fire agreement on the condition that Hamas stops firing rockets from Gaza, according to Israeli leaders.

Hamas Executes Suspected 'Collaborators'

In true jihadist style, Hamas gunmen executed six men Tuesday accused of collaborating with Israel.

Israeli, Arab Families Bury Casualties

Funeral services were held Wednesday for a young soldier killed in a mortar shell attack near the Gaza border on Tuesday.

Hamas Reverses Claim on Tel Aviv Bus Bomb

A bomb attack in a passenger bus in central Tel Aviv at noon on Wednesday injured at least 16 passengers, two seriously, three moderately and the rest lightly.

Netanyahu Extends Condolences to Egypt's Morsi

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sent a condolence message to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi on the death of his sister.

Security Guard at US Embassy in Tel Aviv Attacked

Police have an Israeli in custody following an attack on a security guard at the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.

World Diplomats Push Ceasefire between Israel, Gaza

A ceasefire between Israel and Hamas could come soon as diplomats on both side say they are trying to put an end to the deadly fighting between Gaza and Israel.

Hamas Targets Jerusalem Again

Air raid sirens sounded in Jerusalem again at 2:15 p.m. Israeli time.

Hackers Attempt to Crack Iron Dome Systems

While Israel continues its offensive against Hamas, hackers attempted more than a million cyberattacks against Israeli government websites in a 24-hour period.

Hundreds of Journalists Arrive for Gaza Op

About 500 foreign journalists arrived in Israel over the weekend to cover Operation Pillar of Defense, the Government Press Office reported on Monday.

Israelis Pray as Hamas Missile Barrage Intensifies

Hundreds of Israelis gathered to pray for their country as Hamas continued to launch rockets into Israel and the Israeli Air Force carried out strikes on terror targets.

Tensions Rise in Mideast as More Rockets Fired

Israel warned on Sunday it was widening its range of targets to go after Hamas military commanders.

Palestinian Rockets Continue to Target Tel Aviv

Air raid sirens sounded throughout Tel Aviv on Saturday as Palestinian militants targeted the city for a third straight day.

Israel Battles Jihadist Forces

Israel is once again at war with terror groups in the Gaza Strip.

Israel at War: 'Pillar of Defense' Op Escalates

The Israeli Air Force ratcheted up its air strikes at terrorist sites in the Gaza Strip Thursday as rockets rained down on southern Israel.

Hamas Military Commander Killed in Israeli Airstrike

An Israeli Defense Force spokesman announced Israel is now in Operation Cloud Pillar as war with Hamas is rapidly escalating.

Brotherhood: Israel Seeking Political Gain in Gaza

The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party accused Israel of stoking the flames in Gaza to achieve political gains in the upcoming January election.

Netanyahu: 'It's our Right to Defend our People'

Israel is mulling stronger military action after a spike in Palestinian rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip on southern Israeli cities.

Egyptian Sheikh Calls for Destroying Pyramids, Sphinx

A Salafist cleric in Egypt has called for the destruction of the Pyramids of Giza and the Great Sphinx, citing Islamic law on eliminating idols.

Golan Residents Ready Bomb Shelters

For the second time in as many days, a mortar shell fired from Syria exploded in the Golan Heights.

Stray Syrian Mortars Put Israel on High Alert

A second mortar shell landed in northern Israel Monday, a day after Israel fired a warning shot into Syria in response to a Syrian mortar that hit the Golan Heights.

Palestinians Escalate Rocket Attacks on Israel

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip bombarded southern Israel with more than 75 rockets and mortar shells in a 24-hour period.

Does Obama's Re-Election Spell Trouble for Israel?

While Americans wonder what President Obama's next term means for them, many Israelis are asking what impact his re-election will have on our closest Middle East ally.

Palestinians Destroy Tunnel near Israeli Border

Palestinians blew up a large, explosives-laden smuggling tunnel near the border with Israel Thursday night.

Israel to the Rescue in Ghana!

The Israel Defense Forces sent medical personnel, engineers and a search-and-rescue team to Ghana Wednesday evening after a four-story shopping center collapsed.

Stone Age Well Uncovered in Jezreel Valley

Israel Antiquities Authority archaeologists uncovered a well dating back 8,500 years to the Neolithic Period.

Israeli and Palestinian Leaders Congratulate Obama

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas and P.A. chief negotiator Saeb Erekat are pleased with President Obama's re-election.

Israeli Vote Could Impact US Election

A new poll released Thursday by The Times of Israel revealed that at least 45 percent of Israelis favor Republican candidate Mitt Romney over President Barack Obama.

Israel Upgrades Iron Dome Anti-Missile Batteries

In the face of continued rocket and missile threats from all sides, Israel is upgrading its anti-missile defense systems.

Israeli Military Attaché to US Retires

Israel Defense Forces Maj.-Gen. Gadi Shamni, a 35-year veteran of the IDF, announced his retirement from the military.