January 2013 Headlines

Tensions Rise after Israel Hits Syrian Weapons Convoy

Syria's civil war took a major step toward a regional conflict this week when Israeli warplanes struck targets inside Syria Tuesday night.

Decade after shuttle disaster, Rona Ramon still coping

People gathered around their TVs to watch the anticipated return of Israel's first astronaut, Ilan Ramon, from a 16-day journey aboard the Columbia shuttle.

Israel Attacks Syrian Weapons Convoy

Israeli Air Force planes attacked a target along the Syrian-Lebanese border overnight, Western sources were quoted in saying.

Egyptian President's Aide Says Holocaust a US Hoax

A senior aide to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi said the Holocaust never happened.

Netanyahu Talks to US Congressmen about Syria

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a delegation of U.S. congressmen Monday Israel is closely monitoring developments in Syria.

Israelis Mark the 'New Year of the Trees'

Tu B'Shvat, the New Year of the Trees, begins at sundown on the 15th day of the Hebrew month of Shvat, or Friday, Jan. 25, at sundown on the Gregorian calendar.

Israelis Vote for Fresh New Faces to Lead the Country

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu will likely include two new parties from the left and the right as he seeks to hammer together Israel's next coalition government.

Netanyahu Wins, But Left Makes Unexpected Gains

More Israelis went to the polls Tuesday than in more than a decade. They voted for a change in the government, but it's not the change most people anticipated.

Intercessors Gather in Jerusalem to Pray for Israel

Prayer warriors from around the world gathered in Jerusalem to intercede for Israeli elections this week.

A Modern Joshua: Remembering Israel's Nachman

Some called him a modern-day Joshua. Ron Nachman, the founder and mayor of the city of Ariel, died last week at the age of 70.

Israel's Netanyahu Expected to Win Third Term

Israelis headed to the polls Tuesday to elect a new government. Current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to win a third term.

American-born 'Jewish Terrorist' Convicted of Murder

This week, the Jerusalem District Court convicted the man accused of delivering a bomb to an Israeli pastor's home, nearly killing his son.

Facebook to Reactivate Israeli Arab Journalist's Page

Facebook promised to reactivate Khaled Abu Toameh's page, the social networking site told The Commentator.

US May Waive Israel Visa Requirement

A bill is working its way through the U.S. Congress that would end visa requirements for Israelis on tourist visits to America.

Israeli Troops Uncover Hamas Smuggling Tunnel

Israeli troops on a routine patrol near the border with the Gaza Strip discovered a smuggling tunnel shaft near an Israeli kibbutz.

Israeli Law Hopes to Combat Eating Disorders

A new Israeli law that went into effect on Jan. 1 aims to curb anorexia and bulimia among young women.

Jerusalem Kids Enjoy a Second Snow Holiday

The Jerusalem municipality announced Thursday night that schools would remain closed for a second day Friday.

Right Maintains Lead in Israeli Election Polls

Israeli dailies posted varying poll results Friday for the upcoming Jan.22 general elections, with the Right maintaining its lead.

Breaking Down Israeli Elections: Will Netanyahu Win?

Like the United States, Israeli parties fall into the left or right. Whoever wins the most seats must hammer together a coalition of 60 or more players to form the next government.

Four Injured as Car Bomb Rocks Tel Aviv

Four people were injured when a car bomb exploded in Tel Aviv Thursday.

Jews, Christians Help Spread Word about Persecution

Tens of thousands of Christians are fleeing the Middle East because of persecution. Yet this modern day exodus is getting little attention in the West.

Rare Manuscripts Document Ancient Jewish Community

Israel's National Library unveiled a cache of rare ancient Hebrew manuscripts discovered in caves in northern Afghanistan. The area is a Taliban stronghold.

'Lost Tribe's' Return to Israel Fulfilling Prophecy?

CBN News was at Ben Gurion Airport when more than 50 members of the Bnei Menashe tribe made history. They were just the first of a long-awaited migration.

Egypt's President Morsi Calls Jews 'Apes, Pigs'

Recently revealed comments by Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi show his attitude toward Jews, the State of Israel, and the Palestinian conflict.

Netanyahu: West Bank Could Go Way of Egypt, Syria

Areas of Biblical Judea and Samaria under Palestinian Authority rule could end up with a regime change like that in Egypt, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu warned.