March 2013 Headlines

Tourists Flock to Israel on Good Friday

Hoisting wooden crosses and chanting prayers, thousands of Christians flocked to Jerusalem's Old City to celebrate Good Friday.

Arab League Gives Syria's Seat to Opposition

The Arab League offered opposition leader Sheikh Moaz al-Khatib Syria's seat at this week's summit in Doha.

Egypt Negotiates Release of Kidnapped Tourists

The Egyptian government negotiated the release of an Israeli and a Norwegian tourist held for four days by Bedouin gunmen in the Sinai Peninsula.

Egypt's Ex-President Mubarak Could Be Freed in April

Former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak could regain his freedom in April.

Israelis Prepare to Gather together for Passover

Israelis and Jews around the world will gather for a festive meal this evening where they retell the story of their miraculous escape from Egypt thousands of years ago.

Israeli Defense Force Destroys Syrian Outpost

Following a second shooting attack on Israeli patrols Saturday evening, the IDF fired a guided missile Sunday morning, destroying the outpost and wounding two Syrian soldiers.

Obama Visits Yad Vashem, Pushes Two-State Solution

President Obama began the last day of his Israel trip with a visit to the Holocaust memorial.  But the main point came when he advocated a two-state solution.

Pursuing an Elusive Peace

Arab reaction to President Barack Obama's three-day visit to Israel seems, for the most part, less than positive.

Rockets from Gaza, Protests in Ramallah

Just after 7:00 a.m. Thursday, residents of the southern Israeli city of Sderot rushed to bomb shelters after the all-too-familiar air raid sirens sounded.

Obama's Goodwill Israel Tour Sows Seeds of Hope

Day two of President Obama's visit started at the Israel Museum, where he viewed the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls.

Syrian Chaos Forces Israel to Prepare for War

The U.S. has been arming rebel forces in Syria and may be helping train them in Jordan. Now some of those same groups are threatening to invade Israel.

Obama Reaffirms US Commitment to Israel's Security

On the first day of his trip to Israel, President Obama promised Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu the U.S. is committed to the security of its closest Mideast ally.

Substance or Flash? Obama Leaves for Israel

President Obama leaves Tuesday for Israel, his first time visiting America's closest ally in the Middle East as president -- and Israelis have noticed.

Jordan's King: Relations 'Very Strong' with Netanyahu

Jordanian King Abdullah II described his relationship with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Monday as "very strong."

Israeli PM Encourages 'Cooperation' with New Gov't

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu opened the first meeting of the new government Monday morning, emphasizing the need for cooperation and unity.

Most Don't Want US Involved in Israel-Palestinian Deal

Israel's new government was sworn in Monday, just two days before President Obama arrives on his first visit as president.

Palestinians Wound Elderly Man in Drive-By

A Palestinian gunman shot an elderly man in the legs near the Samarian town of Kedumim Monday, moderately wounding him.

Israeli Toddler in Critical Condition after Rock Attack

An Israeli lawmaker is calling for changes in the way the Army deals with Palestinian rock throwers following an attack in which a 3-year-old was critically injured.

Police Restrict Entrance on Temple Mount

Israel Police will restrict entrance Friday for Muslim prayers on the Temple Mount.

Marathon Runner Dies, 12 in Serious Condition

Tragedy struck the Tel Aviv marathon on Friday when one participant collapsed and died of heatstroke.

Netanyahu Forms New Gov't ahead of Obama Visit

While the world watched for the white smoke that would signal a new pope, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced his new government this week.

Israel Invites Pope Francis to the Holy Land

Israeli President Shimon Peres congratulated Pope Francis on his election and invited him to visit Israel.

Palestinian Authority Mulls Response to Obama Visit

With President Obama's visit to Israel less than a week away, the Palestinian Authority is scrambling to formulate its response to his visit.

Netanyahu Issues Coalition Ultimatum

With four days left before the deadline to form a coalition, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued an ultimatum to Yesh Atid chairman Yair Lapid.

Miss Israel to Join State Dinner with Obama

Miss Israel has been invited to join President Obama for the state dinner at President Shimon Peres Jerusalem residence.

Hamas Wants Off US, EU Terror Lists

Hamas, the Palestinian faction ruling the Gaza Strip, wants to shed its designation as a terror group.

Israeli President Addresses EU Parliament

While Israeli President Shimon Peres was in Europe Tuesday to address the E.U. parliament, some European lawmakers were in Israel visiting Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.

Two Israeli Pilots Killed in Helicopter Crash

A routine training exercise ended in tragedy early Tuesday morning when a Cobra helicopter crashed, killing the pilot and navigator.

UN Reevaluating Golan Peacekeeping Mission

The UN is reevaluating its international peacekeeping mission along the Israeli-Syrian border.

French City Honors Israeli Minister's Killer

The French city of Bezons, a suburb of Paris, granted honorary citizenship to the murderer of former Israeli Tourism Minister Rehavam Ze'evi.

Obama Downplays Hopes for Mideast Peace Deal

President Obama is downplaying expectations for a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority during his upcoming trip to the Jewish state.

Counter-Terrorism Bureau Issues Passover 'Tips'

Topping the list of tourist destinations to avoid is Egypt's Sinai Peninsula because of concrete terror warnings, especially kidnapping.

Syrian Rebels Abduct UN Peacekeepers

Syrian opposition forces abducted 21 U.N. peacekeepers patrolling near the Golan Heights Wednesday evening.

Fmr. Diplomat: Removing Iran Threat Key to Peace

Former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Danny Ayalon said the global community should care about Iran's threat to wipe the Jewish state off the map.

Israel Thwarts Locust Swarms from Egypt

At daybreak Wednesday, Israel's Ministry of Agriculture continued spraying locust swarms that invaded from Egypt's Sinai Peninsula on Monday.

Netanyahu Hits Snags Trying to Form New Gov't.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has until March 15 to form the next government.

Israel's Hula Valley: A Bird Watcher's Paradise

Israel's Hula Valley is a paradise for bird watchers, who come by the thousands to one of the world's major migration routes.

Netanyahu Pushes Back on US Iran Nuke Strategy

Stopping Iran's quest for a nuclear weapon dominated this year's annual AIPAC conference, which is being held in Washington this week.

Elliott Abrams: The Elusive Dream of Mideast Peace

As the president heads to Israel, many wonder why has there's been so little progress toward peace in the last 20 years. Former Bush adviser Elliott Abrams explains.

Biden: Obama Has Done More than Any to Secure Israel

Thousands of pro-Israel supporters are gathering in the nation's capital this week for the annual American-Israel Public Affairs Committee conference.

Israel's Hula Valley: Redirect

Israel's Hula Valley: Redirect

NRB Awards CBN's Chris Mitchell 'Tree of Life'

CBN News Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell received the Ed McAteer "Tree of Life" award Sunday at the annual NRB convention.

Israel on 'Locust Alert' Ahead of Passover

The Agriculture Ministry warned farmers Monday to be on the lookout for locust swarms that are descending on neighboring Egypt.

Jerusalem's Annual Winner Marathon Draws 20,000

Thousands took to the streets of Jerusalem recently... not for protesting but racing.

US, UN, Israel Slam Turkish PM

Speaking at a conference sponsored by the U.N. Alliance of Civilizations on Islamophobia, Erdogan compared Zionism to fascism, calling it a crime against humanity.