May 2013 Headlines

Nazi Flag Flies in Palestinian Village

Earlier this week, Israelis driving to work were shocked to see a Nazi flag flying openly in Beit Omar, a Palestinian Arab village on the outskirts of Hebron.

Israelis Ready for War amid Looming Syria Threat

U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., met with rebel forces in Syria this week, his office reported.

Netanyahu: Anti-Semitism 'Fashionable' Today

Netanyahu said today's anti-Israel rhetoric is nothing more than anti-Semitism repackaged against the Jewish state.

Abbas Appoints Terrorist as Adviser

Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas announced the appointment of a former Fatah terror commander as his adviser.

Russia Sticks with Sale of S-300 to Syria

Iran, Hezbollah and Syria cheered Russia's decision to deliver the advanced S-300 anti-missile batteries to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad while others disapproved.

Kerry Presents $4B Stimulus Package to P.A.

Secretary of State John Kerry wrapped up the forum Sunday afternoon by presenting a $4 billion stimulus plan to the Palestinian Authority.

British FM Denounces Terrorism, 'Settlements'

British Foreign Minister William Hague said Wednesday's horrific murder in London by Islamists in his country reminded him of what Israelis have lived with for decades.

State Sec'y Kerry Arrives for Fourth 'Peace' Visit

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Israel Thursday on his fourth visit in as many months to push for direct talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Israel's Air Force Chief Warns of 'Sudden' War

Israel could be in for a surprise war, Israel's air force chief Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel warned.

Israeli Minister: Iran Most Critical Issue

Israeli Minister of Strategic Affairs Yuval Steinitz warned Tuesday that a nuclear-armed Iran remains the Jewish state's biggest challenge.

IDF Soldier Killed Clearing Mine Field

An Israel Defense Forces soldier was killed Tuesday as his unit worked to clear a large mine field in the Golan Heights.

IDF Chief Issues Warning to Syria's Assad

IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz says Syrian President Assad will "pay a heavy price" if he trieds to "destablize" the Golan Heights.

Israel Reinstates Gaza Fishing Zone

Israel reinstated a six-nautical-mile fishing zone off the coast of the Gaza Strip, following a period of relative calm.

Israel Destroys Syrian Army Post

Israeli and Syrian forces exchanged fire along Israel's northern border overnight Monday, with the IDF scoring a direct hit that destroyed the Syrian army post.

Israeli Committee Presents 'al-Dura' Findings

A government committee presented its findings Monday on the controversial death of Mohammed al-Dura, an Arab youth allegedly killed by Israeli troops in September 2000.

Netanyahu Firm on Syrian Threat to Tel Aviv

Israeli Prime Minister says Israel will continue to stop arms shipments to Hezbollah despite Syrian threat against Tel Aviv in London newspaper report.

Russia Steps Up Missile Sales to Syria

Russia has also provided anti-ship cruise missiles with advanced guidance systems to Syria, the New York Times reported.

CIA Chief Makes Surprise Trip to Israel

CIA Chief John Brennan has made an unannounced visit to Israel.

'I Am Gabriel': Ancient Stone on Display in Israel

A new Israeli exhibit highlights an ancient tablet featuring a quote from the archangel Gabriel. It's called the most important find since the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Public Invited to View Byzantine Era Mosaic

Israelis have been invited to view a spectacular mosaic floor in a Byzantine era settlement uncovered in the agricultural fields of Negev kibbutz.

Fatah Scolds Arab Teens for Soccer Game with Jews

Fatah, the party of Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas, threatened Arab teenagers for participating in a soccer game with Jewish Israelis.

Israel Vows to Prevent Weapons to Hezbollah

Israel is vowing to keep up its attacks to prevent advanced weapons reaching Hezbollah via Syria. 

Israeli Doctors Save Syrian Toddler

Israeli pediatric surgeons corrected congenital heart defects on a four-year-old Syrian girl at Wolfson Medical Center in Holon on Monday.

The Day of Pentecost and Shavuot

Tomorrow, the streets of Jerusalem will be nearly empty, but the plaza in front of the Kotel (Western Wall) will be full.

Church of Scotland Rethinking Report

The Church of Scotland removed an online report posted earlier this month claiming Jews have no biblical claim to the land of Israel.

Netanyahu, Putin to Discuss Syria Weapons Sale

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu plans to meet with Russian Premier Vladimir Putin to discuss the delivery of weapons to Syria.

Terrorists to Get 'Game-Changing' Syria Weapons

Just days after alleged Israeli airstrikes near Damascus, the head of the Lebanese terrorist group, Hezbollah, says he's ready to receive "game-changing" weapons from Syria.

Official: Israeli-Palestinian Talks to Resume Soon

Secretary of State John Kerry plans to return to Israel in two weeks to keep the momentum up for restarting peace negotiations with the Palestinian Authority.

King Herod's Quarry Uncovered

The Israel Antiquities Authority revealed a 2,000-year-old quarry on Wednesday whose stones were used to build Jerusalem during Jesus' time.

Haredi Soldiers Succeeding Post-Army

A new Israeli government study revealed that 70 percent of haredi soldiers are finding good jobs after serving in the Israel Defense Forces.

Russia to Sell Air-Defense System to Syria

Russia announced plans to sell advanced anti-missile defense systems to the Syrian government, the Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday.

Syria Internet Goes Dark as Civil War Rages

Syria entered its second day of global Internet disconnect Wednesday, raising speculation that President Bashar al-Assad's regime is behind the blackout.

Syria's Assad Calls Airstrikes 'Act of Terrorism'

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad called last weekend's alleged Israeli airstrikes on a depot of Iranian long-range missiles as "an act of terrorism aimed at Syria."

Israelis Calm Despite Heightened Syria Tensions

Tensions were running high on Monday, but Israelis were calm after Syria threatened Israel with retaliation for airstrikes on advanced weapons.

Crime Rate Explodes in Post-Revolutionary Egypt

Homicide, armed robberies and other violent crimes have soared in post-revolutionary Egypt.

Netanyahu Arrives in China

Israeli commentators said it was important for Netanyahu to maintain his plans to signal that Israel is continuing its business as usual.

McCain: Strikes Could Force Obama's Hand on Syria

GOP Sen. John McCain said Israel's second airstrike Sunday in Syria could be the incentive President Obama needs to take action in the wartorn country.

Terrorist: P.A. Gave 'Green Light' to Carry Out Attack

The Palestinian Authority praised al-Zaghal as a hero of the "resistance" and Fatah posted accolades on its Facebook page.

Kerry Pushes Return to Mideast Negotiations

The Obama administration is leading the way with efforts to restart the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says.

Israelis Identify with Boston Terror Attack

The trauma from the Boston Marathon bombing will stay with America for a long time. Israelis can identify.

Most Muslims Believe Islam Should Shape Society

Muslims believe Islam is the only true faith and its teachings should influence not only their personal lives but also the societies in which they live.

Israel's Leviathan Gas Field 'Grows'

The Leviathan natural gas reserve contains at least 11 percent more than originally estimated, the project's controlling partners announced Wednesday.

High Stakes: Israel Alert as US Mulls Syria Strike

At a news conference Tuesday, President Obama said he still hasn't determined whether Syria crossed a "red line" with a chemical weapons attack in March.

P.A.'s Fatah Faction Glorifies Terrorist

Fatah, the faction associated with Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas and his government, celebrated yesterday's murder of an Israeli in Samaria.

IDF Holds Major Drill in the North

Some 2,000 IDF reservists joined a full division of active-duty soldiers for a major training exercise in the North.