August 2008 Headlines

Former Agent Suspect in Illegal Gas Sales - ASHKELON, Israel - Police are investigating a former Shin Bet (General Security Agency) agent in Wednesday's seizure of 1,700 pirated gas canisters.

Israeli Arabs Planning Attacks Arrested - AKKO, Israel - The Magistrates Court in the city of Akko has extended the remand of two Israeli Arabs arrested earlier this month for planning terror attacks.

Assad's Telltale Russian Connection - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israel officials said Syrian President Bashar Assad's affirmation of the Russian offensive in Georgia during his recent visit to Moscow proved he's not serious about achieving peace with Israel.

Hezbollah Thought the Helicopter was Israeli - SOUTHERN LEBANON - Hezbollah's attack on a Lebanese helicopter Thursday was a case of mistaken identity, Israeli officials believe.

Iran Arms Hezbollah with More Missiles - BEIRUT, Lebanon - Iran is arming Hezbollah with more advanced missiles to use in the event of an Israeli attack on Iranian nuclear installations.

Netanyahu: Teach Ben Gurion, Not Nakba - HOLON, Israel - Opposition leader and Likud party chairman Binyamin (Bibi) Netanyahu said he's determined to turn Israel's education system back in the direction it should go, teaching students about Israel's history.

Nine Year Old Released from Hospital - ASHDOD, Israel - Nine-year-old Osher Twito, who lost his left leg in a Kassam rocket attack in his hometown of Sderot last February, has been released from the hospital.

Air Force Buys Instant Runway Repair - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli defense officials purchased a state-of-the-art material that repairs damaged runways so quickly that flights can resume within minutes.

No Progress on Shalit's Release - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak returned from Tuesday's meetings in Alexandria with no new information on the release of IDF Corporal Gilad Shalit.

Police Question Israeli 'Free Gaza' Activist - SDEROT, Israel - Sderot police detained Israeli activist Dr. Jeff Halper Tuesday after he entered Israel at the Erez Crossing.

Izz al-Din Commander Vows Continued 'Jihad' - GAZA STRIP - Mohammed Deif, commander of Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas terror organization, broke a two-year silence in the forward to a new book.

Livni: PA Not Ready to Handle Security - JERUSALEM, Israel - In a meeting Sunday with US envoy to the Middle East General James Jones, Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni intimated that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is not ready to handle security needs of a future state.

Rice, Mofaz at Odds on Prisoner Release - JERUSALEM, Israel - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice praised Israel's release Monday of 198 Palestinian prisoners, while Israeli Transportation Minister Shaul Mofaz called it "a big mistake."

Hamas Arms Smuggling Continues - GAZA STRIP - The temporary truce between Israel and Hamas, the Palestinian faction controlling the Gaza Strip, has provided the needed calm to continue weapons smuggling into the Strip.

FM Barak, Deputy Vilnai Head to Egypt - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak and Deputy Defense Minister Matan Vilnai left for Cairo Tuesday to learn what they can about Egypt's negotiations with Hamas concerning the release of captive Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) Corporal Gilad Shalit.

Palestinians Impersonating Police Arrested - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Police have arrested seven Arabs from the east Jerusalem Arab neighborhood of Shuafat for impersonating Palestinian Authority (PA) police officers.

Barak Puts Apartment on the Market - TEL AVIV, Israel - Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak put his luxury Tel Aviv apartment on the market for more than $11 million.

Haredi Rabbis: Renew Ban on Temple Mount - JERUSALEM, Israel - Haredi (ultra-Orthodox ) rabbis are seeking to renew the ban prohibiting Jews from visiting the Temple Mount.

Training Kids for Terror - GAZA BORDER - For most kids, summer is a time for vacation, a break from the classroom, homework and tests, time to have fun with family and friends.

2009 Budget Passes by One Vote - JERUSALEM, Israel - The Olmert coalition approved the 2009 budget by a one-vote margin, with 13 voting for the budget, 12 against and one abstention.

Rice Plans to Discuss Russia, Syria - JERUSALEM, Israel - Despite US reaction to the Russian offensive in Georgia, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice intends to discuss Moscow's offer to host an international Middle East Conference this fall.

Poll: Jerusalemites Favor Barkat for Mayor - JERUSALEM, Israel - A poll conducted for the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot shows that 49 percent of the city's residents will vote for Jerusalem businessman Nir Barkat in the upcoming mayoral elections.

Oil Companies Want to Drill in the Desert - JUDEAN DESERT - On Tuesday, two Israeli energy companies that want to drill for oil in the Judean Desert will present their plan to the Nature and Parks Authority general assembly, which can grant or deny their request.

Israel Releases 198 Palestinian Prisoners - Israel released 198 Palestinian prisoners Monday, among them two convicted murderers.

Israeli Olympic Committee Pleased - JERUSALEM, Israel - Though Israeli windsurfer Shahar Zubari was the only one to bring a medal home from Beijing, the Olympic Committee of Israel (OCI) expressed overall satisfaction with the athletes performances.

Jordan Unhappy with J'lem Excavation - JERUSALEM, Israel - Jordanian officials protested the resumption of excavation work near the Mughrabi Gate in Jerusalem's Old City.

Saudis: Stop Israeli Products Entering Kingdom - RIYADH, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabian government officials warned importers to do what's necessary to stop Israeli products from entering the country.

Egypt Warns Hamas of Israeli Strikes - CAIRO, Egypt - Egyptian officials warned Hamas to beware of Israeli assassination attempts on its leaders, according to the Arabic daily al-Quds al-Arabi, headquartered in London.

Israeli Terror Victims Sue Bank of China

JERUSALEM, Israel - More than 100 Israeli victims of Palestinian terror filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against the Bank of China Ltd. for funding Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Hamas Chief: Jihad Will Retrieve Jerusalem - JERUSALEM, Israel - Gaza-based Hamas terror chief Ismail Haniyeh says Islam will reclaim Jerusalem not through diplomacy but through jihad ("holy" war).

Counter Terror Bureau Issues Alert - JERUSALEM, Israel - The Prime Minister's Office has published a list of precautionary steps issued by the Counter Terrorism Bureau to protect Israelis abroad from kidnapping attempts by Hezbollah agents.

'Aliyah' from India Still Uncertain - JERUSALEM, Israel - Conflicting reports continue circulating concerning the government's plan to bring the remaining members of India's Bnei Menashe tribe to Israel.

Jordan: Hamas Meetings for 'Security Issues' - AMMAN, Jordan - According to Jordan's information minister, renewed contacts with the Gaza-based Hamas terror organization are aimed at solving security issues.

Canadian MP Exposes PA Hypocrisy - JERUSALEM, Israel - Canadian parliamentarian Irwin Cotler says the Palestinian Authority (PA) is encouraging a culture of hate among its people.

Huckabee Scores High with Israelis - JERUSALEM, Israel - Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee scored high with Israelis right, left and center during his two-day whirlwind visit to the Jewish state.

Egypt Invites Fatah, Hamas to Talk - CAIRO - Egypt extended another invitation to rival Palestinian factions, Fatah and Hamas, to meet in Cairo next week for talks, according to MENA (Middle East News Agency).

Islamic Jihad Shows Off Training - GAZA STRIP - The Islamic Jihad terror group invited television cameramen to film training sessions of female suicide bombers in the Gaza Strip, according to the Israeli daily Haaretz.

Russia to Increase Military Aid to Arabs - DAMASCUS, Syria - Russia plans to follow up its military offensive against Georgia by increasing aid to Arab countries in conflict with Israel.

Israel Closes Gaza Crossings - GAZA BORDER - Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered closure of commercial border crossings with the Gaza Strip due to continuing rocket fire on southern Israel.

American 'Olim' to Serve in IDF - TEL AVIV, Israel - Forty-three young American Jews who arrived in Israel this week plan to begin their new life here by serving in the IDF.

Olmert to be Questioned again Friday - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will be interrogated for a sixth time Friday concerning suspicions of bribery and illegal travel billing.

Olmert Allies Seek to Keep Him in Office - JERUSALEM, Israel - Friends of beleaguered Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert want to keep him in office as long as possible.

Syria Conducting Missile Tests - JERUSALEM, Israel - Syria has been testing its missiles over the past several months, according to a report on Channel 2, based on recently released data by Israel's military censor.

Anglo Coalition Wants New Elections - JERUSALEM, Israel - A recently formed organization, whose membership is made up of American immigrants in Israel, is calling for new elections.

Labor Says No to State Budget - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said his party will vote against the 2009 state budget, which calls for a major cut in defense spending.

Jordanian, Hamas Rapprochement Worries PA - RAMALLAH - Palestinian Authority (PA) officials are concerned about recent meetings between senior members of Hamas and Jordanian officials, which took place in Amman.

Palestinians Unenthused about Prisoner Release - RAMALLAH, West Bank - Palestinian Authority (PA) officials were unenthusiastic about Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's announcement to release 200 Fatah-affiliated Palestinian prisoners.

Georgian 'Olim' Happy to be Home - JERUSALEM, Israel - Seventy-five new immigrants [olim chadashim in Hebrew] who fled the Russian offensive in Georgia are happy to be home.

Unmanned Vehicle to Evacuate Wounded - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli scientists are developing an unmanned vehicle that will be able to evacuate injured soldiers from the heat of battle, an army magazine reported.

Prisoner Release Evokes Varied Responses - JERUSALEM, Israel - The Israeli Cabinet's decision to release another 200 Fatah-affiliated Palestinian prisoners, some "with blood on their hands," brought mixed reactions in Israel.

Iran Tests Rocket for Future Launch - TEHERAN - Iranian state-run television announced the successful test launch of its new Safir rocket, which it says will soon enable Iran to put a satellite in orbit.

Navy Prepares to Turn Back Gaza Activists - The Israeli navy is preparing to deal with two boats carrying pro-Palestinian activists from abroad who want to make a public show of breaking "the siege of Gaza."

Israelis Get Serious about Recycling - JERUSALEM, Israel - Efforts to encourage Israelis to recycle are increasingly successful.

Livni Arranges ID Card for Qureia's Daughter - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni helped arrange for an Israeli identity card for the daughter of former Palestinian Authority (PA) Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia.

Egypt: Rafah Closed till Shalit's Release - CAIRO, Egypt - The Egyptian government says the Rafah border crossing will remain closed until Hamas releases Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Corporal Gilad Shalit.

Nasrallah: Israel Caused Georgia's Defeat - BEIRUT, Lebanon - Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, spiritual leader of the Lebanese-based Islamic terror organization, Hezbollah, blamed Israel for Georgia's losses against the Russian army.

Gaza Terror Group Boasts New Missiles - GAZA STRIP - The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), an Islamic terror group based in the Gaza Strip, invited reporters to the unveiling of the newest rocket in its arsenal.

Talansky Won't Return in August to Testify - JERUSALEM, Israel - American businessman and financier Morris Talansky will not be returning to Israel at the end of August to continue the cross-examination by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's legal team.

More Israeli 'Emigrants' than 'Immigrants' - JERUSALEM, ISRAEL - Newly released statistics for 2006 reveal that Israelis who left Israel that year outnumbered the new immigrants.

Lebanon and Syria: Full Diplomatic Ties - DAMASCUS, Syria - Lebanese President Michel Suleiman and Syrian President Bashar Assad announced Wednesday that the two countries will establish full diplomatic ties.

Iran: West Should Abandon Israel - TEHERAN - Before leaving for a state visit to Turkey, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad advised Western nations to abandon Israel.

Jordan Confiscates Jewish Items at Border - ARAVA BORDER CROSSING - Jordanian border guards are now instructing Israeli tourists to turn over all items that would identify them as Jewish before they can enter the country.

Barak Disappoints Gaza-Vicinity Communities - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told Gaza-vicinity community leaders Wednesday there's insufficient funding to fortify homes against rocket and mortar shell attacks, as recommended by the Home Front Command.

Palestinian Teen Carrying Pipe Bombs - Israel Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers manning the Hawara checkpoint south of Nablus (biblical Shechem) detained a 16-year-old Palestinian carrying pipe bombs.

Israel's Border Tense over Shaba Farms

AL GHAJAR, Israel -- Should terrorists be allowed to arm themselves within a fragile democracy?

Palestinians Reject Olmert's Proposal - JERUSALEM, Israel - The Palestinian Authority (PA) rejected Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's peace proposal published this week as "unacceptable."

Syria Monitors IDF on the Golan - GOLAN HEIGHTS, Israel - Syria monitored a wide-scale Israel Defense Forces (IDF) military exercise on the Golan Heights Tuesday.

Reporter Wounded in Georgia Arrives Home - JERUSALEM, Israel - Tsadok Yehezkeli, a senior reporter for the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot who was critically wounded in Georgia by shrapnel from a Russian artillery shell, arrived home Wednesday morning.

First Flight Arrives from Georgia - TEL AVIV, Israel - The first El Al flight carrying Georgian Jews making aliyah (immigrating to Israel) and Israelis, who cut short business trips and vacations after the Russian military offensive, arrived safely at Tel Aviv's Ben Gurion International airport Tuesday evening.

Iranians Mark 2nd Lebanon War Anniversary - TEHERAN - Iranians celebrated the two-year anniversary of the Second Lebanon War Tuesday evening in Teheran.

Russian Blitz Spurs 'Aliyah' - JERUSALEM, Israel - The gathering of the Jewish people to their ancient homeland, which has been going on for nearly a century, got an unexpected boost this past week with Russia's military blitz of the Republic of Georgia.

El Al Rescues Israelis in Georgia - JERUSALEM, Israel - At the request of Israel's Foreign Ministry, an El Al airliner left Tuesday morning to rescue stranded by Russia's attack on the Republic of Georgia.

Roman Temple Uncovered in Zippori - ZIPPORI NATIONAL PARK, Israel - Israeli archaeologists uncovered a second century Roman temple at Zippori National Park in northern Israel.

Israel Eyeing Russian-Syrian Arms Deal - JERUSALEM, Israel - Syrian President Bashar Assad will pay a state visit to Moscow next week, according to Russia's RIA news agency, and Israeli leaders are concerned about Russian weapons transfers to Syria.

Olmert Offers PA West Bank Withdrawal - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert offered Palestinian Authority (PA ) President Mahmoud Abbas a detailed proposal for a future Palestinian state.

Gazans Suffer Cash Shortage - GAZA STRIP - A cash crisis in the Gaza Strip left Palestinians unable to withdraw money from automatic teller machines Monday, and many were also turned away inside banks.

Fatah Closes Hamas Schools, Charities - WEST BANK - The Fatah-affiliated Palestinian Authority (PA) government has served closure notices to two schools and two charities with suspected ties to Hamas, according to Palestinian human rights groups.

Hamas Protests at Rafah Crossing - GAZA STRIP - Warnings of a second border breaching at the Rafah crossing, separating the Egyptian Sinai from the Gaza Strip, passed without incident Sunday.

Gaza Campers Ready to Fight - GAZA STRIP - Hamas-affiliated Palestinian youth graduating from summer military training camps are ready to fight the Zionist occupiers (Israel).

IDF: War with Russia No Surprise - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reservists who helped train Georgian combat troops weren't surprised by Russia's attack on Georgia.

500 Shelters by Year's End - JERUSALEM, Israel - The Defense Ministry expects to have 500 concrete structures in place to protect southern residents from Palestinian rocket fire by year's end.

Olmert Questioned Fifth Time Friday - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israel Police National Fraud Unit detectives interrogated Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert for a fifth time Friday at his Jerusalem residence.

PRC Threatens End to Temporary Truce - GAZA STRIP - The Popular Resistance Committees (PRC), a Gaza-based Islamic terror group, has threatened to end the temporary truce with Israel if the border crossings aren't opened within three weeks.

Israel Protests Ahmadinejad's Visit - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israel issued an official complaint to Turkey in advance of next week's visit to the country by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahamdinejad.

Spain Issues Warrants for Six Israelis - JERUSALEM, Israel - The National Court of Spain (Audiencia Nacional) issued arrest warrants for six senior Israeli officials, alleging war crimes in the Gaza Strip in the summer of 2002.

Israel Will Hold Lebanon Responsible - JERUSALEM, Israel - The Israeli Security Cabinet's announcement this week that Israel will hold Lebanon responsible for attacks by Hezbollah represents a significant policy change.

Egypt Discovers 20 Smuggling Tunnels - NORTHERN SINAI - On Thursday, Egyptian border police discovered 20 smuggling tunnels used primarily to transport fuel to the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Olympian Will Compete - JERUSALEM, Israel - Despite the unexpected death of his father, Olympic swimmer Alon Mandel will remain in Beijing and compete in the games, the Olympic Committee of Israel announced.

Saudis Call Israeli Nissan Ad 'Racist' - JERUSALEM, Israel - A humorous Israeli TV commercial, touting the fuel efficiency of Renault-Nissan cars, has angered the Saudis.

IAF: Missile Defense Effective - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israel Air Force (IAF) Brigadier General Daniel Milo said Israel has a dependable ballistic missile defense system in place.

Olmert, Abbas Meet in Jerusalem - JERUSALEM, Israel - Despite Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's recent announcement that he'll resign following his party's primaries in September, he met with Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas Wednesday to continue discussions on a peace deal.

Cabinet Mulls Lebanon's 'New Reality' - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israel's Security Cabinet met Wednesday to discuss the "new reality" created by the Lebanese government's giving Hezbollah the authority to "liberate Lebanese territories."

System Spots Aircraft from Afar - JERUSALEM, Israel - A new electro-optical system will help Israel Air Force (IAF) Air Defense Forces identify incoming aircraft from long distances.

Egyptian Guards Kill Darfur Refugee - EGYPTIAN SINAI - Egyptian security guards posted in the Sinai near the border with Israel shot and killed a refugee from Darfur attempting to enter Israel.

Israeli Arab Indicted as Hezbollah Agent - JERUSALEM, Israel - The Shin Bet (General Security Agency) and the Israel Police lifted a media gag order on the indictment of an Israeli Arab medical student recruited by Hezbollah.

Hamas Official: We Can Take Over West Bank - JERUSALEM, Israel - A senior Hamas member said his group was prepared to take control of the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) as it took the Gaza Strip in June 2007.

Jewish Voters Mull Cantor for VP - JERUSALEM, Israel - While Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain considers Congressman Eric Cantor (R-Va) among potential running mates, Jewish voters are likewise thinking about what that may mean for the ticket.

Light Rail Construction Snarls J'lem Traffic - JERUSALEM, Israel - Jerusalem merchants are calling the light rail construction in the city a "catastrophe" that is putting them out of business.

Second Temple Coins Discovered - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli archaeologists excavating at Kibbutz Ramat Rachel on the outskirts of Jerusalem discovered a small cache of coins dating to the destruction of the Second Temple in 70 AD.

Last Large Ethiopian Airlift Arrives - TEL AVIV, Israel - The last official group of Ethiopian Jews to immigrate to Israel with the help of The Jewish Agency arrived Tuesday.

Israelis in West Africa in 'Hezbollah State' - JERUSALEM, Israel - Officials are concerned that Israelis living in West African countries face threats from the terrorist group Hezbollah, which is supported by Lebanese locals in Africa.

IDF Chief: We'll Bring Shalit Home - TEL HASHOMER, Israel - Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of General Staff Lt. General Gabi Ashkenazi said Israel must make every effort to secure the return captured IDF Corporal Gilad Shalit.

Ancient Seal Confirms Scripture - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli archaeologists found a 2,600-year-old seal that confirms the biblical plot to kill the Jewish prophet Jeremiah.

Fatah Refugees Sent to Jericho - JERUSALEM, Israel - The 153 Fatah-affiliated Palestinians remaining of the initial 188 who sought refuge in Israel this weekend are being sent to Jericho.

Israeli Fire Victim's Eyes Help Arab Infant - JERUSALEM, Israel - A cornea transplant from the eyes of an Israeli child who died in a fire last week may save the eyesight of an Arab baby.

Hezbollah Planning Terror Attack - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israel security officials issued a warning to Israelis vacationing or working in Western African countries to be on high alert against an attack by terrorists affiliated with Lebanon's Hezbollah.

Israeli Taekwondo Champ to Olympics - KOCHAV YAAKOV, Israel - Israel's Bat-El Gatterer will represent the Jewish state in the Taekwondo martial arts competition at the summer Olympics in Beijing.

Most Israelis Want Elections - JERUSALEM, Israel - According to the War and Peace Index, published by the Tami Steinmetz Center, more than half of Israelis want the present government dissolved so the people can vote in new leadership.

Olmert Questioned a Fourth Time - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israel Police National Fraud Unit detectives arrived at the Jerusalem residence of Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert Friday morning to interrogate him for the fourth time.

Temple Institute Holds Youth Conference - JERUSALEM, Israel - Jerusalem's Temple Institute held a youth conference in the Old City that focused on the rebuilding of the Third Jewish Temple.

Gov't. Postpones Aid to Holocaust Survivors - JERUSALEM, Israel - With 87 percent of elderly Israeli Holocaust survivors living in poverty, the Cabinet's decision this week to postpone the implementation of the Dorner Commission's recommendations is shameful.

Hamas Arrests Abbas Reps in Gaza - GAZA STRIP - Hamas security police arrested Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas's senior representatives in the Gaza Strip on Friday.