August 2013 Headlines

Egyptian Christians' 'Radical' Response to Islamists

During the past several weeks, Christians have suffered the worst attacks in centuries. Radical Islam spurred the violence, but the onslaught is being met with the love of Christ.

PM, IDF Chief: Israel Prepared to Defend Itself

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reminded the populace again Thursday that Israel is prepared to defend itself against any eventuality.

Israeli Wins 'Gold' in Judoka

Israelis are understandably proud of their first gold medal winner in world judoka competitions.

Shadow of Syria: Israelis Line Up for Gas Masks

The Israeli army stepped up its alert level this week, deploying air defense anti-missile batteries around the country and calling up a limited number of reservists.

'A Family Reunion': Israel Welcomes Ethiopian Jews

Two planeloads of Ethiopian immigrants arrived at Ben Gurion's Terminal 1 Wednesday afternoon to a warm and enthusiastic welcome.

School Begins for 2+ Million Israeli Kids

Israel's new school year begins Tuesday with nearly 2.13 million students, increase of 60,000 students from last year.

P.A. Claims to Cancel 'Peace' Talks

The Palestinian Authority allegedly called off meetings with Israel following rioting in the Kalandiya "refugee camp" that left two terrorists and a U.N. worker dead.

Assad: Any U.S. Military Strike on Syria Will Fail

The Syrian president called accusations of chemical weapon use "an insult to common sense" and "politically motivated."

IAF Targets Lebanese Terror Site

Israelis living in northern Israel were surprised by a Katyusha rocket attack on Thursday.

Hamas Chief: Rebel against the 'Occupation'

Gaza-based Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh called on all Palestinian Arabs to rebel against what he called the Israeli "occupation."

Netanyahu Responds to Syrian Chemical Attacks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called reports of the use of poisonous gas in Syria "terribly disturbing."

Poison Attack? UN Probes Syria WMD Allegations

The international community is calling for clarity as to whether the Syrian regime is using chemical weapons against rebels and civilians.

Historian: WWII Battle Averted Mideast Holocaust

A famous World War II battle that turned the tide for the allies in North Africa also helped save Jews in the Middle East.

After Ambush, Hamas Urges Opening Up Border

Hamas is calling on the Egyptian government to reopen the Rafah Border Crossing to the Sinai Peninsula.

Israeli Model to Pink Floyd's Waters: Remove My Picture

Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli told the rock group Pink Floyd's Roger Waters to remove her pictures from videos he uses at the group's performances.

Israel Blamed for Collapse on Temple Mount

A Muslim group blamed Israel for the collapse of an area near the Bab as Silsila on the western side of the al-Aksa Mosque.

Turkish PM Says Israel Behind Morsi's Ouster

Turkey's Islamist Prime Minister is accusing Israel of interfering in the Egyptian revolution.

PA's Erekat: US Gave Written Guarantees

PA chief negotiator Saeb Erekat says the Obama administration provided written guarantees that all their demands would be met if they agreed to hold talks with Israel.

IDF Video Clarifies Operation in Jenin

If you read the following headline and sub-header, what would you think?

Israel Warns of Plot to Attack Jewish Targets

Israel's counter-terrorism bureau is warning of a plot to hit Israeli and Jewish targets worldwide in the coming weeks.

Egyptian Army Accused of Not Protecting Christians

Scenes of churches burning across Egypt should have never happened. Amnesty International is accusing security forces of a "shocking dereliction of duty" in protecting Christians.

Gaza Youth Call Hamas 'Medieval Gangsters, Thugs'

A Palestinian Arab youth group initiated a campaign against Hamas -- the Islamist faction ruling the Gaza Strip since the spring of 2007.

US Gives $148M to Palestinian Authority

The Obama administration signed a $148 million aid package to the Palestinian Authority Sunday to avert a budget crisis and promote the peace process.

Egypt Arrests Muslim Brotherhood Spiritual Leader

The Egyptian army kept up the pressure on the Muslim Brotherhood Tuesday with the arrest of its spiritual leader, Mohammed El Badie.

Egypt: We're Saving World from a Terror Organization

Following days of street battles, Egypt's cabinet announced it's considering banning the Muslim Brotherhood.

Israel Frees Killer of US Citizen in Prisoner Release

The murderer of an American citizen was freed as part of the Israeli prisoner release.

Sec.-Gen. Admits Anti-Israel Bias at United Nations

During a visit to Israel Friday, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon blamed the anti-Israel bias at the United Nations on the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

Israeli Arabs Rally In Favor of Egypt's Morsi

Israeli Arabs rallied on behalf of Egypt's ousted president Morsi over the weekend in Nazareth, the boyhood home of Jesus and the largest Christian Arab town in Israel.

2,700-year-old Inscription Unearthed in Jerusalem

Israeli archaeologists say the inscription on the rim of a bowl dating to the 7th century BC shows the connection between the Israelites of that day and today.

President Obama Cancels US-Egypt Military Drill

President Adli Mansour responded to President Obama's cancellation of the military drills by pleading the case for the use of force in his country.

Day of Rage: Egypt Anti-Christian Violence Spreads

Egypt braced for more violence on Friday after the Muslim Brotherhood called for a day of rage.

Morsi Supporters Remain Defiant, Despite Crackdown

More than 300 protesters were killed and thousands more wounded Wednesday when the military cleared two protest camps in Cairo.

Palestinians Cheer as Violent Offenders Released

Palestinians cheered as 26 prisoners that had been convicted of stabbing, hacking, or shooting to death Israelis were freed from Israeli jails Wednesday.

Israel Moves Forward with Jerusalem Housing

Israel is moving forward with a plan to build nearly 900 new housing units in Jerusalem.

Palestinian Prisoner Release 'Sad Day' for Israelis

Tuesday promises to be a tough day for Israelis, especially for families whose loved ones died at the hands of the Arab inmates being released as a "goodwill gesture" to the P.A.

Joint Chiefs Chairman in Israel for Security Talks

U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Gen. Martin Dempsey arrived in Israel Monday for briefings on regional security issues.

Interior Minister: IDF Recruits 'Core of Zionism'

More than 1,000 Israelis were on hand at Ben Gurion International Airport to welcome the Jewish state's newest citizens.

Israel's Iron Dome Intercepts Rocket from Sinai

Israel deployed the battery to Eilat last month as a precaution against attacks by Islamist groups operating in the Sinai.

Palestinians: Israel Trying to Torpedo Talks

Palestinians are up in arms over Sunday's announcement that 1,187 new Israeli apartment homes would be built outside the so-called green line.

Technology Brings Ancient Biblical Faces to Life

What did Samson's Delilah look like? And what about a man who might have known Jesus?

Netanyahu Recovering from Hernia Surgery

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is recovering from emergency surgery he had over the weekend.

Dream Turns Hate-Filled Muslim into Lover of Israel

Umar Mulinde was a Muslim who hated Israel until Jesus appeared to him in a dream. After that, he became a Christian and started a church in Uganda.

U.S.-led Team Uncovers Jewish Galilean Village

So far the team at Shikhim has uncovered the remains of a synagogue, residences and evidence of extensive pottery production.

Israeli PM: EU Boycott Zeroes Future Agreements

Economic relations between Israel and Europe just got rockier.

Netanyahu: Iran Accelerating Weapons Program

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran is accelerating efforts to produce weapons-grade uranium for making nuclear bombs.

Israel Launches Cyprus Desalination Plant

Israel, a country that often suffers from its own lack of water, is helping one of its Mediterranean neighbors to turn salt water into fresh.

Four Soldiers Injured Near Lebanese Border

Four Israel Defense Forces soldiers from the elite Golani Brigade were wounded by a bomb near the Lebanese border Wednesday morning.

Crusader Hospital Uncovered in Jerusalem's Old City

Israeli archaeologists are excavating a large hospital dating to the Crusader period (1099-1291 A.D.) in the Christian Quarter of Jerusalem's Old City.

Iran President Urges End to 'Language of 'Sanctions'

Speaking in an open session of Iranian parliament, President Hasan Rouhani said the best way to deal with the Islamic Republic is through building trust and respect.

White House to Iran: US Could Be a 'Willing Partner'

The White House is taking a conciliatory stance toward Iran's new president while Jerusalem is warning that he is just as dangerous as the former one.

Hezbollah Warns Israel 'We're Coming!'

The Lebanese-based terror group Hezbollah hung large banners along the border with Israel in anticipation of al-Quds Day Friday.

US Closes Embassies Across Muslim World

State Department officials said Thursday that embassies and consulates would be closed Sunday due to unspecified "security considerations."

Knesset Says Israelis Will Decide on Peace

Israel's parliament decided that Israeli citizens -- and not the government -- will have the last word in approving any peace deal.