November 2013 Headlines

Iran Nuclear Agreement Not a 'Done Deal'

Just days after the Iran Nuclear deal, the White House and Tehran are at loggerheads over the terms of the accord.

Will Jerusalem Be Divided Again?

Part of the U.S.-backed peace process seeks to split Jerusalem once again. But Israel maintains that a division is impossible. The city is its eternal, undivided capital.

Israel's Netanyahu Warns of Iranian Deal 'Fallout'

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly warned President Barack Obama about the fallout from the Geneva Accord on Iran's nuclear program.

Tel Kabri Team Uncovers Huge Wine Cellar

A team of U.S.and Israeli archaeologists at Tel Kabri in the Western Galilee uncovered the oldest and largest wine cellar ever found.

Iran: Right to Enrich Uranium 'Has Been Recognized'

Netanyahu has said repeatedly the deal is a dangerous one for the Jewish state.

Netanyahu: Iran Will Not Get Nuclear Weapons

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a gathering of local Jewish leaders in Moscow Iran would not get nuclear weapons on his watch.

Iran Nuclear Deal: Mission Accomplished or Mistake?

The P5+1 struck an historic deal early Sunday morning in Geneva with the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Israelis Plan Long-Term Help for Devastated Filipinos

A four-member team from the Israel Relief Coalition left Tel Aviv this week to assess the ongoing needs in the Philippines.

Israeli DM: Strengthening Iran Strengthens Jihad

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said Friday strengthening the Islamic Republic also strengthens the terror groups it finances, trains and arms.

Iran Nuke Deal a 'Nightmare' for the World

While world powers met with Iran's negotiators, a meeting between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin fell flat.

Iranian Leader: Israel a 'Rabid Dog'

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised Russian Jewish community leaders in Moscow Thursday Iran will not have nuclear weapons.

Israel Remains Wary as Iran Nuclear Talks Resume

Western powers resume their talks with Iran Wednesday over its nuclear program.

Israeli-US Anti-Missile Test Scores

Israeli and U.S. defense officials conducted a successful interception test of David's Sling, a layer of the anti-missile defense system designed for medium-range missiles.

IAF Targets Terror Infrastructure in Gaza

Israeli pilots targeted a weapons manufacturing plant and two arms-smuggling tunnels in the Gaza Strip Wednesday morning, identifying direct hits.

Islamists Kill 10 Egyptian Soldiers in Sinai

Jihadists killed at least 10 Egyptian soldiers and injured 35 in a car bomb attack near the Rafah border crossing.

Israeli Doctors Examine Hamas Chief's Granddaughter

Gaza-based Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh's critically ill granddaughter was brought to Israel for treatment at a hospital over the weekend.

Twin Suicide Bombers Target Iran's Beirut Embassy

A dual suicide bombing targeted the Iranian Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon, Tuesday morning, killing nearly two dozen people and injuring close to 150.

Israeli Docs Treating Hundreds in Philippines

An Israeli field hospital is up and running in the Philippines, delivering much needed medical help to those grief-stricken people.

Obama Admin. Ignoring Allies on Iran Policy?

President Barack Obama is seeking to avoid more sanctions against Iran -- a move Israel and other allies say is a bad idea.

P.A. Rewards Released Terrorists with Cash, Jobs

The Palestinian Authority often pleads poverty, frequently announcing its need for additional international aid for economic survival.

Iran Unveils Its 'Biggest Ever' Attack Drone

Defense Minister Hossein Dehghan says the aircraft has a range that could cover much of the Middle East -- including Israel.

Peace Talks Spawn Terror Attacks

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon attributed increased terror attacks over the past several months to the political process with the Palestinian Authority.

Israel Balks at US Proposal to Ease Iran Sanctions

President Barack Obama is asking Congress not to add more sanctions against Iran, saying he wants to give the international community time to work out a diplomatic solution.

Baby 'Israel' Born amid Philippines Disaster Chaos

Israeli medical staff delivered a healthy baby boy on Friday at the field hospital set up this week in the Philippines.

Hezbollah: Israel 'Pushing for War' over Iran Nukes

Hezbollah chief Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah said war is the only alternative to reaching an agreement with Iran on its nuclear program, an outcome he says Israel wants.

Israeli Relief Team Sets Up Hospital in Philippines

Israel sent a 148-member contingent to the Philippines to set up a field hospital, distribute humanitarian and medical supplies and help with search and rescue efforts.

Can Israeli Tourism Survive Mideast Turmoil?

From Gaza terror attacks to a nuclear Iran, most people only see images of turmoil surrounding Israel. Still, millions visit the Holy Land every year despite the upheaval.

Israel: Nuke Deal Would Legitimize Iran Ambitions

Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz is warning against any type of deal on Iran's nuclear program.

Teen Terrorist Kills IDF Soldier in Knife Attack

An Israeli government minister blamed the Palestinian Authority for contributing to the terrorist murder of an Israeli soldier on Wednesday.

Top Russian Officials in Egypt for Arms Deal

Russia's foreign and defense minister arrived in Egypt Wednesday for two days of talks on the largest arms deal between the two nations since the early 70s.

Netanyahu Balances Housing Needs against Iranian Threat

Netanyahu urged Housing Minister Uri Ariel to "reconsider all of the steps for evaluating planning potential" for new housing projects.

Indian Christians Dedicate Jerusalem Prayer Tower

CBN Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell took a look at how Christians from India recently dedicated a prayer center in the heart of Jerusalem.

U.S. Broke Its Agreement on Ex-Spy Pollard

Former MK Rafi Eitan, who served as chairman of the now defunct Pensioner's Party, issued an apology to convicted Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard.

P.A. Doesn't 'Respect Freedom of Expression'

The Palestinian Authority has a ways to go with freedom of the press if it wants to become a democracy.

Israel Dispatches Team to Philippines

Tiny Israel is always one of the first countries to respond to natural disasters around the world and the Philippines' Typhoon Haiyan is no different.

Remembering Kristallnacht 75 Years Later

Jews worldwide marked the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht (Night of Broken Glass), a pivotal event in Hitler's march to eradicate European Jewry.

Netanyahu: Iran Getting 'Deal of the Century'

Rumors of a nuclear deal with Iran sparked concern in Israel where Netanyahu said world powers are making a mistake and Iran is getting a free pass.

Netanyahu Rejects International Pressure on Peace Talks

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu appeared to reject pressure from visiting U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to get back to peace talks with the Palestinians.

Kerry Extends Mideast Stay to Reignite Peace Talks

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry flew to Jordan Thursday to meet with Abbas at his residence in Amman and will return to Israel Friday to meet with Netanyahu.

Israel's Tough Foreign Minister Resumes His Post

Israel's right wing got a boost Wednesday when Jerusalem Magistrate Court justices fully acquitted former Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman of fraud charges.

US Poised to Impose Its Two-State Solution

According to the latest media reports, Kerry intends to convey U.S. intentions to present its formula for a permanent solution in January.

Will Israel Act Alone on Iran's Nuclear Threat?

Iran is reportedly weeks from making enough uranium for a nuclear warhead.  Israeli Ambassador Ido Aharonitalks talks more about the threat to his country and the world.

Sheikh: 'Allah Alone Will Be Worshipped'

A Muslim sheikh in Syria said there won't be room for any religion but Islam in the Middle East if he has his way.

Israeli Doctors Deliver Syrian Baby

A Syrian refugee who gave birth to her first child in an Israeli hospital Sunday morning said both she and her newborn are getting "wonderful, devoted care."

US Official: Israel Strikes Missile Shipment in Syria

There are reports that Israeli warplanes attacked a shipment of Russian missiles inside a Syrian government stronghold, a U.S. security official said.

Ethiopian Israelis Celebrate Return to Promised Land

Israel's Ethiopian Jewish community gathered Thursday to celebrate Sigd, a 2,500-year-old holiday observed during their dispersion in Africa.

Bomb Injures Five IDF Soldiers at Gaza Border

Five Israeli soldiers were injured early Friday when Hamas terrorists detonated a bomb near the security fence along the border with the Gaza Strip.