July 2014 Headlines

US Firemen Help Fight Rocket Blazes in Israel

A delegation of 13 elite U.S. firefighters arrived in Israel to help with the fires set by Hamas rocket attacks.

LIVE Updates from Israel

CBN News team works to bring you updates from the Holy Land live during the Israel - Gaza Operation.

Why Israel Must Be Allowed to Crush Hamas

Israel must crush Hamas not only for the sake of preserving its values, but to send a message to terrorists worldwide,  former Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren says.

'Allah Curse Them!' Gazans' Harsh Words for Hamas

The mainstream media rarely reports about Palestinians in Gaza criticizing Hamas but CBN News found a few of them inside the war zone.

What the Media Isn't Saying about the Gaza War

As Israel fights Hamas terrorists on the ground, they've also found themselves battling what they see as biased war coverage by the media.

Will Middle East Crisis Push Kerry Reset Button?

Despite the White House's bravado in the face of criticism, Obama advisers might at least consider pushing the re-set button on the current secretary of state.

First Gaza Christian Killed: 'This Is Her Blood-Soaked Clothes!'

Gazans are struggling to cope with the devastation as Israel works to root out Hamas. A Palestinian Christian mother is among the casualties.

Video Shows Hamas Using Tunnels to Ambush IDF

As Israel continues its military offensive, a disturbing new video from Hamas has emerged showing several terrorists using a tunnel to ambush Israeli soldiers.

Hamas, Not Israel, Hit Gaza Hospital, Refugee Camp

Israel Defense Forces released a photo showing the trajectory and impact point of four Hamas rockets, two of which landed in the Gaza Strip killing nine Palestinian children.

Israel Digs in for Long Battle to Dismantle Hamas

The latest Israeli fatalities make it likely the Jewish state will push harder to dismantle the Hamas threat before it even considers a ceasefire. 

Israel Mines for Hamas Tunnels amid Calls for Ceasefire

The U.N. Security Council voted late Sunday night for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire between Hamas and Israel.

Israel's Anti-Missile Iron Dome a Real 'Miracle'

Hamas has fired thousands of rockets in its relentless attacks on Israel, but very few are hitting their targets.

As Rockets Fly, Gaza Christians Find Refuge at Church

During a brief humanitarian truce, some 1,000 Palestinians, most of them Muslims, left their homes and sought refuge in one of the only two churches in Gaza.

Unrest All Around: Israel Ripe for a Third Intifada?

As the war in the Gaza Strip continues, some fear a third intifada (armed Palestinian uprising) may be brewing.

Egyptian Border Police Kill Suicide Bomber

Egyptian security forces shot and killed a suicide bomber in southern Rafah en route to Israel's Kerem Shalom border crossing with the Gaza Strip.

UN Accuses Israel of 'War Crimes' against Hamas

Hamas launched nearly 80 rockets at Israel on the same day the U.N. Human Rights Council decided to investigate the Jewish state for war crimes.

Ben Gurion a Ghost Town after Flights Grounded

There are usually hundreds of people waiting for family and friends in the arrival hall at Israel's Ben Gurion International Airport. Now it's nearly deserted.

Leaders Condemn 'Death to the Jews' Protests

Anti-Semitism is on the rise in parts of the world as protests mount over the conflict between Israel and Gaza.

LIVE Updates from Israel

CBN News team works to bring you updates from the Holy Land live during the Israel - Gaza Operation.

Human Shields: 'Hamas Wants Israel to Kill Their Children'

Here on the Israeli-Gaza border, Israeli soldiers find themselves fighting an enemy that uses the same tactics as al Qaeda in Iraq and the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Latest Updates and In-Depth Coverage on the Israel-Gaza Conflict

Get all the latest updates from our CBN News team in Jerusalem on Israel's Operation Protective Edge in Gaza to stop Hamas rockets. 

Opinion: The Absurdity of Equating Israel with Hamas

Some people understand what's going on in the IDF's ground incursion in the Gaza Strip, and some don't.

Newest Citizens Defy Rockets to Make Israel Home

The conflict between Israel and Hamas hasn't stopped Jews from immigrating to Israel.

Politics Aside: Docs Treat Gaza, Israeli Patients

Hamas's deadly rocket attacks on Israel are threatening some of the same hospitals where Palestinian doctors are being trained and Palestinian patients are being treated.

IDF Foils Hamas Attempt to Abduct Troops, Civilians

Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel Monday on their mission to kill and kidnap Israeli civilians and troops.

Hamas Responsible for Palestinian Deaths, Israel Says

During an interview with BBC Arabic, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu blamed Hamas for the casualties on the Palestinian side.

Battle Draws Israel to God's Promises

On Friday morning, a family in Herzliya learned their son had been killed hours after Israel's ground incursion into the Gaza Strip.

IDF Soldiers Killed after Palestinians Breach Border

Two Israeli soldiers were killed and four others were injured Saturday when Palestinian terrorists infiltrated the Israeli border and opened fire on them.

Israel's Ground Op to Stop Hamas Rockets Underway

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that Israel launched a ground operation into the Gaza Strip late Thursday evening.

Israel Begins Ground Operation to Stop Hamas Rockets

After a five-hour humanitarian truce ended, Israel has begun ground operations in the Gaza Strip to stop Hamas rockets from being fired on the Jewish state.

Rocket Fire Not Stopping Biblical Promise to Israel

Hamas rockets could not deter two planeloads of French Jews from immigrating to their historical homeland Wednesday, which many see as the fulfillment of biblical promises.

Israel-Gaza Conflict Enters Ominous New Phase

After Israel accepted Egypt's ceasefire proposal and Hamas rejected it, the conflict between Hamas and Israel entered a new and potentially dangerous phase.

Ceasefire Offer Puts Hamas in Diplomatic Crosshairs

Hamas rejected the Egyptian-mediated ceasefire offer and continued its assault on Israel's population after the ceasefire took effect Tuesday.

'We Must Defend Ourselves:' Israeli Op Continues

Despite building diplomatic pressure to declare a ceasefire, Israel's campaign to eliminate Hamas rockets from Gaza continues.

No Ceasefire Yet: Israeli Gaza Op a Message for Iran

President Obama called Israel's prime minister and offered to broker a ceasefire, but so far Israel shows no signs of ending Operation Protective Edge.

App Alerts When Missiles Launched Against Israel

Over 500,000 people have downloaded a new smartphone app that gives real-time alerts every time a rocket is launched from Gaza into Israel.

Hamas, Fatah Post Facebook Threats

To understand the ideology embraced by Hamas and Fatah, a working knowledge of Arabic is very helpful.

Day Three of Gaza Op: Israelis in Bomb Shelters

Israel entered the third day of its Operation Protective Edge. So far, its air force struck nearly 500 targets to stop the Hamas rocket fire from the Gaza Strip.

Opinion: World Condemns Israel for Protecting Its People

As Israel fights back against Hamas - the Palestinian terror group that openly declares its intention to wipe the Jewish state off the map - it faces condemnation.

Israel: 'We Tried to De-Escalate. Now We're Acting'

Israel targeted more of the terror infrastructure in the Gaza Strip overnight as it continued efforts to stop the rocket fire by Hamas terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Sirens Wail as Israel Intercepts Rockets Aimed at Tel Aviv

At least two rockets fired from Gaza sent air raid sirens blaring in Tel Aviv Tuesday evening, as residents scattered for shelter.

Obama's Incomplete Message to Israel

The same day Palestinian terrorists launched rockets on Israeli civilian areas, Ha'aretz published an article by President Obama titled, "Peace is the Only Path to True Security for Israel." 

Israeli DM: Gaza Op Won't End in Days

Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said Operation Protective Edge won't end "in a few days."

Rioting over Arab Teen's Death Escalates in Israel

Israeli leaders strongly condemned the murder of Arab teenager Mohammed Abu Khdeir.

6 Jewish Suspects Arrested in Slaying of Arab Teen

Israel arrested six Jewish suspects Sunday in the grisly slaying of a Palestinian teenager who was abducted and burned alive last week - a crime that set off a wave of violent protests in Arab sections of the country.

Tensions High After Palestinian Teen Death

A teenager who Palestinians say was killed by Israeli extremists in a revenge attack was burned to death, an autopsy showed Saturday, as clashes fuelled by anger over the case spread into Arab Israeli towns.

Independence Day: 'Shared Values' Unite Israel, US

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said shared values and common interests are the glue that knits the two countries together.

Gaza Rockets Slam into Southern Israel

Two Israeli homes were hit by rockets fired from the Gaza Strip over the last 24 hours, including one that was used as a nursery for infants.

Revenge Killing? Arab Teen Found Murdered

Palestinians blame Jews for the killing, believing Israelis took revenge for the murder of three Israeli teenagers whose bodies were discovered this week.

Israel to Abbas: 'Dismantle Unity Gov't with Hamas'

Days after the brutal murder of three Israeli teens, Ron Dermer, Israel’s Ambassador to the U.S., talks with CBN’s Chris Mitchell about Israel’s reaction to the tragedy.

Israelis Mourn Murder of Kidnapped Teens

Israelis are mourning the murder of three abducted Israeli teenagers after their bodies were found in the West Bank on Monday evening.