April 2009 Headlines

Israeli FM: Drop 'Land for Peace' Slogan

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the nations of the world must quit using "land for peace" slogans.

Czech PM: 'We'll Strengthen EU-Israel Ties'

Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek told Israeli President Shimon Peres that he would fight threats to freeze relations with Israel.

Vandals Deface Joseph's Tomb

NABLUS - Nearly 500 Israelis arriving at the compound housing Joseph's Tomb discovered more than the usual amount of vandalism.

Suleiman's Visit Eases Tension

JERUSALEM, Israel - Egypt's Intelligence chief meetings with Israeli government officials in Jerusalem eased recent tensions between the two countries.

'Glitch' Foils Hamas Address in Britain

A technical problem prevented exiled Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal from delivering an address to British parliamentarians.

Germany: Mass Grave to be Excavated

German authorities had been prevented from investigating the 1,200-acre property by its previous owners.


Education Minister to Teach Classes

Israeli Minister of Education Gideon Sa'ar (Likud) will be teaching once a week in schools throughout the country.

Hamas Arms Smuggling Increases

GAZA BORDER - The Hamas terror organization, which controls the Gaza Strip, is continuing to import explosives, longer-range rockets, anti-tank and anti-aircraft missiles through an estimated 160 smuggling tunnels at the border with Egypt.

Arab Plan: 'A Recipe for Israel's Destruction'

JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman disagrees with U.S. President Barack Obama's assessment that the Arab peace plan is a "very constructive start."

Exempt Arabs from Jewish Studies

JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Arab MK (member of Knesset) Afu Aghbaria (Balad) said Israeli Arab school children should not study the Jewish history of the state.

PA: Treason to Sell Land to Jews

RAMALLAH - A Palestinian Authority (PA) tribunal held a six-hour hearing of a citizen to be charged with treason for selling land to Jews.

Israelis Remember the Holocaust

JERUSALEM, Israel - Israelis throughout the country stood in silence at 10 a.m. Tuesday as the siren sounded in memory of the six million Jews who perished.

Thousands March in Poland

AUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU, Poland - Thousands of participants from around the world gathered for this year's March of the Living, a two-mile walk between the two former Nazi death camps, Auschwitz and Birkenau.

Mashaal to Address British MPs by Video

LONDON - Damascus-based Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal will speak to a closed meeting of British parliamentarians via videoconferencing.

Israeli FM Calls Swiss Ambassador Home

JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman ordered Israel's ambassador to Switzerland, Ilan Elgar, to return to Jerusalem on Monday for meetings.

Durban II: Germany Out, Britain, France in

GENEVA, Switzerland - A spokesman for the U.N.'s Durban II racism conference announced Sunday that Germany would not be attending.

Arab MKs Praise U.N. Racism Conf.

JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Arab MKs (members of Knesset) voiced strong support for the U.N.-sponsored racism conference, with several attending the week-long event, which begins Monday in Geneva.

Jewish Agency Wecomes Sharansky

Jewish Agency officials welcomed Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's choice of former minister Natan Sharansky for chairman of the Jewish Agency.

Former Terror Head Joins PA Gov't.

RAMALLAH - Zacharia Zubeidi, former commander of the Fatah-affiliated al-Aksa Martyrs Brigades, resigned from the PA (Palestinian Authority) security forces to join the government's Ministry of Prisoner Affairs.

Israeli PM: No to a Second 'Hamastan'

JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu told U.S. President Barack Obama's special Mideast envoy George Mitchell that Israel would not accept another 'Hamastan' at its back door.

Israeli Security Guard Kills Terrorist

BEIT HAGAI, Israel - Security personnel in the Israeli community of Beit Hagai near Hevron shot and killed a knife-wielding Palestinian who infiltrated the town.

Mitchell Arrives in Israel

JERUSALEM, Israel - U.S. President Barack Obama's Middle East envoy George Mitchell arrived in Israel Wednesday evening, after spending Tuesday in Morocco.

Passover Ends with Rocket Attack

ESHKOL REGION, Israel - Palestinians in the Gaza Strip resumed rocket attacks on southern Israel Wednesday evening, as the week-long Passover holiday ended.

Security Bolsters Borders with Egypt, Jordan

JERUSALEM, Israel - Following Cairo's arrest last week of 49 members of a Hezbollah terror cell operating in Egypt, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) tightened security along the borders with Egypt and Jordan.

IDF Helps Families Choose 'Secure Rooms'

JERUSALEM, Israel - Beginning Thursday, the IDF'S Home Front Command will help individual families designate a secure room in their homes.

Iran Complains about Israel Threats

Iran's ambassador to the United Nations charges that Israel has violated the U.N. charter by making threats to attack Iranian nuclear facilities.

Egypt to Punish Hezbollah for Terror Plans

JERUSALEM -- An Egyptian official says the Lebanon-based terrorist group Hezbollah will be punished for planning terror attacks on Egyptian soil.

Judge Releases Detained Activists

SDEROT, Israel - In unusually sharp criticism of Israel Police forces, a Magistrate Court judge ordered the immediate release of people arrested during a protest march in Sderot on Sunday morning.

Egyptian President Speaks Out

CAIRO - For the first time since last week's arrest of a Hezbollah terror cell operating in Egypt, President Hosni Mubarak spoke out about the incident.

Israelis Head for Sinai, Turkey

JERUSALEM, Israel - Ignoring warnings from the government's Counter-Terrorism Bureau, thousands of Israelis headed for seaside resorts in the Egyptian Sinai Peninsula.

Abbas Makes First Call to Netanyahu

JERUSALEM, Israel - Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas phoned Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to extend Passover holiday greetings.

Palestinian Boat Explodes off Israeli Coast

SOUTHERN ISRAEL - An unmanned Palestinian fishing boat sailing north toward Israel exploded off the coast of Gaza Monday morning.

Israel Wary of Iran Nuclear Progress

After a week in which Iran inaugurated a new nuclear facility, Vice President Joe Biden said Israel would be "ill-advised" to launch an attack on Iran.

Israelis Enjoy Passover in the Land

GOLAN HEIGHTS, Israel - The economic downturn convinced many Israelis to spend this Passover holiday in the country, bringing occupancy at resorts, guesthouses and hotels to 90 percent capacity.

Blair Helps Sinn Fein Leader Enter Gaza

GAZA STRIP - European Union Middle East envoy Tony Blair helped Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams meet with Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh in the Gaza Strip.

PA Discovers Bomb Facility in Mosque

KALKILYA, West Bank - Palestinian Authority (PA) forces discovered an explosives lab in a mosque in the PA-controlled city of Kalkilya on Wednesday evening as Israelis gathered for the traditional Seder meal.

Egypt: Hezbollah Smuggling Arms, Planning Terror

Egypt has accused the Lebanon-based Hezbollah of planning terrorist attacks on Egyptian soil, which could lead to more erosion in relations between Egypt and Hezbollah's primary sponsor, Iran.

Israeli Found Dead in Quake Ruins

L'AQUILA, ITALY - Rescue workers have found the body of 23 year-old Israeli medical student Hussein Hamada, whose dormitory collapsed in Italy's worst earthquake in 30 years.

The Feast of Unleavened Bread

JERUSALEM, Israel - For thousands of years, Jews have celebrated Passover and the Feast of Unleavened Bread, according to the Torah (the first five books of Moses).

Israelis Warned: Stay Away from Sinai

JERUSALEM, Israel - The government's Counter-Terrorism Bureau issued a warning on Tuesday to Israeli families vacationing during the week of Passover to stay away from the Sinai Peninsula.

Evidence of First Israelites Found

JORDAN VALLEY - Just two days before the Passover holiday begins, a team of Israeli archaeologists discovered evidence of the Israelites entry into the land of Canaan after their 40-year sojourn in the wilderness.

Report: Israel Must Retain the Golan

JERUSALEM, Israel - The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs (JCPA) published a paper by former national security advisor Major-General (ret.) Giora Eiland, stating that ceding the Golan Heights would endanger Israel's security.

Israel Missile Defense Test Successful

The Israeli Defense Ministry announced the successful conclusion of another test firing of the Arrow 2 ballistic missile defense system on Tuesday.

Israeli MK: 'We're Not America's 51st State'

JERUSALEM, Israel - Responding to U.S. President Barack Obama's remarks to the Turkish parliament on Monday, demanding adherence to a two-state solution, one government minister said Israel is not America's 51st state.

IDF Reservists Ask AG to Investigate 'Haaretz'

JERUSALEM, Israel - Israel Defense Forces (IDF) reservists have asked Attorney General Menachem Mazuz to open an investigation against the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

Mubarak Invites Netanyahu to Egypt

JERUSALEM, Israel - Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak invited Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to come to the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh.

IDF Planning Mega War Exercise

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - In view of the growing threat of war, the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Home Front Command plans to conduct the nation's largest-ever military exercise, scheduled to take place in about two months.

Gov't. to Cut Household Water Use

JERUSALEM, Israel - Israel's National Water Authority, Mekerot, plans to reduce home water usage by 10 percent in 2009.

Fatah Resuming Acts of Terrorism

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Israeli defense officials reported an increase in acts of terrorism by Arabs affiliated with Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction.

Ashkenazi: War Crime Claims 'Unfounded'

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Chief of General Staff Lt.-General Gabi Ashkenazi said claims of war crimes during the three-week military operation in the Gaza Strip were utterly unfounded.

Opposition Protests Budget Debate

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Parties sitting in the opposition joined forces to protest a Knesset debate on a biennial State budget, which means passing the budget every two years instead of annually as it is now.

Tel Aviv Celebrates 100 Years

CBNNews.com - The city of Tel Aviv-Jaffa launched its 100th anniversary celebration on Thursday evening.

Swedes Fined for Banning Israeli Fans

CBNnews.com - The International Tennis Federation (ITF) slapped a $25,000 fine on Sweden's tennis association for holding last month's playoffs between Sweden and Israel behind closed doors.

Bat Ayin Residents Don't Seek Revenge

CBNNews.com - BAT AYIN, Israel - Some 50 residents of Bat Ayin gathered Thursday evening, following the 5:00 p.m. funeral of 13-year-old Shlomo Nativ.

PA Unity Talks 'a Total Failure'

CBNNews.com - CAIRO - The latest round of Egyptian-mediated reconciliation meetings between rival Palestinian factions, described as "a total failure," ended abruptly on Thursday.

Palestinian Murders Israeli Teen

CBNNews.com - BAT AYIN, Israel - An ax-wielding Palestinian killed an Israeli teen Thursday and seriously injured a seven-year-old child in the community of Bat Ayin in Gush Etzion.

Arab MK Supports Nuclear-armed Iran

CBNNews.com - JERUSALEM, Israel - Newly elected MK (member of Knesset) Haneen Zuabi (Balad), the first female Arab MK, expressed her support of Iran and its quest to develop nuclear warheads.

Jordanian Arms Shipment Discovered

CBNNews.com - ARAVA CROSSING, Israel - Israeli customs officials at the Arava border crossing discovered a weapons cache concealed in a Jordanian truck.

Obama, Putin Congratulate Bibi

CBNNews.com - U.S. President Barack Obama and Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin both called newly installed Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, congratulating him and extending invitations to visit.