August 2014 Headlines

House Leader: Impeachment Should Be Off the Table

New House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told CBN News that any potential attempt to impeach President Barack Obama should be taken off the table.

Did Former Gov. Bob McDonnell Break the Law?

A man once considered a possible presidential contender is now on trial. Former Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell and his wife face political corruption charges in federal court.

GOP Presidential Hopefuls Court Christian Vote

Possible 2016 GOP presidential candidates spent the weekend speaking to more than a thousand Christian conservatives at the Iowa Family Leadership Summit.

Obama's Inaction Blamed for Rise of Islamic State

As the United States provides aid to Iraqis being terrorized by ISIS, President Barack Obama is taking fire from the left and the right for the rise of the jihadist army.

New VA Law Includes 'Private Care' Funds for Vets

President Barack Obama is signing a bill into law aimed at revamping the Department of Veterans Affairs.

IRS Placating Atheists by Monitoring Church Speech?

The IRS is now investigating houses of worship, claiming in a recent letter to the Justice Department that 99 churches merit a "high priority examination" for "illegal electioneering."

White House May Dodge Congress to Stop Tax Flight

The Obama administration is looking for ways it can circumvent Congress in order to prevent American businesses from re-incorporating in other countries to avoid U.S. taxes.

Growing Up Bobby: Jindal's All-American Dream

His historic election as the first Indian governor catapulted Bobby Jindal into the limelight. Now the light's even brighter as he considers a run for the White House.