July 2015 Headlines

House Chairman Calls for Obama to Sack IRS Chief

A leading House Republican is calling on President Barack Obama to fire Internal Revenue Service head Jon Koskenin.

Huckabee Holds to Holocaust Claim on Iran Deal

The Obama administration is sending three cabinet secretaries to Capitol Hill Tuesday to sell the Iran nuclear deal as a side battle simmers over Iran's past threats to destroy Israel.

Huckabee: Obama Pushing Jews toward Holocaust

Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee is not backing down from accusing President Barack Obama of pushing the Jewish state toward another Holocaust.

Hillary Clinton Defends Planned Parenthood in South Carolina

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is defending Planned Parenthood as her Republican counterparts blast the national health care organization whose services include abortion.

Ohio's Kasich: 'I've Decided to Run for President'

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is the 16th Republican to join the crowded field of candidates running for the White House.

Scott Walker: 'Never Compromise Your Principles'

Wisconsin's Scott Walker is one of the leading candidates in the GOP residential race. His claim to fame:  a conservative governor getting results in a state that had not voted Republican in more than 30 years.

Question on Jailed Americans in Iran Angers President

A question about the fate of four Americans imprisoned or missing in Iran brought an angry response from President Barack Obama at his press conference on Wednesday.

Iran Streets Erupt in Joy, US Political Battle Begins

The Obama administration may have worked out a nuclear deal with Iran, but the fight isn't over yet.

Wisconsin Gov. Walker Announces Presidential Run

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is the latest Republican to join the race for president.

Gov. Scott Walker Announces Presidential Bid

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker declared his candidacy for president on Monday, casting himself as a "fighter" who muscled through an aggressive conservative agenda in a state that typically supports Democrats.

Obama: Battle against ISIS Could Take Decades

President Barack Obama is proposing a new strategy in the fight against ISIS, saying the battle against the Islamic State will not be quick. In fact, he says it could take decades.

Jim Webb Challenges Hillary for Dem Nomination

Democrat Jim Webb is making a run for the White House, the former Virginia senator announcing Thursday he's in the race.

Obama Aides Knew of Clinton's Private Email Address

Senior Obama administration officials knew in 2009 that Hillary Clinton was using a private email account while secretary of state.