April 2014 Headlines

RNC Sues IRS in Tea Party Targeting Scandal

The Republican National Committee marked tax day by filing a lawsuit against the IRS to obtain information from the tax agency on the Tea Party targeting scandal.

Social Security Suspends Efforts to Collect Old Debts

The Social Security Administration has suspended a program that seized people's tax returns to recover over-payments made more than a decade ago.

White House Breakfast: 'Christ Didn't Rise in Vain'

More than 100 Christian leaders from different backgrounds and different states gathered at the White House to celebrate Christ's resurrection.

Critics: HHS Pick Won't Quell Obamacare Flap

President Barack Obama's pick to head the Department of Health and Human Services is coming under close scrutiny.

Top Dem on IRS Investigation Accused in Scandal

The top Democrat on the House panel investigating the Internal Revenue Service political scandal is being accused of possibly playing a role.

Sebelius Resigns after Botched Obamacare Rollout

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius is resigning after the rocky rollout of President Barack Obama's signature health care law.

Health Care Law Opinions Reinforce Partisan Divide

Even with the troubled rollout of the president's health care plan, the administration is claiming success.

US Mulls Ceding World Wide Web Oversight

Big government is at it again. But this time the Obama administration is planning to give up power, which could prove detrimental to people all over the world.

House Budget Promises Curbed Deficit Spending

The budget, proposed by Sen. Paul Ryan, R-Wis., seeks wide-ranging cuts in programs like food stamps and government-paid health care.

Panel Holds Former IRS Official in Contempt

Former IRS official Lois Lerner is now being held in contempt of Congress after refusing to testify in the Tea Party-targeting scandal.

Bobby Jindal Gearing Up for Presidential Run?

It's no secret conservatives don't like the president's ideas. But Lousiana's governor is challenging the GOP to craft ideas of their own.

Ex-IRS Agents: Progressives Weren't Targeted by IRS

Former IRS said no progressive groups were targeted for extra scrutiny the way Tea Party groups were, according to a new report by the House Oversight Committee.

White House Gender Pay Gap Draws Scrutiny

The president signed an executive order that would reduce gender gaps in worker pay even as the White House is facing scrutiny for its own gender income inequality. 

Lois Lerner Faces Prosecution in Tea Party Scandal

Former IRS division director Lois Lerner, who admitted to "extra scrutiny" of the Tea Party and other conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status, could face criminal charges.

Could Russia, China Seize Control of the Internet?

Some Republican lawmakers fear the Obama administration's plan to relinquish U.S. oversight of the World Wide Web could result in Russia or China taking control.

Campaign Finance Ruling Draws Praise from GOP

Political donors can now donate money to as many candidates and parties as they want, thanks to a Supreme Court ruling.

Blue Cross: 15 Pct Not Paying Obamacare Premiums

New data released by one of the nation's largest insurers says 15 to 20 percent of customers signed up under Obamacare aren't paying their first premium, which means they're not actually covered.

Midterm Elections a Steeper Hill for Democrats

With midterm elections just seven months away, polls show Republicans have a good chance to hold the House and take back the Senate.