October 2014 Headlines

Gov. Sam Brownback’s Battle in the Heartland

One of the more interesting stories in this election season comes from Kansas. Sam Brownback, a Republican governor in a solid Republican state, is now in danger of losing his powerful position.

New Obamacare Signups Tied to Medicaid Expansion

Most new healthcare signups under Obamacare came through the expansion of Medicare and not private insurance, according to a new Heritage Foundation report.

County's Miscast Votes Blamed on 'Calibration Error'

A curious story from Illinois is raising concerns of election fraud in the upcoming midterm elections.

Race That's Putting Va. College on the Political Map

Residents of Ashland, Virginia, affectionately call this town the "center of the universe." Now, with two local professors facing off in the race to replace Eric Cantor, they are proclaiming it "the political center of the universe."

Dem-Appointed Judge: No Right to Gay Marriage

A U.S. federal judge ruled Tuesday to uphold a Puerto Rico law defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. 

Make or Break: The Fight for the Texas Latino Vote

The political race is on, but it's not just for Capitol Hill. Parties need to win major voting groups for long-term success, and that makes the Latino vote a number one priority - especially in Texas.

Abuse of Power? Harry Reid's Game of Dodge Ball

Some have talked about a "do-nothing Congress" -- and that could certainly be said of the Senate. Critics say the reason for that pretty much comes down to one person: Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Eyes on Fla., Iowa as Early Midterm Voting Begins

Early voting for this year's midterm elections is underway and more than 2.3 million Americans have already cast ballots.

Obama: High Court's Gay Ruling Best of Presidency

President Barack Obama says the U.S. Supreme Court's tacit approval of gay marriage is the court's most consequential action of his presidency.

Millennials Becoming Disillusioned with White House

The youth vote is a powerful force. President Barack Obama was able to tap into it in 2012, and it landed him a second term in the White House.

Election-Minded Dems Say 'No Thanks' to Obama

With mid-term elections roughly two weeks away, Democrats are choosing not to have President Barack Obama campaign for them. The news comes as the president's job approval ratings are hitting a record low.

Low Voter Turnout Could Equal Big Trouble for Dems

Both parties are working hard to win control of the Senate in midterm elections next month, but one major problem for Democrats could be low turnout.

If Pastors Stay Silent, Nation Will 'Fall Off Cliff'

The Family Research Council is calling Christians to action, saying pastors and their congregations can't afford to sit out during this year's election.

Ruling Leads to Closing of 13 TX Abortion Clinics

Thirteen abortion clinics in Texas were closed last month after a federal appeals court upheld the state's new abortion law.

Tight Kansas Race Could Decide Senate Power Shift

For Republicans to win back control of the U.S. Senate, they must gain six seats and try to hold on to the ones they currently have.

Huckabee: 'I'll Leave GOP, Become Independent'

Former Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee warns he'll leave the Republican Party if it stops opposing same-sex marriage and abortion.

Voter ID Laws Blocked One Month from Election Day

Federal courts blocked voter ID laws in Texas and Wisconsin on Thursday, with less than a month to go until Election Day.

More than Half Say Obama's Presidency a Failure

More than half of Americans label President Barack Obama's presidency a failure, according to a new poll by Investor's Business Daily and Tipp.

Why All Faiths are Rallying Around a Beardless Muslim

Muslim convert Gregory Holt's case is that rare one in which he hand-wrote his appeal to the Supreme Court justices and they decided to hear his case. Some Christians may wonder why it should concern them.

Ayotte: Obama's Resolve on ISIS about Mid-Term Elections

Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H., voiced concerns that the president will step back from his stand on taking out ISIS after midterm elections.

White House Was Eager to 'Rid Itself of Iraq'

Former Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta is criticizing the White House for not making a deal with Iraq's leadership in 2011 to keep U.S. troops in that country.

Secret Service Security Woes May Not Be Over Yet

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned abruptly Wednesday, just 24 hours after defending herself and the agency she served for 30 years.

Judge: Obamacare Subsidies 'Abuse of Discretion'

A federal judge in Oklahoma has ruled against Obamacare, striking down a special rule created by the IRS.

Secret Service Director Resigns after Security Lapses

Secret Service Director Julia Pierson resigned Wednesday after problems of security lapses and a breach at the White House prompted increasing calls for her departure.