September 2009 Headlines

Does 'Cap & Trade' Really Mean 'Cap & Tax'?

A climate change bill to fight global warming has many Americans concerned about their jobs and energy prices.

Panel Approves Abstinence Education Funds

A Senate committee on Tuesday night restored federal funds for abstinence education that President Barack Obama wanted cut.

Committee Strikes Down Pro-Life Amendments

Amendments designed to strengthen anti-abortion provisions in the health care were rejected, Wednesday, but supporters say it's not over.

Obama Meets Security Team on Afghan Srategy

President Barack Obama met, Wednesday, with his national security team to discuss strategies for the war in Afghanistan.

Supreme Court Back in Session Monday

One of the first cases the high court will hear involves the removal of an eight-foot cross in California's Mojave National Preserve.  It is a closely-watched case that could effect religious symbols on government property.

Senate to Consider Tax Payer-Funded Abortion

The Senate Finance Committee is expected to consider abortion-related amendments to its health care bill Wednesday.

Public Option Struck Down by Senate Committee

Lawmakers on the Senate Finance Committee voted Tuesday against creating a public option in health care reform similar to Medicaid and Medicare.

Virginia, New Jersey Poised to Break Blue Streak?

For most states, this is an off election year, but voters in Virginia and New Jersey are preparing to elect a new governor.

GOP Criticizes Obama's Olympics Pitch

Republicans are criticizing President Barack Obama's plan to make a personal pitch overseas for Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid.

Public Support for Dems HC Plan Slides

Public support for the Democrat's health care plan has hit a new low in the polls.

States Tax Rich at Their Peril

Politicians in New York and other states hoped to bring in more money by raising taxes on the rich - but so far, that plan isn't working.

More Politicians Say Afghan War 'Unwinnable'

Whether more troops are taken out or placed in Afghanistan, increasing critics now say the war on terror is unwinnable.

'Diversity Czar' Under Fire for Remarks

President Obama's new "diversity czar" at the Federal Communicaions Commission is coming under fire for saying that white executives should step down to make room for minorities.

Dems Seek Health Care for Illegals

House Democrats say any health care bill should give illegal immigrants some access to medical care.

Gay Rights Supporters Push Anti-Bias Bill

Reps. Barney Frank, D-Mass., and Tammy Baldwin, D-Wis., both openly gay, are pushing a bill in Congress that will give gays and transsexuals federal protections from bias in the workplace.

Gates: Mistake to Set Afghan Withdrawal Deadline

U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said it was a mistake to set a deadline to end American military action in Afghanistan.

All the President's 'Czars'

The White House has heard the chatter that the president is pulling an "all around power grab" by appointing policy czars that don't require Senate confirmation, thus not being held accountable by Congress.

GOP Tries to Block Kennedy Replacement

A Massachusetts attorney general has moved to throw out a case where the state Republican Party is attempting to block the late Sen. Edward Kennedy's interim replacement from being sworn in.

Two Sens Plan to Add Public Option to HC Bill

Two leading Senate Democrats are looking to get government-run options into the Senate Finance Committee's bill.

Ginsburg Released from Hospital, Back to Work

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been released from a Washington hospital after spending the night there as a precaution.

Concerned About 'Big Government' Control?

The Obama administration is receiving flack for another instance many of his opponents consider an example of "big government" control.

Former DNC Chairman to Fill Kennedy's Seat

The governor of Massachusetts has named a former Democratic Party chairman to temporarily fill the late Sen. Edward Kennedy's seat.

Senators Urge End to Bailout Program

Forty senators, all but one Republican, want the Obama administration to end the $700 billion financial rescue program.

Mass. Senate Approves Senate Replacement Bill

Democrats are closer to getting the filibuster-proof majority they need to get President Barack Obama's health care reform measure passed in the U.S. Senate.

Byrd Admitted to Hospital after Fall in Home

Robert Byrd, the longest serving senator in history, was admitted to a Washington-area hospital Tuesday after a fall at his home in northern Virginia.

House Votes to Extend Jobless Benefits

The House approved a bill on Tuesday extending unemployment benefits by 13 weeks.

Revised HC Bill Strives for Common Ground

The Senate Finance Committee will consider a 10-year, nearly $900 billion plan Tuesday by Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont.

Sen. Byrd Taken to Hospital After Fall

Robert Byrd, the longest serving senator in history, has been taken to a hospital after a fall at home in the Washington suburbs.

Obama: 'Determined to Act' on Climate Change

President Obama said his administration has made the "largest-ever" American investment in renewable energy, at the U.N. Climate Change Summit in New York, Tuesday.

Biden: 2010 Could Spell Doom for Obama Agenda

Vice President Joe Biden says that if Republicans win 35 House seats next year it would be "the end of the road" for President Barack Obama's agenda.

White House Moves to Prevent Dem Primaries

President Barack Obama hasn't been shy about choosing sides to prevent Democratic Party primaries.

Poll: Half of Docs Would Quit Under 'Obamacare'

A recent report shows the nearly half the nation's doctors are unhappy with President Barack Obama's proposed public health care option.

Soda Tax Stumbles over Freedom of Choice

San Francisco may be the first city in the country to tax soft drinks. The idea is to discourage people from buying the sugary drinks, which have been linked to obesity.

Obama Continues PR Blitz on Health Care

No matter how much he talks about it on the road or on the airwaves, President Obama is having a hard time gaining traction on health care.

Religious Conservatives Emotional at Voters Summit

Organizers say religious conservatives showed up in record numbers at the Values Voters Summit in Washington, D.C. this weekend.

Was Obama's Sunday Media Blitz Too Much?

Some in the mainstream media are asking if all of President Obama's media exposure is overkill and analysts say viewers may start to tune him out, because they see him all the time.

Toughest Test Coming up for Health Care Overhaul

Democrats are disappointed with the bill from Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont. Republicans see a chance to deliver a stunning blow to President Barack Obama's top domestic priority.

Obama Favors Investigation into ACORN

President Barack Obama says there should be an investigation into the hidden-camera video involving employees at the activist group ACORN.

Pres. Not Yet Prepared to Declare Recession End

But Obama tells CNN's "State of the Union" that he's going to leave it up to the Fed chairman to say whether it's officially over or not.

Obama: Justice OK to Conduct Interrogation Review

President Barack Obama says he has no plans to ask the Justice Department to end its criminal investigation into the harsh interrogations of suspected terrorists during the Bush administration.

Huckabee Wins Straw Poll at Value Voters Summit

It's a big weekend in Washington for Christian conservatives who are gathering for the annual Value Voter Summit -- and it's all about promoting family values by taking back the culture.

Obama, Netanyahu, Abbas to Meet Amid Tensions

The three men will meet Tuesday in New York on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly.

Pro-Lifers Suspicious of New Health Care Bill

Pro-life groups are warning that the new health care legislation presented by Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., would fund, and sometimes mandate, abortion coverage.

Reports: FCC to Propose 'Net Neutrality' Rules

The head of the FCC plans to propose new rules that would prohibit Internet service providers from interfering with the free flow of information and certain applications over their networks.

Mass. House Bill for Kennedy Seat Advances

The Massachusetts House of Representatives has approved a bill allowing Gov. Deval Patrick to name an interim appointment to the Senate seat left vacant by the death of Sen. Edward M. Kennedy.

House Votes to End ACORN Funding

ACORN is under a national spotlight now, and some of those who have had a closeup look at the group say there are reasons Americans should be concerned.

Obama Supporters 'Crying Racism'?

Some say when it comes to protesting President Barack Obama, America is showing its racist side.

Cheney Hospitalized for Elective Back Surgery

Former Vice President Dick Cheney underwent elective back surgery Thursday, a procedure his office said "went well."

Senate Dems Wrestle over Health Care Plan

Health care reform took a step forward in Washington on Wednesday, but lost the support of several lawmakers in the process.

Justice Scalia Defends Public Religious Expressions

U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia is defending recent rulings that allow religious expressions in the public square.

Obama Wants to Extend Parts of Patriot Act

President Barack Obama wants to extend parts of the Bush administration's Patriot Act, which was put in place after 9/11.

Christians for Health Care Reform Gather in D.C.

Liberal-leaning religious groups say they're praying that the political bickering won't jeopardize efforts to get coverage to the uninsured.

Plan Could Raise Fuel Efficiency Standards

If approved, the changes would bump up the cost of new vehicles, but the government says drivers would recover the costs in fuel savings.

Gov't Pays Nearly $2.5B in Clunker Vouchers

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told the National Automobile Dealers Association Wednesday that 478,000 of the nearly 700,00 car vouchers for the Cash for Clunkers program have been paid.

ACORN Plans Employee Investigation

The Senate voted on Tuesday to stop giving housing grants to the controversial community organizing group ACORN.

Will Reform Overlook Children with Disabilities?

Parents are worried about what the proposed changes in the health care plan could mean for their children.

Hostility Remains after Wilson House Rebuke

The House of Representatives returned to work Wednesday divided over an outburst by one of its own.

Baucus Unveils HC Plan without GOP Support

Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, made it official that he's moving ahead without Republican support.

Jimmy Carter: Wilson Outburst 'Based on Racism'

The Georgia Democrat said the outburst was a part of a disturbing trend directed at the president.

Employee Free Choice Act: Will it Work?

President Obama visited union halls, Tuesday, as he spends this week focusing on the economy.

House Formally Rebukes Wilson for Outburst

The House voted Tuesday to admonish Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina for his outburst during the President's health care speech to Congress.

Obama May Support Tax on Soft Drinks

The president tells Men's Health magazine that a proposed "sin tax" would help lower America's high rates of obesity.

Senate Blocks HUD Funding to ACORN

The Senate has voted to block federal funding to the controversial community organizing group, ACORN.

Obama, Bernanke Agree Economy Rebounding

Obama says the economy is on the rebound and claims the stimulus package helped.  Meanwhile, Bernanke says the recession is "very likely" over.

Senators Push New Health Care Bill

A bi-partisan group of senators plans to unveil their health care reform bill this week. 

Obama Travels to Talk Economy, Health Care

President Barack Obama goes on the road again Tuesday with his message of the economy's recovery.

Former Carter Press Secretary Powell Dies

Former Carter White House press secretary Jody Powell, 65, dies of a heart attack.

Senate Probes Cell Phone Cancer Link

The Senate will be holding a hearing Monday investigating a link between cell phones and cancer.

Cyber-Security Bill Worries Privacy Advocates

Some privacy advocates are alarmed about a Senate bill that appears to give the president emergency control of the Internet in a cyber-security emergency.

Obama: Economy Returning to Normalcy

President Barack Obama told Wall Street Monday he wants strict rules to prevent another collapse in the future.

White House Downplays Public Option

The White House and Congress are playing down the public option on health insurance in an effort to get as much bi-partisan support as possible.

Census Bureau Cuts Ties with ACORN

The U.S. Census Bureau is dropping its ties with the controversial voter registration group ACORN.

Rep. Wilson: No Second Apology for Outburst

Rep. Joe Wilson, R-S.C., says he will not apologize to the House for yelling, "You lie," during President Barack Obama's health care speech to a joint session of Congress last week.

Executive Order Shuns Non-Union Contractors

Could an executive order from President Obama basically force contractors and builders to form unions?

Bishop's Story: Lesson for Health Care Reform?

Bishop Harry Jackson, who has battled cancer and his insurance company, says his experiences show how a government-run health care plan could jeopardize lives.

White House Eases Public Option Debate

The White House and members of Congress on Sunday played down an immediate role for a government health insurance option and turned attention to regulating insurers.

Health Care Bills Face Crucial Tests in Congress

The fierce national debate over health care is entering a new phase, with advocates on all sides focused on a handful of legislative bottlenecks.

Obama: Status Quo No Solution on Health Care

Obama assailed critics of his health care initiative Saturday, seeking to grab the megaphone from his opponents and boost momentum in his drive for congressional passage of his chief domestic priority.

Michelle Obama to Help Chicago's Olympic Bid

First lady Michelle Obama will carry the torch of U.S. lobbying for Chicago's bid to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, traveling to Denmark next month to make the case to Olympic officials.

Pro-Lifers Say 'Obamacare' Would Fund Abortion

Pro-life leaders have been sounding the alarm: taxes will pay for abortions under a health care overhaul.

Palin, Obama Duel over 'Death Panels'

Sarah Palin says she's concerned about the contents of President Obama's health care plan, while Obama says comments like hers are mere scare tactics.

Climate Bill Takes Back Seat in Congress

A key bill on climate change may not make it through Congress this year.

Obama Health Care Speech Stokes Passions

With falling approval ratings on his handling of health care, President Obama insisted he's in this fight until the end.

Stupak Confident in Blocking Health Care Bill

A Democratic congressman says he has enough votes to block a health care bill in the House, if the leadership doesn't allow a vote on abortion.

Obama Gives Specifics on Health Care Plan

President Barack Obama called lawmakers to take action on health care reform Wednesday evening during his prime-time speech.

Obama Pushes Urgency on Health Care

In a speech remnant of a State of the Union address, President Obama declared he is "determined to be the last" of several presidents to address health care reform in the U.S.

GOP: Obama Needs to Start Over on Health Care

As Obama seeks to jump start an ambitious health care overhaul despite sliding poll numbers, Republicans countered with a call for a slimmed-down measure.

Top Court to Hear 'Hillary' Campaign Finance Case

A dispute over "Hillary: The Movie" continued in the Supreme Court Wednesday as justices heard arguments about whether the film should be regulated as a "campaign ad."

Baucus to Move Ahead With Legislation

Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., said he would move ahead with legislation the week of Sept. 21 whether he has Republican backing or not.

Taxpayers Face Heavy Losses on Auto Bailout

An oversight panel says most of the $23 billion initially provided to General Motors Corp. and Chrysler LLC late last year is unlikely to be repaid.

Can Common Ground be Found on Health Reform?

As President Barack Obama tries to rally Congress to reform health care, there's real doubt a big overhaul can even pass. Both Democrats and Republicans agree.

Kennedy Succession Focus of Mass. Hearing

Supporters of the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., will press Massachusetts lawmakers to allow the governor to name an interim replacement to his vacant U.S. Senate seat.

Obama to Address Congress as Approval Slips

President Barack Obama will deliver a high-stakes message on health care reform to a special joint session of Congress Wednesday evening.

Fines Proposed for Not Buying Insurance

Americans would be fined up to $3,800 for failing to buy health insurance under a plan that circulated in Congress on Tuesday.

D.C. Parents Protest End to School Vouchers

Parents are upset over Obama's decision to end D.C.'s school voucher program-- a decision opponents claim has endangered the education of hundreds of students.

Controversy Surrounds Obama's School Speech

On Tuesday, Obama delivered an address to many of the nation's school kids to encourage them to take pride and ownership in their education.

Congress Returns to Health Care Question

As Congress returned from its summer break, Tuesday, health care resumed its position as the key topic in Washington.

Jones Resignation Leaves Unanswered Questions

Phil Kerpen with Americans for Prosperity joined CBN News to discuss Van Jones' resignation as Green Jobs Czar.

Sotomayor Takes Her Place on High Court

Justice Sonia Sotomayor has taken her seat at the Supreme Court in front of a packed courtroom that included President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden.

Kennedy's Nephew Will Not Run for His Seat

The eldest son of Robert F. Kennedy announced he would not run for the Senate seat held by his late uncle, Edward M. Kennedy.

Cap-and-Trade Bill Draws Nationwide Protests

People around the country are speaking out against the cap-and-trade bill recently passed by the House of Representatives.

Amid Labor Day, Health Care Push Continues

The Obama Administration isn't giving up on a health care reform bill that includes a government option.

Jones' Resignation Raises Questions on 'Czar' Role

The White House hopes it dodged another political bullet with the resignation of Van Jones, President Barack Obama's adviser for green jobs.

School Districts Refuse to Show Obama Speech

Some parents fear the president will try to indoctrinate their children. They point to the original wording of the speech which called on students to "Help the president."

Bottom Line on Health Insurance Blurs

The Obama administration's bottom line on government health insurance blurred on Sunday.

Obama Thanks Labor for Hard-Won Rights at Work

Obama asserted that "our recovery plan is working," but repeated that he won't be satisfied until jobs are much more plentiful.

Lawmakers Prep for Kennedy Successor Hearing

Lawmakers are gearing up for a contentious public hearing over a bill that would temporarily fill the vacant U.S. Senate seat of the late Edward Kennedy.

Parents Protest Obama's Speech to Students

Angry parents are flooding schools with phone calls about President Obama's upcomming address to students.

Past Views of 'Green Jobs Czar' Raising Concern

Van Jones is the Obama administration's "green jobs czar," but his background is causing concern among some.

Obama Expands Workers' Savings Options

The government is trying to make it easier for Americans to save for retirement, Obama said Saturday, as he noted the toll the recession has taken on extra income and savings accounts.

White House to Begin Releasing Visitor Names

The move is part of the president's effort to make good on a campaign pledge to create transparency in government.

More Poor Among Us? 'Poverty' Formula Outdated

The true poverty rate for Americans 65 years and older could be nearly twice as high as it is recorded now, according to a revision of an old, poverty-determining formula.

Obama Back-to-School Lesson Plan Sparks Debate

President Obama is set to deliver a back to school speech, but some say the lesson plan attached to the speech goes too far.

WH Seeks to Seal the Deal on Health Care Reform

With his popularity falling and public opposition to massive health care reform slipping, President Barack Obama is preparing to take the bully-pulpit in an effort to seal the deal.

Obama Praises Islam at White House Dinner

President Obama praised American Muslims Tuesday for their contribution to society at a Ramadan dinner at the White House.

Car Dealers Still Awaiting Reimbursement

The government's Cash for Clunkers  program is still leaving car dealers in the red.

Obama to Address Congress on Health Care

President Barack Obama has scheduled a high-stakes speech before Congress next week. 

Health Care Bringing Wrong 'Change' for Obama?

President Obama's approval ratings have taken a nose dive recently. What are Americans concerned about?

Obama to Deliver Health Care Speech to Congress

President Barack Obama has set a major address on health care for Sept. 9 before Congress.

Is Another Supreme Court Justice Retiring?

Court observers note that Justice John Paul Stevens has hired fewer law clerks than usual, which is often a sign.

Obama: Won't Push for Public Option

President Barack Obama may drop the public option from the health care bill.

Mass. AG First to Seek Kennedy Seat

Massachusetts AG Martha Coakley took out nomination papers to fill the Senate seat left vacant by the death of Edward Kennedy.

Senators Seek Slow Down on Health Care

Two GOP senators have hit the road to press for a slower approach to President Barack Obama's push to revamp health care.

Calls Mount to Impeach SC Gov. Sanford

Republicans lawmakers in South Carolina are considering the impeachment of Gov. Mark Sanford following the admission of his extramarital affair.

Obama: H1N1 Vaccine Strongly Recommended

The flu season is approaching and on Tuesday President Obama recommended that all Americans get vaccinated for the swine flu.

New Bill Could Give Government Control of Internet

A bill proposal in Congress could change the way people use or are "allowed" to use the Internet in the future.

FCC Head Targeted Conservative Radio in Past

Conservative media are speaking out against the Federal Communications Commission's new chief diversity officer Mark Lloyd.

Gates: Report Details Highs, Lows of Afghan Fight

The United States and NATO need a new strategy to defeat the Taliban.