October 2009 Headlines

ACORN Fights to Save Reputation, Revenue

Instead of celebrating its 39th anniversary, ACORN is fighting to save its reputation and revenue stream after undercover videos showed workers counseling on how to open a brothels. 

A Truce? Fox News Meets with White House

After publicly blasting each other for weeks, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs met this week with a top Fox News executive.

Republican Drops Out of NY Congressional Race

Republican Dierdre Scozzafava suspended her campaign Saturday in a special election for a U.S. House seat that has exposed a rift among national factions of the party.

U.S. to End Ban on Travelers with HIV/AIDS

The Obama administration is ending a ban that keeps people with HIV/AIDS from entering the United States.

GOP Set to Release Their Health Care Plan

Republican leaders will release a health care reform plan this weekend that's 100 pages or less.

Gays Now a Protected Class under New Law

President Barack Obama has signed legislation that elevates homosexuals to the class of citizens that enjoy special protections under the law.

Cash for Clunkers: Cost for Taxpayers

The government's popular Cash for Clunkers program cost taxes payers $24,000 per vehicle, according to a new report from the auto information firm Edmunds.com.

Conservatives Keep Close Watch on Hate Crimes Law

Language was added to the law to protect religious speech, but Republican congressman Mike Pence told CBN News it's not enough.

Obama Signs Hate Crimes Bill into Law

President Obama signed a controversial hate crimes bill into law, Wednesday, followed by a special White House evening reception for gay activists.

Public Option: Not as Robust as Dems Hope

After months of tense negotiations, House Democrats unveiled their retooled version of health care overhaul.

Amid Debt Concerns, Dems Hope to Increase Limits

While the Democrats continue to roll out health care reform, another pressing issue is on their agenda: increasing the national debt limit.

What VA, NJ Governor Races Mean for 2012

The president isn't up for re-election for another three years, but governor's races in Virginia and New Jersey could be an indicator of the president's approval.

Obama Sees Somber Glimpse of Afghan War Toll

President Obama was given a chance to see up close the real cost of the war on U.S. forces on Thursday.

Sen. Lieberman Deals Blow to Health Care Bill

The debate continued on Capitol Hill, Tuesday, as moderate lawmakers voiced concerns about the proposed health care bill set to hit the Senate floor

Obama Pledges $3.4B to Upgrade Power Grid

The president advocated greater use of certain technologies in order to bring America's power transmission system into the digital age.

White House Urges Action on Climate Change

Top Obama administration officials made their case for aggressive action on climate change, urging Congress to pass the "cap and trade" bill.

EEOC Nominee Pushes Cultural Envelope

Supporters of Chai Feldblum, the president's pick to be a member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, says she's one of the most respected lawyers around. Her opponents paint a different picture.

White House Says 'Policy Czars' Won't Testify

The White House said it will not allow most of its policy "czars" to testify before Congress.

Swine Flu Woes... Can Gov't Handle Health Care?

While the Senate waits to learn what a government run insurance plan will cost, concerns over swine flu may make the plan harder to sell.

EPA Gives Low Estimate for Climate Bill Cost

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) said the Senate's plan to tackle global warming will only cost a typical household about $100 a year.

Health Care Bill to Include 'Opt Out' Public Option

Health care legislation headed to the Senate floor soon will include the much-debated public option-- but with a twist.

Lawmakers Split on Timing of Afghan Decision

Top lawmakers sparred Sunday over the timing of President Barack Obama's decision on how to move ahead in Afghanistan.

Obama Declares Swine Flu a National Emergency

President Barack Obama has declared the swine flu outbreak a national emergency.

Energy Bill Brings New Debate to Capitol Hill

President Barack Obama is gearing up for another fight on Capitol Hill-- this time surrounding climate change.

Obama: Time for Big Banks to Help Small Businesses

Big banks that got big bailout bucks should return the favor by lending more to qualified small businesses, President Barack Obama says.

New Hate Crimes Law Protects Sexual Orientation

Homosexuality will soon be added to the protected classes of religion and race.

White House, Fox News Still in War of Words

Several advisors to the president have said that Fox News is not a 'real news organization.'

Dems Push Harder for Public Insurance Option

Congress continues work on health care reform legislation, and for Democrats, that means a big push for a public option.

Senator Warns of White House 'Enemies List'

A GOP senator is suggesting the White House may be plotting a political strategy similar to that of former President Nixon by creating its own "enemies list."

Cheney Challenges Obama on Afghanistan

The White House on Thursday dismissed a claim former Vice President Dick Cheney made saying President Obama was indecisive about sending more troops to Afghanistan.

Hate Crimes Bill Heads to Obama for Signature

Conservatives have been outspoken about the hate crimes provisions, saying it is unneccesary since hate crimes laws already exist.

Obama Signs Veterans Spending Bill

President Obama signed a bill Thursday upholding the government's financial support for the medical care of veterans even during future budget negotiations.

Dems Push for Independent Debt Panel

Some Senate Democrats are pressing Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., to create a special legislative process to deal with the nation's rising debt.

Gays to be Protected in Gov't Housing Programs

Federal housing officials are working on regulations to ensure that homosexual couples are treated equally under government housing programs.

Public Option Talk More Positive on Capitol Hill

There seems to be more serious talk now in Washington of including some form of a government-run health care option in a final bill.

Hope Dims for Health Care after Medicare Vote

Democratic leaders suffered a major blow Wednesday when some of their own voted against a Medicare rate bill seen as a test for broader reform.

Obama Refocuses Bailout on Small Businesses

President Barack Obama unveiled plans Wednesday to refocus spending of the government's $700 billion financial bailout away from Wall Street's big financial institutions and toward small businesses on Main Street.

Struggling Homeowners Await Housing Decision

The Senate debate continues about the future of a tax credit program for first time buyers after The White House unveiled a new housing program.

Dems Seek to Revoke HC Anti-Trust Exemption

Top Senate Democrats are trying to strip the health insurance industry of its protection from federal anti-trust laws.

Senate OKs Transfer of Gitmo Prisoners for Trials

It's a small victory for President Barack Obama's plan to close the Guantanamo Bay facility -- but it comes with some caveats.

Democrats Fret over Tax Provision in HC Bill

The 1,500 page health care measure passed by the Senate Finance Committee is now available to the public. The massive bill will serve as the starting point for Democratic debates on health care.

White House Sticks to Its Guns on Fox News

The White House is standing by its view that Fox News is not a news organization, but a mouthpiece for the Republican Party.

Va. Governor Race a Snapshot of U.S. Attitudes

The contest between Republican Bob McDonnell and Democrat R. Creigh Deeds provides a snapshot of sorts - one year before midterm elections in every state. And the picture, in Virginia as in the nation, is not pretty for Democrats.

Is the White House Getting the Job Done?

When it comes to domestic issues like the deficit and health care many Americans are asking the same question: Where is the White House leadership? 

HC Public Option Debate Continues in Washington

Major health care reform negotiations continue in Washington on Monday.

Frist Crosses Lines for Universal Health Care

In the Senate, he was seen as a reliable Republican and a champion of conservative causes, but now he's crossed party lines on the issue of health care.

GOP to Obama: Fire 'Safe Schools Czar'

Dozens of Republicans from the U.S. House of Representatives are urging President Barack Obama to fire safe-school czar Kevin Jennings, calling him "unfit to serve."

Health Care Overhaul Rests on Reid

Many are wondering whether or not Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will push for a public option that forces private insurance companies to compete with the government.

Moderates Unmoved by Snowe HC Endorsement

Senate Democrats had hoped the chances for a health care reform bill would get a boost when Sen. Olympia Snowe supported it - but moderate Democrats are still not eager to get on board.

Obama Encounters HC Protestors in San Francisco

President Barack Obama's policies on health care have led to protests in the Democratic stronghold of San Francisco, Calif.

Stimulus Boon for South, Southwest

Businesses in the South and Southwest benefited most from the first federal contracts awarded under President Barack Obama's stimulus program to the tune of about 30,000 jobs.

Obama and Elder Bush Team Up on Call to Service

President Barack Obama, who has called on Americans to perform more community service, is joining former President George H.W. Bush in urging citizens to volunteer.

Democrats Continue to Push HC Public Option

Several top Senate Democrats are looking for a way to push a public option back in to health insurance reform legislation.

Obama Administration's 'Dishonor Roll'

An editorial in the Washington Times contends that President Barack Obama's appointees have reached a critical mass when it comes to their radicalism and ethical shortcomings.

Justice Dept. Prepares for New Hate Crimes Laws

Tom Perez, head of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, says he will fight discrimination against homosexuals.

Social Security: No Cost of Living Increase

The federal government will not be giving a cost of living adjustment for the first time in 34 years, thanks to a drop in the inflation rate.

Obama Vows to Free Up Aid for Gulf Coast

President Obama traveled to New Orleans, Thursday, fulfilling his campaign promise to survey the city's development since the devastation of Katrina.

Lawmakers Begin Private Talks on Health Care

The White House sent in its heavy hitters to try and broker a deal, but it seems compromise won't be easy.

White House Criticized for Spurning Fox News

The White House has come under fire from members or the news media, including liberal commentators, for its decision to treat Fox News as "an opponent."

Health Care Reform on Track for Full Vote

A key U.S. Senate committee has voted in favor of a controversial bill that would drastically change America's health care system. Now, the bill heads to the House and the full Senate.

Treasury May be Unprepared on AIG Bonus Plans

The pitched drama over bonuses for bailed-out executives will be revived on Capitol Hill Wednesday.

Senate Committee Approves Health Care Reform Bill

The Senate Finance Committee has approved the $829 billion health care reform bill that requires all U.S. citizens to have medical coverage.

Sen. Boxer: Global Warming Bill Still Possible

The chairman of the Senate Environment Committee is predicting the Senate could pass new global warming restrictions before the end of the year.

Insurers: HC Reform Will Cost Americans More

Health insurers charge that the legislation would shift costs to privately insured people, raising the price of a typical policy by hundreds - if not thousands - of dollars every year.

Obama Reaffirms Will End 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

President Barack Obama promised to end the ban on homosexuals serving openly in the military in a speech to a leading gay rights organization.

McCain: Troop Buildup Needed in Afghanistan

Sen. John McCain says President Barack Obama will make a huge error if he does not substantially increase the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan.

Obamas at Episcopal Church Near White House

President Barack Obama and his family are attending services at St. John's Church, an Episcopal church on Lafayette Square just across the street from the White House.

WH: Consensus and Obstructionism on Health Care

Obama sees both "unprecedented consensus" from outside Congress on his drive to remake the nation's health care system and obstructionism by some on Capitol Hill.

Ethics Committee Expands Investigation of Rangel

The House Ethics Committee is expanding its investigation of Rep. Charlie Rangel, D-N.Y.

Congress Set to Act to Keep Photos Hidden

Congress is set to allow the Pentagon to keep new pictures of foreign detainees abused by their U.S. captors from the public.

Hate Crimes Bill Crammed into Defense Budget

An important defense bill passed the House Thursday, but nearly 150 lawmakers voted against it.

Obama Struggles Under Failing Campaign Promises

From the latest deficit numbers to the lack of progress on Iran, President Barack Obama's problems are piling up and his poll numbers are sagging.

House Approves Hate Crimes Bill

Congress voted Thursday to extend current hate crimes protection to homosexuals

Experts Estimate Lower Health Care Reform Cost

Health care reform will have a large price tag, but is expected to be billions less than President Barack Obama originally proposed.

Budget Deficit Hits Record $1.4T in 2009

The news comes at a bad time for Washington Democrats as they strive to push forward with health care reform legislation that could cost as much as $900 billion over the next 10 years.

Obama to Name Gay Lawyer as Ambassador

An administration official says President Barack Obama plans to nominate an openly gay lawyer as the United States' ambassador to New Zealand and American Samoa.

Senate Passes Military Spending Bill

The U.S. Senate has approved a massive $626 billion defense spending bill to pay for military operations for the fiscal year.

Obama: U.S. Progressing in War on Terror

President Barack Obama is meeting with congressional leaders from both sides of the aisle Tuesday to talk about the war in Afghanistan.

What's Next for Health Care Reform?

For months, we've been waiting to find out what will ultimately be in this health care reform bill. That time is finally here.

Docs Split over What Reform Should Look Like

The president said doctors are the best advocates for reform since they are the ones who see firsthand the problems with the system.

Senate Committee to Vote Soon on HC Reform

The vote will come after the Congressional Budget Office figures out exactly how much the reform will cost

Obama Links Job Growth to Health Care Proposal

President Barack Obama is trying to make the case that his health care overall would create jobs by making small business startups more affordable.

Gay Activist's Position over Schools Challenged

There are more questions about who is being put into important government positions. This time, its about who's in charge of protecting America's schools.

Could Abortion Issue Delay HC Vote?

The president has promised health care reform legislation would not allow federal dollars to go towards abortion. But Democrats are rejecting efforts by pro-life legislators to make sure that happens.

GOP Seeks Apology over 'Die Quickly' Remark

Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., has come under fire from House Republicans after accusing the GOP Tuesday of wanting sick Americans to "die quickly."