March 2010 Headlines

Drill Baby Drill: Will Offshore Drilling Help?

President Barack Obama announced Wednesday that he will allow oil drilling 50 miles off Virginia's shoreline.

Controversial Gay Activist Appointed to EEOC

The Obama administration now includes a controversial lesbian law professor who says sexual freedom is more important than religious liberty.

Obama's Student Loan Changes Draw Concern

President Barack Obama has signed a law that finalizes his health care overhaul and makes the government the issuer of all federal college loans.

Effects of the Health Care Law: Should You Worry?

As Americans prepare to file their income tax returns, some analysts are warning about the taxes people will be paying for the reforms in the new law.

The Brody File Weekly Show

On this week's Brody File show, CBN News talks with Sen. John McCain's opponent in the Republican primary-- former congressman and talk radio host J.D. Hayworth.

Obama Recess Appointments Spark Partisan Rancor

Partisan tensions are riding high in Washington after President Obama bypassed the vacationing Senate to make 15 recess appointments on Saturday.

Health Overhaul Likely to Strain Doctor Shortage

If you don't have a doctor, you better find one fast. The new health care law is expected to bring in millions of new patients, making it harder to find a physician.

Senators Push National ID Cards for Gov't Employees

All U.S. government employees could soon be required to have a national identification card.

Palin Rallies Conservatives in Health Care Fight

Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin rallied conservative activists in Nevada over the weekend.

McCain, Palin Team Up Again in Arizona

Sen. John McCain and Sarah Palin are together again and on the campaign trail to defend McCain's Senate seat.

U.S. Officials: Taliban Training in Iran

Taliban operatives are being trained in Iran as well as Afghanistan, according to U.S. officials, CNN reported.

Congress Passes Health Care Finishing Touches

Part two of the health care reform law has passed Congress, sending final fixes to the historic legislation to President Obama's desk for signature.

Health Care Law Sparks Threats on Lawmakers

The House and Senate battled both over amendments to the health care law and the outrage caused by its passage.

Stupak Gets No Love from Pro-Life Groups

When the Susan B. Anthony Foundation held its annual Campaign for Life gala Wednesday night, it did so without Rep. Bart Stupak, D-Mich.

Lawsuits Claim Health Care Law 'Unconstitutional'

More than a dozen states have filed lawsuits against the new health care law on the grounds that it's unconstitutional and violates states' rights.

NJ Governor Off to Strong Start

There's not a lot that's small about New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

Gates: Renewed Scrutiny for Gay Rights

Defense Secretary Robert Gates will more carefully scrutinize gay person's rights in the military.

Will the Abortion Executive Order Do Its Job?

Abortion opponents say the order is not worth the paper it's written on, while supporters claim the president isn't living up to his pro-choice stance.

Senate Begins Tweaking New Health Care Law

The U.S. Senate is now considering a series of so-called "fixes" to the new health care law.

The Brody File Weekly Show

On this week's Brody File show, CBN News goes one-on-one with rising Republican star Marco Rubio.

Pres. Obama Signs Health Care Reform into Law

Less than two days after Congress passed President Barack Obama's sweeping health care bill, the measure already faces challenges in court.

GOP Fights to Block Health Care Overhaul

President Obama is signing the new health care overhaul bill into law Tuesday, but the backlash has already begun with many states filing legal challenges to the bill.

Clinton Off to Mexico for Drug War Talks

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton joins other cabinet secretaries and advisers to help Mexico in its battle against drug trafficking.

ACORN to Shut Down by April 1

Citing declining revenue and right-wing attacks, ACORN officials announced on Monday that it will close all its offices by April 1.

Immigration: The Next Hot Topic in Washington?

Immigration is expected to be the next hot topic after health care in Washington.

'Live and Faith Tour' Benefits Communities

Those looking for some family fun this summer need look no further than the Life and Faith Tour.

House Clears Landmark Health Bill -- Now What?

President Barack Obama got his top domestic priority passed this weekend after House Democrats narrowly approved major health care legislation.

Thousands Rally in D.C. for Immigration Reform

Activists say they're tired of waiting for President Barack Obama to keep his pledge to change immigration laws.

Voters Protest Sunday's Health Care Vote

Voters have been gathering in Washington, D.C., all week to protest health care reform legislation being worked out on Capitol Hill.

House Passes Historic Health Care Overhaul

President Obama's massive health care overhaul plan passed the House, Sunday, in a dramatic pull of last-minutes votes that rallied liberals and angered GOP opponents and pro-life groups.

Activists to Turn Up Heat on Immigration Reform

Thousands of immigration reform activists are planning a rally Sunday on Washington, D.C.'s National Mall.

Does Congress Care What Americans Think?

There's no denying that Americans are mad at Washington. Radio talk show host Janet Parshall discusses what's up with Congress over health care.

HC Bill Could Affect Students Loans

Part of the controversial health care reform bill could change how students get loans for college.

Poll: Obama Approval Rating Hits Record Low

The weak economy and the battle over health care are taking their toll on President Barack Obama and Congress's popularity.

Health Care Battle Heats Up as Vote Approaches

Republicans warn the bill is far too expensive and will hurt the economy while Democrats say the measure will give coverage to those who need it.

Abortion Funding Still a HC Bill Concern

Strengthening abortion funding language could buy Democrats more health care votes, but opponents still have doubts and are fighting to have their voices heard.

Lawsuits in Wings if Health Care Reform Passes

Lawsuits against the federal government are expected if Congress passes health care reform.

Obama Signs Jobs Bill, Says More Work Ahead

President Barack Obama signed a new jobs bill on Thursday. It's the first of several pieces of jobs legislation promised by Democratic lawmakers.

Obama Delays Asia Trip as HC Vote Looms

President Obama has postponed his trip to Asia for a second time to focus on health care reform, as Congress prepares for what may be the biggest vote they will ever cast.

Biden Yucks It Up at Correspondents' Dinner

Reporters and politicians took a break from the tense health care debate to share a few laughs at the Radio and TV Correspondents' Dinner in Wednesday.

Will Big Gov't Agenda Be Dems' Downfall?

Will Democrats lose control of the House because of their big government agenda, and will voters trust Republicans after being put off the last few years?

Idaho First to Pass State Anti-Health Care Law

Idaho became the first state to pass legislation aimed at defeating a congressional proposal requiring citizens to buy federal health insurance.

In Desperate Times, Dems Gain 1 HC Vote

As Democrats pressure wavering lawmakers to throw their support behind health care legislation, Rep. Dennis Kucinich announced he'll now vote yes for the bill.


Obamacare Opponents: Kill the Bill - Or Else

As the maneuvering goes on inside the U.S. Capitol to pass health care reform, protestors are raising their voices even more.

Obama Admin. Re-evaluates 'No Child Left Behind'

The Obama administration wants to do away with parts of the "No Child Left Behind" law started under former President George W. Bush.

Senate Sends Jobs Bill to Obama for Signature

It's the first of several election-year job bills promised by Democratic lawmakers.

AG: Bin Laden Will Never Face U.S. Trial

Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden will never face trial in the U.S. because he will never be captured alive, Attorney General Eric Holder said.

Bernanke to Battle for Power

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke plans to wage a fresh battle against scaling back the Fed's role in supervising the nation's banks.

Is the Government More Open under Obama?

President Barack Obama promised to make government more open, but it does not appear to be happening.

Wavering Dems in Obama's Sights on Health Vote

President Obama and the Democratic congressional leadership are pushing hard to get undecided members of Congress to vote for the health care reform bill.

Lawmakers React to White House Israel Bashing

Republican and Democrat Congressmen spoke out against the Obama administration's denunciation against Israel.

Lt. Gov. Duke Aiona's Bold Faith for Hawaii

In the liberal state of Hawaii, Duke Aiona is running to be the next governor, but also taking a public stand for Jesus.

Dodd Pushes for Stricter Bank Regulations

Democratic Sen. Chris Dodd is proposing a new plan to regulate the country's largest banks and financial institutions.

The Brody File Weekly Show

On this week's edition of the Brody File-- House Minority Whip Eric Cantor talks about the chances of a 2010 GOP comeback in the House.

Dems: Time for Final Health Care Showdown

It's crunch-time for Democrats trying to pass health care reform. House leaders admit they don't have the votes yet, but are certain the bill will pass.

Obama Promise: Brighter Education Futures for Kids

President Barack Obama is promising parents and their kids that with his administration's help they will have better teachers in improved schools .

Student Group Fights Health Care Reform

A campus group called Students for Life is working hard to make sure abortion funding doesn't get a major boost from health care reform.

Obama Delays Trip as Dems Scramble for HC Votes

President Obama is waiting on House Democrats who, after another day of closed-door meetings, still have not ironed out a final reform plan.

Reid's Wife, Daughter Treated After Car Accident

Sen. Harry Reid's, D-Nev., wife and daughter are recovering from injuries they suffered in a four-vehicle crash on Thursday.

Muslim Leader Offers Prayer for Va. House

A prayer by a Muslim leader this week before the Virginia House of Delegates sparked controversy and a protest.

Cantor Questions Gates on Perkins 'Disinvite'

Eric Cantor sent a letter to Defense Secretary Robert Gates asking for an explanation to the rescinded prayer luncheon invitation to Tony Perkins.

Will Dems Meet White House Deadline on Health Care?

Democrats claimed momentum Wednesday in their drive to enact the sweeping health care legislation sought by President Barack Obama.

Ralph Reed Says He Won't Run for Congress

Former Christian Coalition head Ralph Reed will not campaign for the congressional seat of retiring Rep. John Linder of Georgia.

Obama Hosts Haiti's President Preval for Talks

Haiti's president Rene Preval met with President Barack Obama Wednesday to discuss how best to rebuild his country.

WH Faith Council Gives Detailed Recommendations

President Obama's Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships are scheduled to present policy recommendations to him on Tuesday.

Retiring Dem Says He was Forced Out the House

Retiring Democratic Congressman Eric Mass from New York is taking aim at the Obama administration -- and the health care debate is part of the fire storm.

Lawmakers Fight for Global Internet Rights

A Democrat and Republican have joined to introduce a bill aimed at preventing oppressive Internet regulations around the globe.

Dems Under Deadline to Pass Health Care Bill

The Democrats have just a week to pass health care reform. That's the deadline President Obama has given to Congress.  Republicans say the bill is just too expensive.

Obama Nominates Ret. General to Head TSA

President Barack Obama nominated Maj.-Gen. (ret.) Robert A. Harding to head the Transportation Security Administration.

Obama Pushes Last Ditch Effort for HC Reform

Less than two weeks-- that's how long Democrats in Congress have to meet President Obama's deadline to pass health care reform.

The Brody File Weekly Show

On this week's edition of The Brody File -- an interview with the man who wants to replace all 435 members of Congress. Learn about Tim Cox's plan.

Voters: Pro-life Dems on Abortion, HC Hot Seat

A new poll suggests pro-life Democrats in Congress might well lose their job if they back any kind of health care bill that funds abortion.

Analysts: Dems in Jeopardy of Losing Congress

Some political analysts predict Democrats may be in danger of losing not just the House but even the Senate this fall.

Oklahoma Senate OKs Bible Class Bill

Oklahoma came one step closer Thursday to offering elective Bible courses in public schools courtesy of the state Senate.

Abortion Coverage Dispute Divides House Dems

Although the Senate has drawn attention for preparing to pass a controversial health care bill with a simple majority, the real fight is shaping up among Democrats.

Sarah Palin Signs New Book Deal

Publisher HarperCollins says the still untitled book will focus on Palin's political and spiritual values.

WH Leans Toward Military Trials for 9/11 Suspects

The trial of 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed and four other terror suspects could be still be held in a military tribunal.

Furious Turkey Recalls U.S. Envoy

Turkey recalled its U.S. envoy after a U.S. congressional committee approved a resolution acknowledging the Armenian genocide.

Delahunt Won't Seek Re-election

U.S. Rep. William Delahunt announced that he will not seek an eighth term in Congress.

Leaders: NY Governor Should Stay in Office

Influential black leaders in New York City said Thursday night that they believe Gov. David Paterson should stay in office.

Will Abortion Bring Down Health Care Reform?

A group of pro-life lawmakers from within his own party are threatening to vote "no" unless abortion funding is banned in the bill.

Author: Obama's Appointees 'Radical Rulers?'

They're called presidential "advisers." But critics call them "czars" -- presidential appointees who carry a great deal of clout in an administration.

Fmr Pres. Bush: I Turned to My Faith in Tough Times

Former President George W. Bush says he turned to his faith when faced with tough times during his White House years.

Muslim Cleric Opens Congress with Prayer

Imam Abdullah Antepli is the Muslim chaplain at Duke University in North Carolina and served as guest chaplain in the House on Wednesday.

Some Dems Wary of Obama's Final Health Push

In a bold move, the president called on Congress to vote his latest health care measure up or down. But even some Democrats are leery of the new plan.

Could Emissions Cuts Prove Costly for Drivers?

The Obama administration's tough targets for cutting greenhouse gas emissions could hit Americans right in the pocketbook.

Okla. Lawmakers Approve Ultrasound Bill

The Oklahoma House of Representatives approved a measure Tuesday requiring doctors to show women an ultrasound before they get an abortion.

Senate Bill Introduced to 'Repeal Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

Sen. Joe Lieberman and Democrats on the Senate Armed Services Committee have introduced legislation on Capitol Hill to repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."

Obama Backs Bypassing GOP on Health Care

President Obama is now urging Congress to use a controversial strategy that will deny Republicans the chance of a filibuster.

Palin, Romney Take On Late Night TV

Some are calling it the "late night primary" as two Republican favorites for the 2012 presidential race battled it out for laughs this week.

Rangel Steps Down as Chair Amid Ethics Probe

Rep. Charlie Rangel announced that he was stepping down as chairman so his colleagues wouldn't have to defend him during their elections. He refused to answer reporter questions.

GOP Skeptical of 'Bipartisan' Health Care Bill

The president is proposing yet another version of health care reform. Democrats say it's an attempt to incorporate Republican ideas, but the GOP  disagrees.

Supreme Court Won't Stop D.C. Gay Marriage Law

The Supreme Court is refusing to intervene in Washington, D.C.'s new gay marriage law, which goes into effect Wednesday.

Obama Retools Health Care Plan

President Obama is unveiling his revised blueprint for health care reform Wednesday.

Perry Defeats Hutchison in Texas GOP Primary

Texas Gov. Rick Perry tapped into a rising wave of anti-Washington ire and rode it to an easy Republican primary win over Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Senate Votes $10 Billion Unemployment, Highways

The Senate passed a $10 billion measure to extend unemployment benefits and provide funding for highway programs.

Who Will Race Against Dem. Bill White for TX Governor?

Former Houston Mayor Bill White has won the Democratic nomination for Texas governor as expected.  But the winner of the hard-hitting GOP race has yet to be determined.

The Brody File Weekly Show

On this week's edition of The Brody File, CBN News goes one-on-one with Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

Obama Hits Up 'Main Street' Economy Tour

President Barack Obama hit the road again Tuesday to highlight details of a $6 billion proposal to create jobs and strengthen the economy.

Hoyer: 'Raise Taxes to Bring Down Deficit'

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, D-Md., says tax hikes are needed to bring down the deficit.

Dems Who Voted No on HC Bill May Reconsider

Nine House Democrats said Monday they're willing to switch their "no" votes to "yes" votes on President Barack Obama's health care overhaul.

Ford Drops NY Senate Seat Bid

Former congressman Harold E. Ford, Jr., will not challenge U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand in New York's September primary.

President Unveils 'Get Tough on Schools' Policy

Forget being called into the principal's office, how about being called to the Oval Office?

Shake-up in Texas Governor's Race

Tuesday's Texas primary features one of the most high profile races for governor this election year.

Source: Ralph Reed Considering Bid for Congress

Ralph Reed, the grassroots organizer best known for his leadership in the Christian Coalition, may run for Congress.

Dems Seek to Use Reconciliation for HC Bill

The Obama administration is calling for the Senate to bypass a Republican filibuster to push through its health care overhaul.

2,000 Federal Transport Workers Face Furlough

Two thousand federal transportation workers will be furloughed without pay on Monday courtesy of Sen. Jim Bunning, R-Ky.