December 2008 Headlines

Obama Mum on Gaza Operation

President-elect Barack Obama has not commented on the unfolding events in the Middle East.

Bush Gives Last Christmas Radio Address -- It's President George W. Bush's last Christmas in offfice. He and his family will celebrate the birth of Christ at Camp David with his parents and children. The family will feast on roast turkey, cornbread dressing and all the fixings.

Rick Warren to Pray at Inauguration

Pastor Rick Warren is scheduled to pray at President-elect Barack Obama's inauguration next month.

White House Releases 'BarneyCam 7'

The White House has released the seventh "BarneyCam" video to celebrate the Christmas holidays.

Obama Picks Warren: An Olive Branch?

Many Republicans believe President-elect Barack Obama's selection of Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren to lead the invocation at the presidential inauguration next month is no more than an olive branch to social conservatives.

Court Dismisses Obama Citizenship Cases

The U.S. Supreme Court has dismissed two more cases questioning President-elect Barack Obama's citizenship.

NY Governor: Kennedy Wants Senate Seat

Caroline Kennedy spoke with New York's governor on Monday, telling him that she's interested in the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Obama Fills More Cabinet Positions

Sources say President-elect Obama is expected to name Chicago schools chief Arne Duncan as education secretary. He has been in that position since 2001.

Obama's Team Crunches Numbers

Barack Obama's economic team is considering a stimulus plan that could cost as much as a trillion dollars.

Obama Vows Probe of Contacts with Gov.

President-elect Barack Obama said he will release the results of an internal investigation into what conversations his aides and advisers may have had with Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich, whose office has been rocked by scandal.

Obama Says Staff Clear in IL Gov Scandal

President-elect Barack Obama declared that his staff had no part in the alleged deal making for his Senate seat, and repeated his call for Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich to step down, Thursday.

Obama, Blagojevich... What It All Means

Lynn Sweet is the Washington, D.C., bureau chief for the Chicago Sun-Times. She has been following Gov. Rod Blagojevich's career for some time now.

Calls Mount for Blagojevich to Resign

WASHINGTON -- President-elect Barack Obama is the latest to call on the Illinois governer to step down.

RNC Chair Contender Talks to CBN News

Maryland's former lieutenant governor Michael Steele sat down with David Brody to talk about  gay marriage, the Obama administration and President Bush.

Obama: Economy Worse before Better

WASHINGTON - Pesident-elect Barack Obama is warning that the economy is going to get worse before it gets better. But he has sweeping new plans to get the country moving again.

Case Against Obama's Citizenship Tossed

The U.S. Supreme Court decided, Monday, it would not hear a case challenging the citizenship of President-elect Barack Obama.

Bush: America is in a Recession

President Bush used the word "recession" for the first time in describing the overall state of the U.S. economy, Friday.

A Closer Look at Obama's Security Team

This week President-elect Barack Obama named his national security team, including Sen. Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State.

GOP's Chambliss Wins Senate Runoff - WASHINGTON - Republicans are breathing a sigh of relief. Saxby Chambliss's victory in the Georgia U.S. Senate race dashes the Democrats' hopes for a filibuster-proof majority.

Obama Picks Clinton, Gates for Cabinet - WASHINGTON - President-elect Barack Obama strode to the stage adorned with American flags confident in his picks for his national security team.