November 2008 Headlines

TV Commericals Thank Gov. Sarah Palin

A political action group wants to thank Alaska Governor Sarah Palin by airing two Thanksgiving-themed television commercials.

Bush Sends Message of Thanks

Read below or click play for the President's weekly radio address to the nation.

McCain Holds Awaited News Confernece

John McCain says he intends to run for Senate re-election.

Bidens Fill Stockings for Soldiers

Vice President-elect Joe Biden and his wife Jill took time to stuff stockings for troops overseas.

Obama Rolls out Economic Course  - CHICAGO -- President-elect Barack Obama promised Monday to keep the commitments the outgoing Bush administration has made to rescue financial markets.

Obama to Delay Repeal on Gay Troops - President-elect Barack Obama will delay the repeal of the military's current policy of "Don't ask, Don't tell," which is bans open homosexuals in the ranks, the Washington Times reports.

Will Clinton Pardon Haunt AG Pick?

Eric Holder has reportedly accepted an informal offer to become President-elect Barack Obama's attorney general.

Obama Searches for New Church Home

WASHINGTON - In just over two months, the Obama family will make the White House their new home. But they'll also be looking for a new church home.

Obama, McCain Say They'll Work Together

President-elect Barack Obama says he and his former campaign rival Republican Sen. John McCain plan to work together to "fix up the country."

Gun Sales Up after Obama Win

Obama's election is fueling a boom in gun sales.

New Spin on Weekly Dem Address -- President-elect Barack Obama is urging Congress to pass an economic rescue plan. In is week's Democratic weekly radio address, he said if the measure doesn't pass next week, he will make it his first order of business as President.

Ayers Breaks Silence About Obama

The former domestic terrorist who sparked a lot of debate during the presidential campaign is breaking his silence.

Obama, McCain Meet Monday to Bury the Ax

Putting a divisive campaign season behind them, Sen. John McCain will meet with President-elect Barack Obama on Monday to help with Obama's transition to the White House.

GOP to Challenge Campaign Money Laws

The GOP is filing a federal lawsuit that would get rid of the McCain-Feingold campaign regulations.

Palin: 'My Life is in God's Hands' - Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin says that she believes her life is in God's hands, and will take advantage of any opportunity he gives her if it is in the best interests of the people she would serve.

Bishops Confront Obama on Abortion

The nation's Roman Catholic bishops are vowing to confront the Obama administration over its support of abortion rights.

Palin Addresses Rumors in Media Blitz - In a media blitz since the election, former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is saying she isn't sure what her political future holds for 2012, but that she'll "plow right through" any door God opens for her.

Bush and Obama Hold Historic Meeting - WASHINGTON - President Bush and President-elect Barack Obama met for nearly two hours, Monday, marking their first-ever face-to-face meeting in the Oval Office.

What's Next for the GOP?

With the 2008 presidential election behind them, what's next for the Republican Party?  How can they learn from their mistakes to take back Congress two years from now.

Barack Obama Makes History

CHICAGO - Call it a landslide. Call it a mandate. Call it whatever you want but Barack Obama will be America's next President.

Obama Calls for Quick Action on Economy

WASHINGTON - President-elect Obama said Friday that his administration and Congress will act quickly to solve the "greatest economic challenge of our lifetime."

What's in Store for Palin's Political Future?

Governor Sarah Palin has returned to Alaska. But her political future in both her home state and in Washington is the subject of widespread speculation.

Three Senate Races Undecided

The Democrats have tightened their grip on the U.S. Senate. But the size of their majority isn't clear, because at least three races are still undecided.

Democrats Lay Out Plans for America

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said her legislative priorities would reflect those of president-elect Barack Obama and promised to govern with bi-partisanship.

How Obama Ranked with Religious Voters

Along with age and race, religion also had a great impact on the presidential race.

Speculation Swirls About Obama Cabinet

WASHINGTON - President-elect Barack Obama has less than 11 weeks to go before he takes the oath of office.

McCain Concedes, Dems Gain Seats  - WASHINGTON -- John McCain conceded his bid to be president Tuesday night among friends and family in his home state of Arizona.

Analysis: What Made Obama Win?

What made Barack Obama the winner in this year's presidential election?

Dems Up House Lead But No Super Majority

Democrats in House and Senate races rode the coat tail of presidential elect Barack Obama, as the party padded its balance of power in Congress over the GOP.

Bush Reaches Out to President-Elect - After his victorious win, Barack Obama got an important phone call from the President.

How Moral Issues Fared in the Election

Read below and click the play button for a brief look at how key ballot measures across the nation fared in the Nov. 4 election.

Pres. Candidates Vote; Begin the Long Wait

The presidential and vice presidential nominees cast their ballots earlier Tuesday.

Voters Wait in Record-Busting Lines - VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. - Talk about "early voting." Across the country, a record number of people arrived before dawn on the day that marked the end of what seemed like an endless campaign season.

E-Day: Voters Render Their Verdict

Tonight, the historic campaign of 2008 comes to a close.

Who's Ahead in the Electoral Count?

As presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama make their final push to the finish line, several states remain up for grabs.

Youth Rock the Vote in Droves

From the looks of it, young voters are turning out in record numbers for Tuesday's historic election.

Battleground States to Decide Race

As polls in various states close, all eyes are on key battleground states.

Candidates Wage 10-State Battleground Blitz

WASHINGTON - John McCain and Barack Obama are hitting the final hours of the campaign fast and furious, trying to get their supporters to vote on Election Day.

Candidates Duel over Energy

WASHINGTON -- Both John McCain and Barack Obama on the campaign trail have spent much energy talking about energy.

McCain, Obama Hit Key States For Last Time

After almost two years of campaigning, the presidential candidates are making their final push for the finish line.

Comeback Kid? McCain's Last Ditch Effort

As the campaign enters its final days, John McCain is stressing two themes in his comeback bid against Barack Obama.

Poll: Some Voters Still 'Persuadable' - Election Day is just around the corner but there are still a handful of voters who say they have yet to make their mind up on a candidate.