July 2011 Headlines

Liberal Media Taking America on a Left Turn?

It's no secret that the media leans left. But new scientific analysis suggests that when people are exposed to news with a liberal slant, they adopt more liberal views.

Obama, Congress Work to Sell $2 Trillion Debt Deal

Washington leaders are corralling their members to line up in support of a debt agreement that would avert a default which could cripple the U.S. and global economies.

Does Congress Need a Budget Amendment?

The balanced budget fight hasn't faded since the Founding Fathers. Some say the way to hold Congress accountable is to make the law part of the Constitution.

Israel-American Passport Case Heads to High Court

The debate over whether to allow Israeli-Americans to list "Israel" as their locality of birth on a passport will now send the Obama administration to the U.S. Supreme Court.

GOP Debt Bill Fails to Win Over Dems

As promised, Democrats in the Senate quickly struck down the GOP legislation approved by the House Friday to raise the nation's debt limit.

N.C. Senate Overrides Veto on Abortion Law

The North Carolina Senate voted 29 to 19 to override Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue's veto of a mandatory ultrasound bill on Thursday, marking a shift in state policy.

Republicans Postpone Debt Limit Vote

Republican leaders postponed a vote on legislation to avert a threatened government default.

Boehner Leans on GOP for Revamped Debt Bill

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, is expected to call a vote Thursday on his bill to cut spending and raise the debt ceiling.

Govt: Health Care Tab to Hit $4.6T by 2020

Federal officials say the health care law tab would account for about 20 percent of spending in the U.S. economy by 2020.

No Clear Path Forward in Debt Debate Gridlock

Republicans have been forced to reconsider their opposition to the plan put forward by House Speaker John Boehner, a proposal that had to be reworked.

Fed Up! Congress Flooded with Debt Debate Calls

On Tuesday, the Capitol Hill switchboard was near capacity with a high volume of calls from angry citizens demanding a solution to America's debt crisis. 

Report Reveals Excessive Waste in Washington

Lawmakers say Congress should start trimming the deficit by putting an end to waste.

House Pressures White House on Pipeline Project

The House endorsed a Nov. 1 deadline for the Obama administration to decide whether or not it will approve a 1,900-mile oil pipeline that would stretch from Canada to Texas.

Reid Says His Debt Plan will Please GOP

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said his plan is "everything the Republicans have demanded wrapped up in a bow and delivered to their door."

Rep. Wu Resigns Amid Sex Scandal, Probe

Democratic Rep. David Wu is resigning amid claims from an 18-year-old woman that he sexually assaulted her.

Obama: Halt '3-Ring-Circus' of Debt-Limit Debate

President Obama criticized a newly minted Republican plan to avert an unprecedented government default and said congressional leaders must produce a compromise.

Debt Deadlock: U.S. Gov't Could Default in 8 Days

The potential of a historic government default has many worried about panicking the markets.

Lawmakers Still at Odds Over U.S. Debt Ceiling

Speaking at a town hall meeting in Maryland, President Barack Obama said a deal to increase the nation's borrowing power will take some tough decisions.

Boehner Says Congress Will Resolve Debt Crisis

House Speaker John Boehner says Congress will decide on "a responsible path forward" even though talks seem to be making little headway.

Senate Considers DOMA Repeal Measure

The White House is supporting new legislation to overturn the federal law that defines marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

Obama Admin. Deports Record Criminal Immigrants

The Obama administration deported a record number of criminal immigrants last year,

West: U.S. Tanks in Egypt Would Threaten Israel

Rep. Allen West has called on the House Armed Services Committee not to sell military equipment to the Egyptian government.

Senate Rejects Tea Party-Backed Debt Plan

The Senate voted against the Tea Party-back "cut, cap and balance" plan produced by the House.

Gang of Six Debt Plan Losing Steam

As Washington continues to grapple for a way out of its debt dilemma, a separate bipartisan budget plan by the Senate's "Gang of Six" appears to be losing momentum.

Obama May Okay Stopgap Measure

President Barack Obama signaled Wednesday he would back a short-term deal to prevent a disastrous financial default.

GOP Candidates Hold First-Ever Twitter Debate

You think presidential debates are challenging? Try limiting your answers to 140 characters.

The Brody File: Candid GOP Moments

Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Gov. Rick Perry, and House Speaker John Boehner all share some of their not-so political opinions with The Brody File.

Bachmann's Office Says Migraines Not an Issue

An aide to presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is downplaying reports that the Minnesota congresswoman suffers from debilitating migraine headaches.

'Gang of Six' Debt Plan Getting Warm Reception

There's a glimmer of hope in Washington Wednesday morning as signs emerge that deficit talks may be progressing.

Insurance Waivers Reignite Health Care Law Debate

Opponents point out that nursing homes, lavish restaurants and even night clubs have been exempt from parts of President Obama's massive health care law.

Bachmann's Decision to Leave Church Political?

There's speculation that Bachmann left her Lutheran church for political reasons as the denomination came under fire for calling the pope the Antichrist.

Democrats Rally Against 'Cut, Cap, Balance' Debt Plan

As the clock keeps ticking, multiple last-minute plans are being hashed out on Capitol Hill to prevent the country from defaulting on its debt.

Obama Threatens to Veto House Spending Cuts

House Republicans shrugged off President Barack Obama's threat to veto legislation to cut federal spending by trillions of dollars.

Clinton Talks Security, Counterterrorism in India

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton held security and counterterrorism talks with Indian officials Tuesday.

Washington Clears Calendar to Deal with Debt

All else has temporarily fallen by the wayside as Washington lawmakers scramble to negotiate a deal to race the nation's debt ceiling before the Aug. 2 deadline.

Gov. Perry: As Conservative as They Come

Should Rick Perry enter the presidential race, the long-time Texas governor would be among the GOP field's most conservative candidates.

Cain: Communities Have Right to Ban Mosques

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain said Sunday that communities have a right to ban Islamic mosques.

Parties Assess Debt Options as Time Runs Short

Congress and the Obama administration are weighing options as time closes in for raising the nation's debt ceiling. The White House may call another meeting Sunday.

Obama Optimistic Debt Talks will Yield 'Big Deal'

President Obama has suspended debt talks for one day, asking congressional leaders to use the time to consider three deficit reduction options with their members.

Cain: Tenn. Mosque Would Spread Islamic Law

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain opposes a planned Tennessee mosque that has been the subject of protests and legal challenges.

Other Candidates Refuse to Sign Marriage Pledge

Several Republican presidential candidates have refused to sign a marriage pledge introduced by The Family Leader, a conservative Iowa pro-family group.

Will Party Bickering Keep Debt Talks at a Standstill?

Republicans want spending cuts, while Democrats want tax increases. And there's even growing dissension among lawmakers within party lines.

Giuliani to NH to Explore Presidential Bid

Rudy Giuliani isn't convinced that any of the declared Republican presidential contenders can defeat President Barack Obama.

Clinton Kicks Off Global Tour with Libya Talks

The volatile situation in Libya will be the first item on Secretary of State Hillary Rodham latest around-the-world diplomatic tour.

Bachmann Under Fire over 'Gay Therapy' Claims

GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann is under attack after claims that a clinic she co-owns promotes religion as a "cure" for homosexuality.

Sen. DeMint's Crusade for a 'Great American Awakening'

The South Carolina senator says America is in “a fight to preserve its freedoms.” He’s looking for those who'll join in what he calls "the freedom agenda" to save and protect the country’s future.

Obama Raises More than $86M for Campaign

President Obama and the Democratic National Committee have raised more than $86 million for his 2012 re-election campaign.

Romney Rejects Gay Marriage Pledge

Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney said Tuesday he will not sign an Iowa Christian group's pledge opposing gay marriage.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul Retires from Congress

Texas Rep. Ron Paul says he will retire from Congress when his term runs out in 2012 and will focus on his campaign for president.

GOP Fails to Stop New Bulb Standards

GOP lawmakers wanted to overturn a 2007 act that requires the use of energy-efficient light bulbs.  But the move failed in a 233-193 vote, Tuesday.

GOP Attempts to Slow 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' Repeal

House lawmakers have voted to prohibit military chaplains from performing same-sex marriages on base.

Obama on Debt Talks: We're Going to Get this Done

Obama urged both parties to give ground, saying if an agreement isn't reached millions of hardworking Americans would be at jeopardy.

Group Challenges Candidates to Sign Marriage Pledge

'The Marriage Vow' includes 14 points on everything from defending traditional marriage to staying faithful to one's spouse.

White House, GOP Still Far Apart on Debt Deal

America's debt ceiling deadline is growing nearer, but the White House and congressional leaders remain far apart on any budget deal.

Budget Talks Resume at White House

Less than four weeks remain until the Aug. 2 deadline to increase the government's power to borrow money, as lawmakers continue to hammer out a deal

Obama to Send Military Suicide Condolence Letters

The White House will start sending condolence letters to families of service members who commit suicide on the battlefield.

Minnesota Debates as Long-Term Shut Down Looms

Minnesota lawmakers will meet again Wednesday to try an settle disputes over the state budget and avoid a long-term government shutdown.

Debt Showdown Heads Back to White House

President Obama has invited leaders of both parties back to the White House for budget talks with one request -- "leave ultimatums at the door."

Obama to GOP: No Short-term Debt Deal

Republicans seemed entirely unimpressed by Obama's prodding to reach a long-term deal to raise the debt ceiling and increase taxes.

The Brody File: On the Road in Iowa

For this week's edition of The Brody File, CBN News takes the show on the road to Iowa and talks with GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

Minnesotans Give Lawmakers Earful over Shutdown

Minnesota lawmakers got an earful from constituents at Monday's Fourth of July celebrations, day four of the state government's shutdown.

No Break for Senators as Debt Talks Continue

Some political insiders believe Democrats and Republicans are being driven farther apart as the deadline for a deal on the government's debt cap draws closer.

No Fireworks: GOP Candidates Work Iowa, NH

The Fourth of July was no holiday for Republican presidential candidates.

Study: Fourth of July Good for Republicans

A new Harvard study has found that Republicans benefit more from Fourth of July parades than Democrats.

Senate Cancels Holiday Recess Over Debt Debate

The Senate is just taking one day off for Independence Day, cancelling their usual extended recess due to the quickly approaching August deadline for raising the nation's debt ceiling.

Romney Eyes Iowa as Campaigns Heat Up

The accelerating GOP presidential campaigns in Iowa probably will define front-runner Mitt Romney's chief challengers over the next six weeks.

Obama: 'Nothing Can be Off-Limits' in Budget

 President Barack Obama said Saturday that "nothing can be off-limits" in the budget debate - even though Republicans have said tax increases are.

Comedian Colbert Allowed to Form Super PAC

A popular comedian has been granted the power to wield greater influence over the upcoming elections.

Minn. Shutdown Prompts Political Blame Game

Minnesota's state government shut down Friday after bipartisan budget talks collapsed, putting thousands of employees temporarily out of work.

Geithner Says He's Staying at His Post

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Thursday he'll stay in his job for the "foreseeable future," addressing speculation he might leave following the current round of budget negotiations.

Rep. Mack: 'Penny Plan' Could Save Trillions

As lawmakers scramble to cut a bipartisan deficit-reduction deal, one congressman says he has a plan everyone can agree on - and it's based on a penny.

Senate Recess Canceled over Debt Default

The Senate canceled its planned July Fourth recess on Thursday to try to avoid a government default and trim huge federal deficits.

Clinton 'Disheartened' by Syrian Crackdown

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she was disheartened by reports that security forces attacked protesters in Aleppo.

Bachmann Says Miscarriage Shaped Pro-Life View

Republican presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann says suffering a miscarriage helped to shape her pro-life viewpoint.